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Stagecoach West The Big Gun (1960–1961) Online

Stagecoach West The Big Gun (1960–1961) Online
Original Title :
The Big Gun
Genre :
TV Episode / Western
Year :
Directror :
Don McDougall
Cast :
Wayne Rogers,Richard Eyer,Robert Bray
Writer :
N.B. Stone Jr.
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Stagecoach West The Big Gun (1960–1961) Online

Luke Perry is assigned to deliver a Gatling gun to a distant army post. Colonel Martinez discovers that Luke's stagecoach will not have a cavalry escort and determine to steal the gun and force the young driver to deliver it to Juarez's forces fighting Emperor Maximilian. When the American mercenaries assisting Martinez learn that Maximilian has been overthrown they decide to make use of the Gatling's firepower to rob an express office.
Episode complete credited cast:
Wayne Rogers Wayne Rogers - Luke Perry
Richard Eyer Richard Eyer - Davey Kane
Robert Bray Robert Bray - Simon Kane
Cesar Romero Cesar Romero - Francisco Martinez
DeForest Kelley DeForest Kelley - Lt. Clarke
BarBara Luna BarBara Luna - Chiquita (as Barbara Luna)
Jonathan Bolt Jonathan Bolt - Jojo
Gale Garnett Gale Garnett - Rosa
Bing Russell Bing Russell - Fritz
Hal Baylor Hal Baylor - Big Jim

Cesar Romero receives a 'Special Guest Star' credit.

Closing credits: The characters and events depicted in this photoplay are fictional. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

User reviews



This episode was going well, Cesar Romero was doing a great job of playing the gentleman's criminal and Deforest Kelley was playing the sophisticated ruthless killer, and then for some reason the writer wanted to wrap up the story and turn the entire production into a bank robbery. The last fifteen minutes of this show ruined an otherwise fine tale.

It starts when Colonel Martinez (Romero) is out to steal a Gatling gun that is being taken on the stagecoach driven by Luke. He hires some roughs, that includes former cavalry officer Clarke (Kelley), Martinez is taking the gun to Mexico and fight for the independence of Mexico from the rule of Maximilian.

Before the deed is done, it is learned that Maximilian has been overthrown and there is no need for the gun. Clark and the other roughs, being the men of opportunity, decide that there is no need to take the gun to Mexico. Clarke decides to take the Gatling gun, without the consent of Martinez, and rob the Miner's Co-op in the small town of Outpost. And this is when the story descended into the abyss.

The ending, was not intended, but was rather comical with all the bullets flying. Even Luke got to try his hand with the Gatling gun and to put in mildly, he must of enjoyed the experience. This was Cesar Romero's second appearance of this short-lived series and actually does quite well in his character. The first appearance, Romero was working for Maximilian's government. This time he in on the side of revolution. Much like this story, his character could not determine which side to pick. And what those two chicks were doing in the story is anyone's guess.