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In the Moonlight (1914) Online

In the Moonlight (1914) Online
Original Title :
In the Moonlight
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Tom Ricketts
Cast :
Edward Coxen,Winifred Greenwood,George Field
Writer :
Tom Ricketts
Type :
Rating :
In the Moonlight (1914) Online

George Lytton and Mary Lang ton, guests at the home of Mrs. Westley, Mary's sister, are strangely influenced while canoeing on the moonlit waters of a lagoon. Hours seem like minutes. When the two return to the house and Mary learns that Lytton is married, she upbraids her sister for having withheld this information. She realizes at once that she has been deceived by Lytton and the thought of his presence is unbearable to her, so she makes a hurried departure and endeavors to forget her troubles in travels. Lytton expresses surprise and pretends to be unable to offer a solution of the strange and unusual conduct of Mary. Mrs. Westley has had a business acquaintance with Lytton for years and this continues and grows into a warmer friendship as the children of the two families come into maturity. Several years pass. Dora gives a house party for her daughter, Sunshine, and Frank, the son of Lytton is invited, his father to come also for a week-end. Frank and Sunshine fall in love. Then ...
Cast overview:
Edward Coxen Edward Coxen - Frank Lytton (as Ed Coxen)
Winifred Greenwood Winifred Greenwood - Mary Langton
George Field George Field - George Lytton - Frank's Father
William Bertram William Bertram - Henry Bruce
Mrs. Tom Ricketts Mrs. Tom Ricketts - Dora Westley (as Josephine Ditt)
Charlotte Burton Charlotte Burton - Sunshine - Dora's Daughter
Harry De Vere Harry De Vere - Broker
B. Reeves Eason B. Reeves Eason - Lytton's Office Manager (as Reaves Eason)
Ida Lewis Ida Lewis - Mrs. Wallace

User reviews



Producer Thomas Ricketts, of the American, has given patrons of that product a two-part subject, "In the Moonlight," which has many delightful light effects and artistic settings. The story has a sad ending, but the effect is lightened by the careful avoidance of gruesome details. The cast is exceptionally strong, as we have Miss Winifred Greenwood, Miss Charlotte Burton, Ed Coxen and George Field in the leading characters. Miss Greenwood, in the part of Mary Langton, brings out strongly the disappointment of a young woman, flushed with health and home, who is deceived by the wealthy broker, George Lytton, a married man, to whom she has given her affections, ignorant of the fact that he is a man of family. Miss Burton, as Sunshine, Mary Langton's niece, is buoyant and girlish, and carries with her the atmosphere of happiness and innocence in her first love affair that ends so happily. Ed Coxen gives us another finished portraiture in the part of Frank Lytton, the sweetheart of sunshine. George Lytton, father of Frank and the unscrupulous character of the story, has an able counterpart in the person of George Field. The society woman, Dora Westley, mother of Sunshine and sister of Mary Langton, is very capably represented by Miss Josephine Ditt. - The Moving Picture World, May 2, 1914