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Naneun Junseolida  Online
Original Title :
Naneun Junseolida
Genre :
TV Series / Drama / Music / Romance
Cast :
Jeong-eun Kim,Hwa-yeon Cha,Ji-min Hong
Type :
TV Series
Rating :
Naneun Junseolida Online

Seol Hee was the popular leader of a legendary rock band in high school, and she dreamed of a career in music. But when her parents pass away she gives up her dream and dedicates herself to putting her little sister through medical school. Taking a job at a law firm, she meets high-powered lawyer Cha Ji Wook and falls in love. Several years later, she's the wife of the firm's youngest partner, the daughter-in-law of a distinguished judge, and the envy of everyone. Ignored by her philandering husband, however, she is secretly unhappy and forced to put up a daily front as a society wife. When her in-laws refuse to let her donate bone marrow to her sick sister, it's the last straw. Divorcing her husband, she returns to her original dream, and begins reforming her high school band. Together, she and her friends pursue their dream, finding happiness and passion again through music.
Series cast summary:
Jeong-eun Kim Jeong-eun Kim - Jeon Seol-hee unknown episodes