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Original Title :
Rainbow Brite
Genre :
TV Series / Animation / Family
Cast :
Bettina Bush,Peter Cullen,Pat Fraley
Type :
TV Series
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Rainbow Brite Online

On another planet, a girl called Wisp discovers an end to the universe's dark times and becomes the keeper of color. Thus her name changes to Rainbow Brite. As she battles silly villains like Murky and Lurky who prefer gray, Rainbow makes friends with many creatures. Some are other kids who want to help keep everything bright, others are animals such as the egotistical horse Starlite and the quivering sprite Twink. Only one person on the planet Earth knows of Rainbow Brite, her best friend Brian. When things go wrong in our world, all he has to do is use his rainbow key and ask Rainbow Brite for help.
Series cast summary:
Bettina Bush Bettina Bush - Rainbow Brite / - 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Peter Cullen Peter Cullen - Murky Dismal / - 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Pat Fraley Pat Fraley - Lurky / - 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Robbie Lee Robbie Lee - Sprites / - 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Andre Stojka Andre Stojka - Starlite / - 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Georges Atlas Georges Atlas 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Georges Berthomieu Georges Berthomieu - Grospouf (French version) 13 episodes, 1984-1986
William Coryn William Coryn - P'tit Malin (French version) 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Françoise Dasque Françoise Dasque 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Hélène David Hélène David 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Raoul Delfosse Raoul Delfosse 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Philippe Dumat Philippe Dumat - Grisemine (French version) 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Jeanine Forney Jeanine Forney 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Jean-Pierre Leroux Jean-Pierre Leroux 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Serge Lhorca Serge Lhorca - Tagada 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Marie Martine Marie Martine 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Séverine Morisot Séverine Morisot - Blondine (French version) 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Odile Schmitt Odile Schmitt 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Marie-Françoise Sillière Marie-Françoise Sillière 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Gilles Tamiz Gilles Tamiz 13 episodes, 1984-1986
Mona Marshall Mona Marshall - Red Butler / - 12 episodes, 1984-1986
Rhonda Aldrich Rhonda Aldrich - Moonglow / - 7 episodes, 1986
Scott Menville Scott Menville - Brian / - 6 episodes, 1984-1986
Marissa Mendenhall Marissa Mendenhall - Stormy / - 6 episodes, 1986

Starlite has quite the ego. Throughout the show he calls himself the most wonderful horse in the universe, the most magnificent horse in the universe, the most magnificent horse in the cave, the magnificent Starlite, splendidly graceful, the glory of the galaxy, the magnificent unmurked horse, the magnificent horse, and he can dart with magnificent swiftness.

Murky Dismal is always putting Lurky down. Throughout the show he calls Lurky snail brain, butter brain, popcorn brain, cheese ball, lame brain, banana brain, cupcake brain, cheese log brain, fruit pie breath, fog horn brain, fog horn breath, pancake brain, potato brain, kumquat brain, cabbage brain, bean sprout brain, and mush mind.

Lurky's shoes are always untied.

User reviews



My best friend recently picked up this movie at a garage sale. I was so sprung, i hadn't seen any Rainbow Brite since i was little. This was one of the movies that I would watch repeatedly until my mom had to return it to the video store. Watching it now reminds me of how great a cartoon Rainbow Brite really was. This show taught me my colors, orange and yellow were hard to remember when i was a youngin'. They always had a little lesson in there too...about friendship, responsibility...whatever. I wanted to BE Rainbow for halloween until i was like 13.

Finally Rainbow Brite is back on TV, and it's about time. Now little kids all over can know the magic of color crystals, starlight, and the sprites.

if only they'd bring back fraggle rock, my little pony, and care bears.


Rainbow Bright may be widely ridiculed and joked about these days, but it was, and remains one of the best children's show of the 80's.

I may be one of 4 guys who will openly admit to liking this show, and I take no shame in that. Rainbow Bright had something magical about it that captured my imagination as a kid. The plot, music, and production may seem very laughable by today's standards, but for those of us that remember this time period, it brings back very special memories. The things I always loved about the show (and still do) was it's sense of adventure and fun, and Murky & Lurky's oddball attempts to try and outsmart Rainbow and the Kids. All of the episodes had something fun and creative to them, and to a young kid it was gateway to a world of adventure. Call me crazy, but I just love everything about this show, the music, the animation, the girlish plots, you name it!


I loved "Rainbow Brite" when I was a little girl! Though it was short lived (only 13 television episodes, one movie, and one live action video), it grew so many fans. As the episodes went on, new characters were introduced and the old ones were never lost. The show even had characters cross over from the movie. The tales of friendship and colors, fun and adventure carried on through many books and toys. It's too bad it didn't last longer or that it's so hard to find anything Rainbow Brite anymore. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the 80s or someone who has a little girl they would like to introduce a wonderful cartoon character to. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to boys though.


Since I was born in the 80s, I grew up watching 80s cartoons as a little girl. Rainbow Brite was another favorite of mine, cartoons back then weren't afraid to be innocent and cute, and no I don't want to criticize cartoons of today but it seems that kids shows these days need to be more edgy, sassy, etc. to interest kids.

What I like about 80s cartoons is that they weren't afraid to be cute and innocent. I still love the brightness of the show, and all the different little characters like the sprites they're so adorable and cute. I also like the names the writers chose for them like rainbow brite, moonglow, stormy, starlight, etc.

Its a sweet show and I wish they would come out with dvds of the entire series.


I loved Rainbow Brite all through childhood, I loved the colours, the characters and the music. I wish it hadn't died away, and that it was easier to find now-a-days.


In this age of "Barney", "Teletubbies", and "Pokemon" ulgfh I can't stand pokemon. One wonders just what happened to good ol Rainbow Brite. I mean think about for a minute. She was the only childrens hero that kids could look up to, and not have parents complain about her being "homosexual" or, "too violent" for kids. Though I wonder why some one doesn't try to revive RB for Y2k? It might not be such a bad idea!


This beloved 80's children's' show is the epitome of formulaic, and like Rainbow Brite's horse Starlight is a one-trick pony with practically no character development. This was my favorite Children's show as a toddler, and it remains one of my all time favorite Children's' shows now that i am 28. It is the a shining jewel of innocence, good doing and magic. What it lacks in innovation it makes up for with a universal and eternal set-up: the battle to keep our lives bright and full of color and ward off "the pits." When we boil down the complexities of our lives, in essence are our lives any less formulaic? What it lacks in depth of character and development of character, it makes up for in pristine idealism and purity of heart; our lives are full of complexities, but in these times were unshakable rocks like religion are not favored as they once were, rainbow brite fills in as a non-denominational example of love and joy; to develop her character beyond that would eat away at the idealism and integrity of what Rainbow Brite is. At the beginning of the season, the show seemed to start of with real-world examples of how to keep your life bright (for instance the episode where she meets Brian, her human friend), but quickly fell into a generic battle to save Rainbow Land from various color-stealing forces. If the show had found a way to continue providing real world examples of keeping our lives bright, or provided a more firm metaphorical basis for the threats against Rainbow Land, perhaps this beloved show would have had a deeper genius than simply being beautiful and of pristine spirit. There is obscure depth in Rainbow Brite, but regrettably, like the color crystals mined by the color sprites, it must be unearthed by the viewer. Stay bright, Rainbow Brite!


I had one friend who liked this and a little sister that loved it...so I won't give it 1 Star on the belief that they saw something in it that I didn't at that age.

However, I will use the same argument now, to trash it, that I did when I was a little kid in the 80s.

"She's a color protector! She protects color! That is the stupidest thing on earth! Mom and Dad used to be in black and white and they're fine!"

OK, maybe I wasn't the absolute brightest kid in the world but...I still think i had a valid point.
I am hcv men

I am hcv men

I was born in the 90s and i had a blanket, her little sprite and Starlite. I loved Rainbow Brite. It was the best show i had watched. I actually found it on Netflix and i am currently watching the star stealer. and about 25 years later i still hear great things about it. Will always be a fan! Everyone is entitled to their opinion but i have only heard one bad comment about this show and it was on here. It is now 2011, so for this to be still in my top says a lot about this show. I really hope i can find all the episodes on Amazon. My father and mother always had us watching shows from the 80s. I can't day i can still watch them any more because the graphics were really not as up to date as it was in the 90s. But absolutely love this one. <3<3 Forever in my heart.