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Tenshi ni I'm Fine (2016) Online

Tenshi ni I'm Fine (2016) Online
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Tenshi ni Iu0027m Fine
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Tenshi ni I'm Fine (2016) Online

An angel prays in Heaven. She eyes 5 people suffering on Earth. Fuka is a 5th grade elementary school student. She is an excellent student, but she is bullied by her classmates. Yuya lives in Fukushima. He wants to study at a university in Tokyo, but his father tells him he can't go because of money problems. Yoshino is an actress. She is diagnosed with terminal cancer, but she can't accept her diagnosis. Mamoru wants to become a politician. He ran for national election 3 times, but failed each time. His will to become a politician is fading. Misato wants to become a musical actress. Her older sisters dies and she loses meaning in her life. To save these 5 people, the angel goes to Earth.
Credited cast:
Satoshi Koji Satoshi Koji