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I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse  Online
Original Title :
I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse
Genre :
TV Series / Horror / Reality TV
Cast :
Greg James,Leah Guttridge,Amena Jefferies
Type :
TV Series
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I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse Online

A reality game show set six months in to a zombie outbreak where a group of survivors have to take refuge in an abandoned shopping centre. Survivors just need to avoid the zombies, but the slightest touch will result in death. Anyone still alive in seven days will be rescued by an army helicopter.
Series cast summary:
Greg James Greg James - Himself - Presenter 8 episodes, 2015
Leah Guttridge Leah Guttridge - Herself 8 episodes, 2015
Amena Jefferies Amena Jefferies - Herself 8 episodes, 2015
Fiona Mundy Fiona Mundy - Zombie / - 8 episodes, 2015
Megan Oxtoby Megan Oxtoby - Herself 8 episodes, 2015
Aston Wikins Aston Wikins - Himself 8 episodes, 2015
Adrian Barber Adrian Barber - Zombie, Lumbarjack / - 7 episodes, 2015
Jackie McKenzie Jackie McKenzie - Herself 7 episodes, 2015
Cristina Comas Cristina Comas - Zombie, Blind / - 6 episodes, 2015
Sara Donegan Sara Donegan - Herself 6 episodes, 2015
Rebecca Hanssen Rebecca Hanssen - School Girl / - 6 episodes, 2015
Colin MacDougall Colin MacDougall - Skater Boy / - 6 episodes, 2015
Katrina Winters Katrina Winters - Zombie, Nurse 6 episodes, 2015
Jonas Zimnicki Jonas Zimnicki - Himself 6 episodes, 2015
Jack Drewell Jack Drewell - Builder Zombie 5 episodes, 2015
Nic Sanderson Nic Sanderson - Himself 5 episodes, 2015
Diane Brooks Webster Diane Brooks Webster - Karate Zombie 4 episodes, 2015
Kavon Everett Kavon Everett - Himself 4 episodes, 2015
Benjamin Ferguson Benjamin Ferguson - Zombie 4 episodes, 2015
Jordan Lewis Jordan Lewis - Himself 4 episodes, 2015
Antony Scott Antony Scott - Trucker Zombie 4 episodes, 2015

This is the first reality series where contestants are eliminated by being killed.

A whole team of special effects and make up experts were on standby if a survivor was caught. They were called the 'Death Squad Unit'. After each eliminated contestant had calmed down, they filmed their death scene. There are five distinct phases: the capture, the bring down, the struggle, the moment of death and the feast.

Over 200 litres of fake blood was used and was fundamentally golden syrup and raspberry sauce. The crew also had a wide array of limbs, organs and body tissue all supplied by special effects company, Artem.

73 zombies were cast in Scotland.

The zombie cast were all put through workshops on how to move, sound, get up, keep warm, catch survivors and how to play the games safely. They were cast for different elements within the series - crawling zombies, blind zombies, chained zombies. They had to do a lot of standing around in the cold.

The wardrobe and make up process for the zombies who feature most in the series took about three hours each.

Megan, Amena, Leah and Nic were the only survivors rescued.

User reviews



I thought this would be quite entertaining but somehow they have produced a real turd of a show with absolutely nothing going for it whatsoever other than the concept.

The show is filled with very stilted radio conversations between two people putting on their best serious voices. This is the British army who, in the midst of the apocalypse, have nothing better to do than shepherd some morons through their simplistic tasks. One was literally to find a photograph of themselves pinned onto a wall. Another was to climb over two ankle height pallets.

To add to the dragging pace you've got Greg James, a presenter blessed with all the personality of a dial tone. His lame half-jokes are just shameful pap and filler. On the subject of filler there's also lots of shots of the zombies turning around, all four of them. And yet more filler! The PANTZ system is a "comical" government service message about zombies that is just tedious.

I'm amazed they could take such a potentially entertaining concept and create such a leaden uninteresting load of rubbish. This really isn't worth watching.


People have been comparing this show to Dead Set, its not, Dead Set had a sense of danger and panic. I realise this show is suppose to be tongue in cheek, however I expected the survivors to least act scared instead of laughing, smiling and talking about lady gaga. The zombies felt more like decorations then an actual threat. Although the makeup on said decorations was pretty good I liken them to the chickens on big brother. Something to cut to when the contestants were unbroadcastable, the zombies were FILLER. The filler kept at a nice safe distance whilst the survivors discussed their food preferences, I found the discussion about corn beef wonderfully thrilling (cant believe this show lasted an hour).

The tasks felt stupid and unnecessary. In a post apocalyptic scenario I would not risk my life for 7 days usage of a pillow and a sleeping bag (first task). The environment felt too cushy, i don't think a zombie show works with a safe zone. If it were realistic the survivors would ration the water and go without food.

If you like reality TV other shows do it better, the emotional and moral decay required to make this show interesting wont happen in such a short duration and with no incentive. Maybe if they were forced to compete for food or a prize...Sadly watching people work towards a common goal for mutual benefit with little adversity feels abit pointless.


Horribly misjudged.

Incredibly, it actually combines the worst aspects of different genres: We've got the moronic, boring waffling of Big Brother AND poorly made, low-budget, story-free zombie stuff.

At least actual Big Brother features 'genuine' morons.

While Im putting the boot into this rubbish: the 'army voice-overs' sound like the stilted scripting of a 1990s video game.

Low production values is not necessarily a death-blow but this not only looks like a 3rd year drama project, it is unforgivably dull.

(Imdb want more lines, but I think you get the idea...)


I just finished the second episode, i was going to stop after the first but i thought it might get better...i was wrong.Its like the real world but with lame zombies. they sit around laughing but there's zombies all around them its ridiculous. I'll stick with the walking dead thank you [ i mean no thank you when it comes to I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse] I guess i cant give my opinion unless i write 10 lines of text so here is what else i think is wrong with this lame show! who can't survive 7 days? they have water and so food,but they sit around talking who will eat what food. Come on if it's a life and death situation i'd go hungry, they only have to be there 7 days. the point is try again because the show is lame.


The entire first episode was slow, contrived, unexciting and lacked any true gravitas. Maybe 5g rotting peoples minds has led to this ridiculously high rating. The zombies are slow and amble around lackadaisically, the 'survivors' can't spend more than about 5 minutes without giggling. Furthermore the story although far fetched seems the most believable part of this sordid pigs ear of a piece of zombie fiction. The web-comic which accompanies the first episode on the BBC website, even references Romero, though I find it hard to believe the director has watched and indeed absorbed any of that masterpiece with the way this has turned out. I found myself unable to watch the entire program, perhaps a format closer to that of the Crystal Maze would of suited this more? Why don't the survivors have any weapons? Where did the military go? If the extraction area was overrun why are the survivors heading there? You get no answers and only more questions. My hearty recommendation is to avoid this like the plague.


The production value is dire, the idea has promise, but the actual material is dire, loathsome and shoddy. For instance in the first episode, watch out for the 'wedding dress zombie'. First, she chases our survivors to the shopping entrance, the survivors barricade the door and block the windows with cardboard. So at this point the 'wild, violent flesh hungry' zombies know 'food' is inside... yet cut to the very next scene, the frenzied zombies have all marched off and put themselves behind a fence, some distance from the entrance, really? This permits the survivors to grab a military crate dropped from the sky. Then the next scene, the zombies have grown bored of the fence, to return to the entrance. It's appalling... to think George A Romero got it so sublimely right in the 70's. Avoid this show, it's only merit is it's guaranteed cancellation.


I was looking forward to the self proclaimed "scariest game show on TV" hoping for something a little more edgy than Big Brother with Zombies. Sadly this was all we got first episode, no element of danger, only one or two contestants taking it seriously at all and a pace so meandering I began to wonder whether my TV had frozen. Oh and Greg James(?)I'm still not sure why.

On the plus side all the stars are for the make up which in some instances is genuinely terrifying, and the second episode was a lot more action packed. And the action was so funny I nearly spat my tea out. I will be giving the show a few more chances in the hopes that the show improves and gradually has the element of danger it purports to have in the ad.


As usual i look for trailers or reviews before starting to watch new TV series, this being new, fresh and not reviewed i just gave it a shot.

After seeing the first episode i have 5 things to say, unfortunately most of them are goofs from the series:

1.- The outbreak is supposed to happen because of the launch of the 5G (next gen internet velocity of mobile phones) and because is starting to mutate human minds and DNA, this being funny because 5G affects the internet or connection range of a mobile device not a freaking animal lol...unless humans are interfaced biologically with wireless internet (biotechnology-augmentation) i don't see this possible ;d...anywayz this was passable...

2.- "The army" has set 4 tests to identify zombies:

-If dude has cellphone, its a zombie -If has red and itchy eyes, its a zombie (like we cant see the f*cker 's rotting). -Skin lesion, zombie -...and the old balance test, basically if dude cannot stand with one foot and touch his nose, its a zombie xD

3.- The survivors get some missions for surviving until they get extracted from the military...first mission: 2 dudes have to risk their lives for a couple of sleeping bags and pillows they have to get from the stock room (notice that they only have to stay 6 days before extraction and they all are going yolo for sh*ts and giggles...).

4.- Although you usually get infected by a zombie bite or scratch...here they say that just by the touch you'll die (facepalm)...but the best part is that you can see this dude, carrying basically every time zombie blood in his hands and he does not mind touching everything with it (eating and sh*t), which pretty much contradicts any logic lol...unfortunately this also happens in other series like the walking dead or even zombie games, being the reason of immunity unknown (no sanitary precautions?)

5.- Last but not least at some point, when you think the zombies are classic (not too many abilities) appears this new survivor blond chick (which is actually hot but she was born a male, like a freaking shemale *WTF?*) and a couple of them zombies suddenly start having human abilities such as running (after her) and at some point they are holding and trowing chairs.

6.- This being a reality show, has no grand $$$ price...if you saw this funny horror movie called the Wrong Turn 2 thats based on the same survivor reality show of a zombie post-apocalyptic breakout...but has more credibility even if it looks stupid the broadcaster was more legit.

Although a zombie post apocalyptic scenario is a futuristic genre of the traditional reality shows out there, this idea seems fairly old. Its just no one really release a TV series yet...this could have being rated 5 (passable) if the things above where corrected...and a very good series rank if they incorporated better ideas like beating and shooting zombies (which i believe would cost some extra budget) and some other things that someone should have pay me to say to make a better TV series...all and all i may watch some episodes for the luls ;p ********** P.D. OMG! after watching the second episode i rate this as absolute crap, basically its all so staged up when the first dude dies its like he knew that its going to happen and guess what? he gets his guts eaten with one bite, so this basically means its not a reality show i don't even know what this crap is anymore, there is no price no competition and clearly the survivor/s or the winner was already staged...so this is all fiction, its basically bullsh*t when you see this cheap actors running and smiling or when on of their teammates died, they are like f*ck it and its just like big brother lame sh*t. ************


I have given this programme an 8/10.

It has been a great start of the programme let alone I have only watched the first episode. This programme reminded me of a series called Dead Set. Not only it is a reality show. I liked how there are different types of people within the programme. There is another reason why I couldn't add another two stars because there was too much GCI within the transitions but other than that it looked great. The programme does have a comedy side to it and the programme is not predictable as well, which is good. I am looking forward to the next episode.


I saw a trailer for the show on BBC Three, and it looked really good, the concept of zombie-reality really stood out to me. But sadly after watching the first episode i was really disappointed, it was like watching Big Brother but with "ZOMBIES". I was about to give up on the show, but I decided to watch the second episode, and it was so much better than the first, the missions kept me on the edge of my seat, the zombies gave me genuine shivers, so in conclusion, i would say that, the 1st episode was a serious let down, but don't judge the show after just one episode, the show improves, it delivers on every level,so ill give it and 08/10.