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The Sickie (2006) Online

The Sickie (2006) Online
Original Title :
The Sickie
Genre :
Movie / Short
Year :
Directror :
Rupert Jones
Cast :
Toby Jones,Dominic McHale,David Hayler
Writer :
Rupert Jones,Neil Hunter
Type :
Time :
Rating :
The Sickie (2006) Online

When events at work prove too stressful for Douglas Knott, a diligent and extremely busy office manager, he decides to throw a sickie. Unfortunately, his attempts to enjoy a day off are soon sabotaged by the insidious voice of his conscience. Literally.
Cast overview:
Toby Jones Toby Jones - Douglas Knott
Dominic McHale Dominic McHale - The Voice (voice)
David Hayler David Hayler - Nick
Martin Hyder Martin Hyder - The Boss
Kate Sissons Kate Sissons - Jen
Marion Bailey Marion Bailey - Carol
Caroline Loncq Caroline Loncq - Mel
Stuart Goodwin Stuart Goodwin - Besuited office worker

User reviews

Sadaron above the Gods

Sadaron above the Gods

This is a short film that can be seen on a DVD of award-winning shorts from around the world from the Film Movement Series. For several years now, Film Movement has been bringing out a yearly compilation of shorts in place of their usual monthly feature film release. This is from the January, 2008 collection.

This is a somewhat engaging story of an over-worked and under-appreciated office manager. The work is obviously quite tiring and his being seen as so invaluable takes its toll--as he seems ready to snap. However, when he pretends to be sick so he can rest and relax (something he surely deserves), he's just too uptight to do anything but compulse about his work.

There are several things I liked about the film. First, the guy they chose to play Douglas was a very quirky looking guy and the hair and expression helped to heighten this. Also, the main idea was clever. However, the film seemed a bit too short (which is often the case with many short films) and I would have liked to see the story hashed out more. Still, a decent effort and I'd like to see more from the people who made THE SICKIE.