» » Grange Hill Episode #13.18 (1978–2008)

Grange Hill Episode #13.18 (1978–2008) Online

Grange Hill Episode #13.18 (1978–2008) Online
Original Title :
Episode #13.18
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Drama / Family
Year :
Directror :
Richard Kelly
Cast :
John Alford,Sarah Butler,David Cann
Writer :
Barry Purchese
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Grange Hill Episode #13.18 (1978–2008) Online

It's the day of Matthew's court appearance to face charges of arson. Tegs is there to give moral support, but people from his past keep turning up before he can speak to Matthew. Robbie tells Mike that the man who was in a coma as a result of the pub brawl has pulled through. Mr. Hankin unwittingly provides a large amount of invisible ink to Jacko's gang. Akik complains that Neil Timpson keeps getting him to do his homework. Becky bunks off with Alice to see where her mum works - she is a beautician at a local health club. They are surprised to see Mr. Hargreaves and Mike Bentley's dad turn up at reception. They are even more shocked when Miss Booth heads their way, and retreat to a sauna. While they stay hidden, they listen to Miss Booth talk to her friend about her desire to run the marathon. Meanwhile, Mrs. McClusky goes shopping with Ronnie, to get her opinion on cruelty-free products, and to try to persuade Ronnie to be a little less rigid in her views. She also tells Ronnie that...
Episode credited cast:
John Alford John Alford - Robbie Wright
Sarah Butler Sarah Butler - Pupil
David Cann David Cann - Mr. Bentley
Urvashi Chugani Urvashi Chugani - Dipti
Barrie Cookson Barrie Cookson - Magistrate
Lee Cornes Lee Cornes - Mr. Hankin
Alice Dawnay Alice Dawnay - Alice Rowe
Nicholas Donnelly Nicholas Donnelly - Mr. MacKenzie
Richard Earthy Richard Earthy - Policeman
Karen Ford Karen Ford - Miss Booth
Julia Goodman Julia Goodman - Mrs. Pearson
Daisy Heath Daisy Heath - Laurie
Carol Holmes Carol Holmes - Sheena
Simone Hyams Simone Hyams - Calley Donnington
Jamie Lehane Jamie Lehane - Jacko Morgan

Incidental music includes "Who's Leaving Who" by Hazell Dean and "I Thank You" by Adeva.