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The Daughter's Choice (1910) Online

The Daughter's Choice (1910) Online
Original Title :
The Daughteru0027s Choice
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
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The Daughter's Choice (1910) Online

A young wife, hurt by her husband's absorption in his business interests, fights in vain against the insidious advances of his supposed friend, a broker. Neglect at last induces her to elope with the broker in the hope that she will find in his tender love forgetfulness of the past. But the price must be paid by those who play. The broker loses his fortune and they are reduced to dire poverty. The broker pawns his small belongings for the money to buy food and medicine, but the sacrifice is in vain, privation and grief have done their work and the woman dies. In his despair the broker seeks to follow her out into the unknown, but the touch of tiny hands rouses him to a sense of new responsibility. He throws down the pistol and decides to live for the little daughter who shared her mother's flight. Fortune smiles again, the girl grows to a beautiful woman, believing the man to be her father, but the heart speaks strongly and when by chance the real father encounters her in her ...