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La dama di picche (1913) Online

La dama di picche (1913) Online
Original Title :
La dama di picche
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Baldassarre Negroni
Cast :
Hesperia,Leda Gys,Ignazio Lupi
Type :
Rating :
La dama di picche (1913) Online

In spite of his wife's earnest appeals, Jack Norris refuses to give up gambling, and after squandering all they possess in the world, suddenly disappears, leaving the unfortunate woman to support herself and her little daughter. Thrown upon her own resources, she is finally compelled by necessity to accept a proposition from unscrupulous money sharks to take charge of a fashionable gambling house. Her education and refinement have fitted her to become a most efficient manager, and in five years' time she fully realizes her employer's ambitions. The most fashionable people in the town find in her their natural leader, and are easily held under her sway. One day, however, her heart stands still, when she receives a letter from her daughter, Dorothy, who is attending boarding school, stating that she has passed her final examinations and is waiting to be taken home. Mrs. Norris pleads with the employers to relinquish her from the infamous contract, but without avail. Dorothy is brought ...
Cast overview:
Hesperia Hesperia - Lea d'Orange
Leda Gys Leda Gys - Bice
Ignazio Lupi Ignazio Lupi - L'amante di lea
Adele Bianchi Azzarili Adele Bianchi Azzarili
Alberto Collo Alberto Collo

User reviews



This is a two reel, special picture and its first noticeable quality is the beauty of its scenes in which the prettiness of its leading lady, Lucille Hesperus, also an accomplished actress, plays an important part. Artistic in its staging, its story has been adroitly handled to make a popular appeal. So it makes a pretty effective offering, one that we can safely commend. The story is not great; but there is nothing in it that markedly detracts from its availability. - The Moving Picture World, April 19, 1913