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Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (1969) Online

Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (1969) Online
Original Title :
Captain Nemo and the Underwater City
Genre :
Movie / Adventure / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
James Hill
Cast :
Robert Ryan,Chuck Connors,Nanette Newman
Writer :
Pip Baker,Jane Baker
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 45min
Rating :
Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (1969) Online

When their sailing ship founders at sea, several of the passengers are rescued and find themselves aboard a submarine in the command of Captain Nemo. They are amazed to find that Nemo has built a vast underwater city. Men, women and children all live in harmony in Nemo's idyllic paradise that is free of war and lives off the riches that they've found at the bottom of sea. The new arrivals are distressed to learn however that as they've now seen the city, they cannot leave and must live there for the rest of their days. That doesn't sit well with many of the new arrivals some of whom set about to find a way to leave at whatever cost.
Complete credited cast:
Robert Ryan Robert Ryan - Captain Nemo
Chuck Connors Chuck Connors - Senator Robert Fraser
Nanette Newman Nanette Newman - Helena Beckett
Luciana Paluzzi Luciana Paluzzi - Mala
John Turner John Turner - Joab
Bill Fraser Bill Fraser - Barnaby Bath
Kenneth Connor Kenneth Connor - Swallow Bath
Allan Cuthbertson Allan Cuthbertson - Lomax
Christopher Hartstone Christopher Hartstone - Phillip Beckett
Ian Ramsey Ian Ramsey - Adam
John Moore John Moore - Skipper
Anthony Bailey Anthony Bailey - Sailor
Alan Barry Alan Barry - Sailor
Vincent Harding Vincent Harding - Mate Navigator

Honor Blackman was originally announced for the female lead back in 1968.

Nanette Newman was only cast after couple of actress including a Bond Girl passed.

This was Kenneth Connor's final non-"Carry On" film.

User reviews



I saw this in the theater as a kid and loved it. The story about people living a Utopian existence in a domed city underwater sticks with me today. I'm not sure how I'd feel seeing it again, when the so-called 'good guys' in the movie are so anxious to get back to their own world that they endanger the underwater city and steal a submarine. But it's a fun movie with good sets, great miniature work on the subs, the cities, and the giant sea monster. I wish this was released on DVD as the sets and sub were quite neat looking.

A neat aspect of this movie is that they tried for a bit of science "fact". For example, the most common material in the undersea city was gold, because they used a process to pull gold out of sea water.

I wonder if those people are still living down there to this day? :)


Exciting and thrilling submarine movie dealing with the Nautilus captained by Nemo well played by Robert Ryan who along with his crew save some survivors of a drowning from a shipwrecked . When a ship is sunk , some passengers (Chuck Connors , Nanette Newman , Luciana Paluzzi , Alan Cuthbertson..) are rescued by a submarine and they are taken and get thoroughly involved with power-hungry captain Nemo (Robert Ryan) and take an extraordinary adventure underseas in an advanced city ; however they may be trapped for the rest of their lives. Prisoners at first, they are now treated as guests to view the underwater world and to hunt under the waves. Nemo will also tells them about the riveting underwater city of the future .

Silly but agreeable adventure with action , thrills , love story , full of fun and amusement , including some spectacular sets . Surprise-filled entertainment and with plenty of action on middling scale with acceptable though Naif special effects and some submarines by maquette or scale model . The underwater scenes , pyrotechnics, flood , flamboyant FX to make large-size Squid seem like horrible monster , all of them are spectacular and the film is another acceptable British product . Edge-of-the seat thrilling scenes as when happens an exciting pursuit among two submarines : Nautilus 1 and Nautilus 2 . Director James Hill renewed his acquaintance for little boys with this enjoyable and amusing movie . Our heroes incarnated by a throughly believable casting of the first-rate character players get stuck in the underwater city and Nautilus , undergoing numerous adventures and suffering innumerable perils . Memorable and great cast as Robert Ryan , Chuck Connors as a senator , both of whom have to grit their teeth and play it for real . English's Kenneth Connor and Bill Fraser provide light and brief relief and some laughters as a couple of not-too-intelligent greedy men . They were a pair who worked as a comical duo in various films . Gaudy camera work by excellent cameraman Alan Hume , the cinematography results to be clear and glimmer . Atmospheric and vivid score by Walter Stott .

The motion picture made at Metro Goldwyn Mayer British studios was middling directed by James Hill . He was an expert on children films and serials for showing at schoolboy cinema . Hill designed his acquaintance with amusements for the young generation and costume adventures blending with Lions (Born free , The lions are free , The lion at world's end) , Horses (Black Beauty) , Foxes (The Belstone Fox) , Elephants ( An Elephant called Slowly) and sea animals as Sharks and Squid like this ¨Captain Nemo and underwater city¨. ¨Born Free¨ remains his triumph in which the way the protagonists romp with three lionesses who play Elsa at several stages of growth is near-miraculous . Forever in search of a similar movie to equal this hit , he never quite found it . James Hill best movie turned out to be ¨Studio in terror¨ a Sherlock versus Jack Ripper terror thriller with lurid killings . Other films dealing with Jules Verne's Captain Nemo and his Nautilus are the following : the vintage story are an old mute (1916) by Stuart Paton . The classic movie marvelously directed by Richard Fleischer starred by Kirk Douglas , James Mason , Peter Lorre , Paul Lukas . And for TV directed by Rod Hardy with Michael Caine , Mia Sara and Patrick Dempsey ; and directed by Michael Anderson with Ben Cross and Richard Crenna ; furthermore a cartoon movie directed by Arthur Rankin. The motion picture will appeal to fantasy-adventure buffs and it's a wonderful popcorn story . Rating : 5, 5 . Acceptable and passable .


This film is a pleasant surprise with much charm. No, it is not on the same level of Hollywood's best adventure-fantasies, but I thought it better than other Jules Verne adaptations, such as the recent TV movies or something like FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON.

This particular motion picture is neither a sequel nor a prequel to 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA nor MYSTERIOUS ISLAND; indeed, its premise (which one may or may not warm up to) is to ignore the other tales and try acting alone as its own story. The result is a weird amalgam of 20,000LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA and LOST HORIZON.

It benefits from some lavish, if glossy sets, and the casting of Robert Ryan as Nemo, which for its time was offbeat. In recent years, stars, such as those of Michael Cain and Patrick Stewart, have played Nemo so far differently from Verne's original that Ryan's interpretation almost seems faithful. While purists may be put off by Ryan being so very American and lacking the swarthiness, exoticism, and aristocracy of previous actors, he nevertheless exudes a saturnine authority and substance that's right.

All in all, the movie falls short of the eyefilling fun of the best Verne adaptations, but it's still watchable. It must be seen letter-boxed.


Sequel to "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" (the Disney version) and prequel to "Mysterious Island" (1961 version) relating the further adventures of Jules Verne's Captain Nemo and his submarine community. As in those two films (and the Jules Verne novels by the same name), shipwrecked survivors are rescued by Captain Nemo and in this case, taken to his underwater city. Robert Ryan is no James Mason and brings the plot to a sleeping halt with his monotone delivery and wooden appearance and Chuck Connors is terribly miscast as the head of the survivors, however director James Hill ("Born Free") excels at filming nature and the film comes alive whenever people interact with animals such as a shark attack. Jules Verne stories are always fascinating and some of the set design is inspired (including an underwater resort-style swimming pool shared by children and penguins!). Really fun to watch as a trilogy since the story line holds together from one film to another (despite different producers and film studios!)


Despite having Captain Nemo and the Nautilus, this does not appear to be a sequel or prequel to "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea". Instead, it takes a few story elements and weaves an all-new tale--one where Nemo seems like a pretty cool guy and all the people from the Earth's surface are total jerks! Talk about role reversals!

The film begins during the US Civil War. A ship from America to England is foundering in a storm. Eventually, when it sinks, six of the passengers are rescued by a passing submarine--Nemo and his Nautilus. At first Nemo is very brusque and gloomy, but soon he warms up to the passengers--announcing they are on their way to Nemo's underwater paradise. And the place IS terrific--like Heaven on Earth. Yet despite the people being kind and the city being paradise, most of the rescued people behave like boorish jerks. Two only see ways to exploit the city and cannot appreciate anything of its beauty. One is an angry claustrophobe who tries to destroy the city simply because he will not be allowed to return home since Nemo wants to keep the city a secret. Another is a Senator who is on a diplomatic mission and he insists on completing his mission--even though his country is in the middle of annihilating itself. And the final two are a mother and child who don't seem like total jerks! There is quite a bit to like about this fantasy film. I much prefer seeing a kinder, gentler Nemo and his hopeful vision for the future. Plus for 1969, the special effects and underwater scenes are pretty nice (aside from the silly monster). And, the story and acting are pretty good. My biggest complaint about the film are the characters from the surface. While it is hard to believe that they would not love this wonderful kingdom, the fact that they seem so unreal--like caricatures--that bothered me. Again and again, they were offered kindness and friendship yet they acted horribly--and for little discernible reason. Greed alone did not explain all this, though the film does amply illustrate that humans suck. I which these people had been more complex--it might have made the film a lot more enjoyable. However, despite this, the movie is a nice adventure--well worth seeing.

By the way, at one point in the film, Nemo tells the guests that they are 10,000 leagues under the surface. Judging by the types of fish you see and the few scenes where you can see light from the surface, the city (if it were real) is about 100 feet or less from the surface.


A very enjoyable movie for young and old; a bit sci-fi, a bit fantasy, a bit action and a joke here and there. This movie isn't a groundbreaking masterpiece, but who cares? If you want to have yourself a very nice evening with a feel-good movie ... this might be the movie for you!


In the incredible futuristic world of Jules Verne, the story of Captain Nemo and his crew are forever etched in the minds of adventure seeking readers. This movie is called " Captain Nemo and the Underwater city " and set in the world of the 1800's. The story is taken from one of the many adventurous stories concerning Verne's mysterious Captain Nemo (Robert Ryan). In this chapter a group of drowning passengers are rescued by Nemo's futuristic crew and taken to his incredible Underwater city. There they discover a fantastic world which he offers then as a permanent resident. However several of the survivors don't which to remain and try to escape. The stars playing the reluctantly survivors include Chuck Connors, Bill Fraser, Kenneth Connor and Allan Cuthbertson. The others include Helena Beckett (Nanette Newman) and Phillip Beckett (Christopher Hartstone). The film is a genuine Classic and one which entertains audiences as well today and it did back in 1969. Great fun. ****


Shipwreck survivors are rescued by an authoritarian ruler of a secret underwater city during the 19th century. Nice underwater photography, enough action and special effects to offset wooden acting and less-than-sublime script. (Rating B+)


This prequel to 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea takes place during the American Civil War and before Jules Verne's Captain Nemo embarked on a policy of aggression against warmaking sea power nations. The Nautilus is just doing scouting expeditions and comes across some survivors of a sea wreck and takes them to Nemo's undersea domain of Temple Meer.

Robert Ryan plays a dedicated and fanatical Nemo who has built an underwater Shangri-La which is surviving a whole lot of water pressure from the ocean. Among the survivors are a US Senator played by Chuck Connors, and British people Allan Cuthberson who has claustrophobia and doesn't deal well with the atmosphere, two brothers who are petty crooks, Bill Fraser and Kenneth Connor from the Carry On series and Nannette Newman and her young son Christopher Hartshorne.

As the High Lama of Shangri-La was, Ryan is looking for good people to help with his underwater paradise. He marks Connors as talent, but Connor who is on a mission from Abe Lincoln to European powers does not want to be the Robert Conway of Temple Meer. He's resolved to escape and all the men want out, each for their own reasons.

Among other things Temple Meer has is electric lights before Edison and alchemy. For water and electricity they have a machine which produces gold as a waste product. That really interests Fraser and Connor. In fact gold has no monetary value in Temple Meer. It's used for various drinking cups etc. because it is the most malleable of metals and doesn't corrode. Of course it's a got of value where Connor and Fraser hail from.

There are some nice underwater action sequences when the Nautilus tangles with a giant stingray all in the Jules Verne tradition. Captain Nemo And The Underwater City combines the best of both Verne and Hilton, two of the most popular authors around.


Casual viewers could be forgiven for believing that this is an Irwin Allen production even though he had nothing to do with it. It bears a lot of his 1960's hallmarks such as a simplistic approach to story-line, showy-yet-tacky production design, name brand stars and unfunny comic relief. Connors plays a US Senator during The Civil War who is shipwrecked and picked up (along with five others) by Ryan, a gifted, but rather despotic inventor who has created an incredible underwater metropolis. Newman and her young son Hartstone, claustrophobe Cuthbertson and gold-obsessed brothers Fraser and Connor round out the "guests" of Ryan, who soon find that they aren't permitted to leave the underwater city. Ever. Most of the castaways greet this news with despair, but Newman and Hartstone actually discover they like the place. Where else could one enjoy an endless supply of gourmet seafood, live in rooms that are accented with pure gold and swim in the plant and rock accented community pool run by curvy Italian bombshell Paluzzi? Of course there is that pesky giant manta ray that occasionally swipes by for a bite of human flesh! Connors is his usual square-jawed self and, though not particularly well-cast, he does an adequate job. Ryan plays his role with an overdose of dourness, robbing the part of any irony, flair, camp or flavor. Newman is appealing (and even attempts a small bid at women's lib!), but isn't given much to do. Paluzzi (who is given one really ugly ball gown and an even worse hairdo to go with it in one scene) has a crazed musical number in which she opens a box and "plays" a golden stick with leaves on it as the camera attempts to focus on her through the cheesecloth. She and Newman go scuba diving and inexplicably have their hair fully exposed and unrestrained so that it floats everywhere including over their face masks! Fraser and Connor are presented as bumbling idiots and they only cease to be annoying when they finally begin to forgo their pointless buffoonery. Turner appears as Ryan's faithful first officer and has one of the few roles with more than one dimension. The film is packed with bright, colorful, eye-popping imagery along with many goofy costumes and props. Check out those scuba suits with the gold-plated tank holders and the clear "wings" on the shoulders! The alarms in the city have lobster claws on them! Some of the underwater photography is far too murky and under lit to enjoy fully. It isn't a bad time killer and fantasy fans will enjoy some of the model work, gadgetry and hilarious "science". Irwin Allen would actually tackle this material for television a few years later with Jose Ferrar as Nemo. Also, some of the elements seem to have inspired Ross Hunter's dreadful 1973 remake of "Lost Horizon".


'Captain Nemo and the Underwater City' is a film about a crew who is shipwrecked and then picked up by Captain Nemo in an underwater city where they must remain and never tell anyone about the underwater city. The film explores the underwater city and the way that the people live here. It's like a utopia, and the underwater life is quite imaginative. I was hoping for a little more scenes about the city and the way that people live here, but the story is taken over by a few of the crew who try to escape with gained knowledge.

The special effects are a little to be desired. In fact, some of the acting itself is also a little laughable. It's got its flaws, and it is one of those films where you can sit back and poke some fun at the characters and events in the film.


Shipwreck survivors are rescued by an authoritarian ruler of a secret underwater city during the 19th century. Family film features nice underwater photography, enough action and special effects to offset wooden acting and less-than-sublime script. (Rating B+)


"Captain Nemo and the Underwater City" was quickly forgotten after its theatrical release, and remained somewhat hard to find until a quiet DVD release a few years ago. Watching the movie today, it's pretty easy why the movie hasn't managed to build a large loyal following. It is certainly not a terrible movie - there are some lavish sets, some good underwater photography, and the various members of the cast are enthusiastic. Also, the core story, sort of a cross between Jules Verne and the movie "Lost Horizon" did have possibilities, some of which are realized. But the movie does have some significant problems. Though it certainly starts off swiftly, getting to the underwater city in the first ten minutes of the movie, the remaining 95 or so minutes have some slow spots where little to nothing of importance is happening. Some of the characters are written thinly - I never quite got a handle on Captain Nemo, for one thing. Also, there are some naive touches to the movie that are kind of laughable in these more cynical times. Still, kids might warm up to this movie, and their parents may find it an okay way to spend 105 minutes during a slow afternoon.


This is a film that I saw, among many, at a special summer-long 'film festival' for children at my local theater....in 1981.

Now, I would have reviewed this title long before today but in all honesty...I had not seen it since then (until this week) and couldn't recall the story or what it was about. Same is true not long after I saw it at the movies.

Well, fate has stepped in and I finally bought a (reasonably) priced DVD from Ebay. (Some sellers acting like this is SO rare, it's within their right to charge $50.00 or more.)

I watched the film and now I can say this much about it. Special effects, sets and wardrobe & basically making all look appropriate (circa 1969) are first rate here. True, some actresses look 1960s in what is supposed to be the early '1860s' but given this is a fantasy, it doesn't really matter. In Nemo's undersea city, nothing of the world above has much meaning there.

Robert Ryan's Nemo is a far cry from the one most know in Disney's "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea". In fact while his views are made clear to us, his Nemo is not as seemingly insane as 'that' Captain Nemo.

He's (somehow) with all others under his rule/following, made a paradise for people to (on the one hand) live freely in...but on the other hand, under 'his' laws. I'll say this much, while the swimming pools looked like a lot of fun...was there nothing else fun for these people to do there?

The survivors of the shipwreck at the start are saved by him and crew but the only reason the Captain gives for saving them is 'the only other option was to let you drown.' (??) Makes you wonder why he bothered at all, as now he's going to hold them there the rest of their lives, so they can't go home and tell everyone about his Mecca beneath the waves. (Now really...who in 1860-1865 would believe them?)

Chuck Conners (TV's "The Rifleman") as Senator Robert Fraser, gives Nemo his honest, gentleman's word that if he let's them all go, his secret is safe. Nemo's jaded trust in his fellow man & politicians will not let him believe this.

So as will happen, the plotting starts. The character Lomax wants out the most and makes 2 attempts. His second attempt almost wrecks the place.

The brothers Barnaby & Swallow Bath (yes..his name really is 'swallow') make efforts to not only get out but steal a great amount of gold & treasures as well.

Conners & the brothers finally come up with an idea to get out. Of course, I'll leave off there, as not to ruin the rest of it.

Now, I'll validate my reason for only giving a 4 star rating. The acting. With the minor exception of Robert Ryan's Nemo, which was convincing enough, the rest of the actors, for me, all seem flat. Yes...even Chuck Conners.

They give the indications of emotion but overall, I just didn't feel from them, the true urgency of their situation.

These people are being held hostage. Which should make them scared and angry at their captor (or should we say kidnapper?). The rest of them could at least try harder to escape. It seems more like, "Well were here now and gee, isn't this an amusing little underwater city?"

Bland also (which goes hand in hand with acting) is the direction. The more serious acting needed should have prompted the director to ask more from the actors than what we finally are given here. Only Lomax and the two brothers & Nemo were memorable.

Of course, being a G rated film from 1969, I guess it's not surprising. Despite Conners one 'damn' and 3 acts of violence plus 3 characters actually meeting their end, the film while good enough to watch, when you feel like watching a movie ...overall just could have been so much better.

Four stars. Not 'all' movies from child-hood are as good as we remember but since I didn't recall much of this for a long time, I recalled it just right. (END)


A Lavish and Ultra-Fanciful Production full of Fantastical Costuming and Gaudy Psychedelic Colored Sets, this Captain Nemo Story is about as Preposterous as could be. Far-Fetched even for the most Goofy of Sci-Fi, it still manages to be Entertaining and is Decidedly Marketed for the Kids.

But by 1969 the Kids who were Weaned on Saturday Matinees of this sort in the 50's and 60's and Perhaps the Youngins at the Time of Release were more Sophisticated than this Disney-Like Fluff Piece.

It can be Viewed Today with some Camp Appeal but Audiences back in the Day were not having any of it. It Flopped and was Forgotten. Robert Ryan and Chuck Connors were both Miscast but do Their Solemn Best and Play it Perfectly Straight.

There is an Abundance of Eye-Candy and the Story Kicks into gear a few times with some Action and Attempts at Adventure. But the Movie is Insufferable sometimes with Awful Comedy Relief and a way Over the Top emphasis on the Lust for Gold.

Worth a Watch with the right approach. The Sets and the Silly Costumes seem Inspired by the Flash Gordon Serials and are quite a Surreal Treat. The Monster's Part is Underwritten and is Filmed so Murky it comes off as a bit Lifeless.