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The Faith of Her Father (1914) Online

The Faith of Her Father (1914) Online
Original Title :
The Faith of Her Father
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Edgar Lewis
Cast :
Irene Hunt,Harry Spingler,George Siegmann
Type :
Rating :
The Faith of Her Father (1914) Online

Ruth, ashamed of her father's pawn broker's shop, does not tell her Christian friends of it. She is loved by Nathan, a Jewish lad, but does not return his affection, for she is being courted by rich young Dick North. Dick's mother incurs some debts from cards, which her husband refuses to pay. She pawns a diamond star with Ruth's father and later tells her husband and son that the jewel was stolen. Ruth receives an invitation to a dance and seeing the diamond star prevails upon her father to allow her to wear it that evening. He weakly consents. Dick is at the dance and recognizes the star. She tells him that her father gave it to her. He says that her father must be a thief: that the star was stolen from his mother. She realizes that she will have to do that thing she loathes to do, take the boy to her father's shop. She does, the duplicate ticket is shown, and Dick realizes the truth. He tries to make up with Ruth for his suspicion, but she tells him his ways are not hers. As he ...
Cast overview:
Irene Hunt Irene Hunt - Ruth Jacobs
Harry Spingler Harry Spingler - Dick North - Ruth's Sweetheart
George Siegmann George Siegmann - Old Man Jacobs - Ruth's Father

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In this number Irene Hunt appears as a young Jewess who loves a Christian. She intends giving up a young man of her own faith for him, but later developments bring a change in this decision. The plot of this is quite original, although the motive has been used before. It is well photographed and nicely acted throughout, making altogether an attractive release of its type. - The Moving Picture World, January 24, 1914