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Boku no chikyû on mamotte  Online
Original Title :
Boku no chikyû on mamotte
Genre :
TV Series / Animation / Drama / Fantasy / Romance / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Cast :
Ted Cole,Michael Dobson,Paul Dobson
Type :
TV Series
Time :
3h 5min
Rating :
Boku no chikyû on mamotte Online

High school student Alice Sakaguchi has been having consistent but strange dreams: she dreams she is an extraterrestrial being living on the moon and monitoring the Earth. These dreams are too strange - and too real - for her to ignore them, and her curiosity deepens when she learns other people are having similar "moon" dreams, including her neighbor Rin Kobayashi and her two classmates Jinpachi and Issei. Soon the four friends meet three other students with moon dreams like them, and the group of seven start to fix together the events and from within their dreams. They uncover a startling truth: the dreams are actually memories of past lives - all seven had been a community of alien scientists who were stationed on the moon to observe and study the Earth. But they discover that the community came to a mysterious and tragic end... and the group faces a disturbing idea: could the deeds, events and memories of a previous incarnation impact on a current one? The group now strives to ...
Series cast summary:
Ted Cole Ted Cole - Daisuke Dobashi / - unknown episodes

The manga creator, Saki Hiwatari, received disturbing letters from people who claimed they were experiencing moon dreams like the main characters and so thought they may also be moon scientists reborn on Earth. To immobilize this, she issued a disclaimer that all her work was entirely fictional - a practice she has continued to do even today.

Naoko Takeuchi claims this series was a major inspiration for her popular manga Bishôjo senshi Sêrâ Mûn (1992). Both stories have similar elements: a society of aliens are destroyed, but are later reborn on Earth as humans (mostly teenage students), who start to recover memories of their past lives.

The humans' names contain meanings:

  • Alice Sakaguchi: "Alice" means pear child, and "Sakaguchi" means hill-mouth
  • Rin Kobayashi: "rin" means ring (as in the cycle of rebirth), and "kobayashi" means small forest
  • Jinpachi Ogura: "jinpachi" means "spontaneous eight" (Japanese slang) , and "ogura" is a small oriental elm
  • Issei Nishiyikori: "issei" means first change ,and "nishiyikori" is a woven brocade
  • Sakura Kokushou: "sakura" means cherry tree/blossom, and "kokushou" means new (pure) land
  • Haruhiko Kazuma: "haruhiko" means spring (season) boy , and "kazuma" means conical space/area
  • Daisuke Dobashi: "daisuke" means great assistance, and "dobashi" means earth-bridge.

The aliens' names are the names of flowers in Japanese kanji (and some of which hold certain symbolism):

  • "Mokuren" is Lily Magnolia, which represents a love of nature
  • "Shion" is Tartarian aster, which grows well in poor soil
  • "Gyokuran" is white sandalwood
  • "Enju" is a Japanese pagoda tree, which has beautiful, vibrant, summer blossoms
  • "Shusuran" is a tiger orchid, which symbolizes selfish beauty and shallow love
  • "Shukaido" is autumn aronia, which symbolizes unrequited love, kindness, politeness and care (but also implies "dark thoughts")
  • "Hiiragi" is false holly.

The manga comic this show was based on ran from June 1987-August 1994 and lasted about 21 volumes. This series, released in 1994, covers mostly the first eight volumes of the manga, but also features scenes that appeared in later volumes.

The reincarnations are as follows:

  • Mokuren was reborn as Alice Sakaguchi
  • Shion was reborn as Rin Kobayashi
  • Gyokuran was reborn as Jinpachi Ogura
  • Enju was reborn as Issei Nishiyikori
  • Shusuran was reborn as Sakura Kokushou
  • Shukaido was reborn as Haruhiko Kazuma
  • Hiiragi was reborn as Daisuke Dobashi

The last scene at the end of the series, where now-adult Alice and Rin meet in a park, is an original scene not from the manga, but was compiled for the series.

User reviews



I haven't had as much chance to see all the anime from Japan that I would like (there seems to be so much of it) but this was definitely very good and lives up to it's reputation as a 90's classic.

The animation is what really stands out, but the story is absorbing and the dialogue is quick and funny. Even though there is some profanity and some gay themes here, it is still suitable for all ages.

After viewing this I was left to ponder, could some of us be reincarnated beings from other planets or galaxies? Like the seven from the scientist society on the moon I also wonder about my memories and dreams and think...oh well, too much fantasy maybe?


Please save my Earth surprised me with its quality.. Superb, graceful character design, excellent story, sublime music (Hajime Mizoguchi, Yoko Kanno), a lot of emotion.. this OAV is taken from the first issues of the manga, but transcends them with much talent, bringing incredible emotion to the already inspired manga..