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Terror 9000 (1977) Online

Terror 9000 (1977) Online
Original Title :
Disco 9000
Genre :
Movie / Crime
Year :
Directror :
D'Urville Martin
Cast :
John Poole,Jeannie Bell,Harold Nicholas
Writer :
Roland S. Jefferson
Type :
Time :
1h 41min
Rating :
Terror 9000 (1977) Online

Fass Black, an accomplished black man in Los Angeles, is bullied to play another record labels music at his disco club, but continually refuses because it ain't groovy enough.
Cast overview, first billed only:
John Poole John Poole - Fass Black
Jeannie Bell Jeannie Bell - Karen (as Jeanie Bell)
Harold Nicholas Harold Nicholas - Midget
Nicholas Lewis Nicholas Lewis - Bellamy
Sidney Bagby Sidney Bagby - Manny
Beverly Ann Beverly Ann - Denise
Shirley Washington Shirley Washington - Receptionist
Harold Daniels Harold Daniels - Fat Daddy
Paula Sills Paula Sills - Fass's attorney
Cal Wilson Cal Wilson - Earl Ross
Matthew 'Stymie' Beard Matthew 'Stymie' Beard - Harold Jackson
Rodney Winfield Rodney Winfield - Georgie (as Rodney Wynfield)
Allan Mann Allan Mann - Junkie
Shirley Evans Shirley Evans - Glenda
Pat Davis Pat Davis - Cake dancer

User reviews



After Foxy Brown (and the later black-esquire Jackie Brown-- both starring Pam Grier), Disco 9000 ranks among the greatest blaxploitation films. Lucky enough to own a 16mm print, I was able to view this otherwise lost gem of a picture. I very much recommend this picture.

Fass Black is the owner of Disco 9000, and the record label, 9000. In his club, he only plays selections from his own label, and rightly so. After a pair of thugs want to muscle their own tracks into the disco, and Fass refuses, the pair send their jackboys off to do some dirty work. Fass is left to decide which is more important: his head or his pride.



Someone is trying to ruin disco owner Fass Black. Black also owns the hottest record label in town and a rival mogul is trying to muscle in on his business because Black would not "play ball." The movie stars john Poole as Fass Black, with Harold Nicholas, Jeanie Bell and singer Johnnie Taylor. Two then-current its, "Disco Lady" and "Somebody's Gettin' It" are featured. The disco is located (though not mentioned) at 9000 Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. I know, because I passed by it many times during my time there.


Made during the waning days of blaxploitation, this half-hearted attempt at an action quickie features a unique mix of poor acting, amateur night direction and dialog that must have been written on cocktail napkins.

But what really sets the film apart is, for a movie actually set in a disco, it doesn't even manage to make the disco parts interesting! The music is awful, the dancers can't dance to it, and the costuming is actually dull! How the heck do you get dull costuming in a late '70s disco pic? That alone is a stunning cinematic achievement!

The plot, to use the term in it's very broadest sense, has to do with Bellamy, an out of town music mogul, trying force L.A. disco king Fass Black into a distribution deal. The fact that Bellamy seems to produce country & western music, while Fass produces and distributes disco, doesn't seem to faze anyone for a moment.

Also featured in this train wreck is ace tap dancer Harold Nicholas, (who dances not a step!) and a group of dancers from the "Soul Train" TV show who look continually frustrated trying to dance to the terrible soundtrack.