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Homestuck Online

Homestuck is about four kids who play a game called SbUrB and when a meteor comes to end the world, they must team up with a group of 12 trolls from the planet called 'Alternia' who have already beaten their version of SbUrB to save the world.

Some of the characters from Squiddles! appear in the show as creatures called Horrorterrors, with the show used as a cover due to the terrors being too scary for mortal eyes.

User reviews



Everyone says the beginning is pretty boring and it is, but that can be easily solved with the lets reads on Youtube. starting in Act 3 you can have a blast reading the comic. It gets better the more further you go in the comic if you exclude the first act of Act 6, except that can be also solved with the lets reads. For 95% percent of the story will be entertaining.

PLus the most diverse cast in a while


This brings back so many memories, I love the fans who found this. I hear that the opening is floating around on Youtube, with some beautiful music. I think the opening theme was called either Skies of Skaia, Beatdown, Ohgodwhat, Revelawsome, or White. Either way, it was beautiful to watch, to listen, and to geek out about. I really met some cool people in the Omegapause. Even though we all went crazy. -_-