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Deadwood Dick (1940) Online

Deadwood Dick (1940) Online
Original Title :
Deadwood Dick
Genre :
Movie / Action / Adventure / Drama / Western
Year :
Directror :
James W. Horne
Cast :
Donald Douglas,Lorna Gray,Harry Harvey
Writer :
Wyndham Gittens,Morgan Cox
Type :
Time :
4h 45min
Rating :
Deadwood Dick (1940) Online

Deadwood Dick, a masked and mysterious hero, is in reality Dick Stanley, editor of the Dakota Pioneer Press and a leading member of Statehood For Dakota. He is on the trail of a masked villain known as the Skull, who leads a violent, renegade band infamous for its violence against the Deadwood residents' wishes for a statehood status.
Complete credited cast:
Donald Douglas Donald Douglas - Dick Stanley - aka Deadwood Dick (as Don Douglas)
Lorna Gray Lorna Gray - Anne Butler
Harry Harvey Harry Harvey - Dave Miller
Marin Sais Marin Sais - Calamity Jane
Lane Chandler Lane Chandler - Wild Bill Hickok [Ch. 1]
Jack Ingram Jack Ingram - Buzz Ricketts - Chief Henchman
Charles King Charles King - Tex - Henchman [Chs. 1-4, 6-9]
Ed Cassidy Ed Cassidy - Tennison Drew - Committeeman
Robert Fiske Robert Fiske - Ashton - Committeeman [Chs.1-6]
Lee Shumway Lee Shumway - Bentley - Committeeman

The story that the Deadwood Dick character in this serial was intended to be black but was played by a white actor to "appease" the studio executives is strictly an "urban legend". There was a real-life black cowboy known as Deadwood Dick, but this serial was based on a completely different figure, a fictional pulp hero named Deadwood Dick from turn-of-the-century dime novels. Hence, there was never any question of making the serial's Deadwood Dick black.

CHAPTER TITLES:: (1) A Wild West Empire; (2) Who Is the Skull?; (3) Pirates of the Plains; (4) The Skull Baits a Trap; (5) Win, Lose or Draw; (6) Buried Alive; (7) The Chariot of Doom; (8) The Secret of Number Ten; (9) The Fatal Warning; (10) Framed for Murder; (11) The Bucket of Death; (12) A Race Against Time; (13) The Arsenal of Revolt; (14) Holding the Fort;(15) The Deadwood Express.

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Deadwood Dick is available from collectors at The Serial Squadron. It pits Deadwood Dick against the evil Skull in a fast paced western of 15 chapters. It features Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock characters as well. This a very good effort from Columbia studios and is directed by Laurel and Hardy director James Horne. There is humor but it goes hand in hand with the action.


Imagine having those two titles on your resume, but the fantastic James M Horne did, and we are all better humans for the result. This is a good serial. I saw it in the 70s screened each Sunday night in a Sydney Suburban cinema at their 6pm session with two whopper features ( eg: GUNS OF NAVARONE + GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER or HELLO DOLLY + CALL ME MADAM etc) and to a usually packed house. Well, if UNDERSEA KINGDOM wasn't enough, the scream of delight when DEADWOOD DICK hit the screen was enough to lift the roof. Inventive and genuinely entertaining, DD has some great set pieces, one especially is that The Mask or whoever bad-dude has a hideout behind a waterfall and the henchmen have to get off their horses, turn off the waterfall and reveal the cave behind....all very clever and silly. And then turn the waterfall back on again. It takes Dick about 3 months of episodes to realize why the hoof prints in the river sand 'disappear' at the waterfall's edge! Geez! Dick would gallop about on his trusty horse and the usual chasings and fights would go on for weeks...actually months, because this thing ran 15 episodes, one a week!! Seasons even changed before this serial was over. Great fun.


Details of the film are sketchy as it was viewed in the early forties - a Saturday afternoon matinee. The character Deadwood Dick intrigued me for his horsemanship (flying mounts) and the fact that he wore a full, black face mask when chasing the evildoers. I hoped for more of Deadwood Dick, but never saw him again.


Adrian Booth Brian a.k.a Lorna Gray tells the story about one scene in Deadwood Dick where she and the hero are standing on a platform during some type of celebration. The heavies stampede a bunch of cattle down the main street and the hero and Adrian have to duck out of the way. Unfortunately, proper protective measures weren't taken and the cattle crashed into the platform just as Adrian and the hero are making their escape. Adrian said after the dust cleared, the assistant director came over to her and said "I hope you didn't lose your hair ribbon because we don't want to shoot it over again." That along with other reasons is why she was glad to leave Columbia.