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Treasure Guards (2011) Online

Treasure Guards (2011) Online
Original Title :
Treasure Guards
Genre :
Movie / Adventure
Year :
Directror :
Iain B. MacDonald
Cast :
Anna Friel,Raoul Bova,Volker Bruch
Writer :
Richard Kurti,Bev Doyle
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :

An ancient scroll is unearthed. A holy secret is revealed. The race to secure the Seal Of Solomon has begun.

Treasure Guards (2011) Online

During an excavation in the remote Jordanian desert archaeologist Victoria Carter discovers an ancient parchment, buried in the ruins of an ancient temple. It indicates the location of the long lost 'Seal of Solomon', which according to legend, by God himself to King Solomon was given. But this treasure is also sought by including her estranged father, the famous archaeologist Teddy Carter.
Credited cast:
Anna Friel Anna Friel - Victoria
Raoul Bova Raoul Bova - Angelo
Volker Bruch Volker Bruch - Luca
Florentine Lahme Florentine Lahme - Nina Trent
Patrick Lyster Patrick Lyster - Marcello
Andre Jacobs Andre Jacobs - Teddy
David Sherwood David Sherwood - Professor Elgar
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Akram Allie Akram Allie - Foreman
Oliver Bailey Oliver Bailey - Thug
Hein De Vries Hein De Vries - Bank Guard
George Jackos George Jackos - Italian Diplomat
Jana Kleyn Jana Kleyn - Secretary
Tyrel Meyer Tyrel Meyer - Fabio
Jose Moreira Vaz Jose Moreira Vaz - Digger
Danie Sandenbergh Danie Sandenbergh - Taxi Driver

The sidewinder rattlesnake is unique to the Sonnoran Desert of the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico and is not found in Africa.

User reviews



I was kinda bored yesterday so i decided to check out what was on TV and I came across this movie titled "Treasure Guards". Having not have heard about it i decided to give the movie a watch and it turned out to be surprisingly watchable.Even though the plot and twists and turns will remind you much about the many other adventure movies like National Treasure and Indiana Jones,the movie just manages to hold your attention to the last bit.The actors manage to give fair performances.The story is pretty decent even though some parts may seem unbelievable .Overall,a fun one time watch if you've got nothing to do on a lazy evening!


"What could be more devout then protecting the relics that God himself has revealed to man?" While on a dig archaeologist Victoria Carter discovers an ancient parchment that tells the location of the lost Seal Of Solomon with God gave to King Solomon. When word of this gets out more then just Victoria begin to search for it. The search becomes a battle between good and evil. I am a huge fan of movies like this. Indiana Jones, National Treasure and the Da Vinci Code movies are so much fun to watch over and over so I was looking forward to this. The beginning started off OK and made me interested. The longer the movie went on though it started to drag and lose me a little, the end was OK but really this wasn't as exciting and interesting as I was hoping for. I would compare this movie more to the Libraian series then the other big budget ones like this, but seeing as they are both TV movies you can't fault it for that. Overall, an OK movie on it's own as long as you don't compare it to the big budget ones. I give it a C+.


First, let me say that Anna Friel does a pretty good job here, but unfortunately she's clearly in a different league to anyone else involved in this film. Maybe some of the other actors are OK; it's hard to tell because the film is so badly made.

Somehow, despite a reasonable premise for a treasure-hunting story, there is just no atmosphere. It's completely flat, with no sense of drama or, frankly, interest. The performances are wooden, the filming is crude and the pacing is woeful.

Near the start there are a couple of scenes with three girls in (and out of) bikinis, on a yacht. The director seems comfortable here, which makes me wonder if the crew is more used to making cheap porn. Certainly the feel of the film is that no-one really cares about the story, the characters or for that matter the basic principles of film-making or storytelling.


Not without its flaws mind. The pace does meander in the last half-hour or so which makes the ending not as exciting as it could have, the story does have instances where it could have been explained more and where there was a suspension of disbelief and Raoul Bova and Volker Bruch are rather stiff and could have enunciated their lines much more clearly. However for a made for TV movie(a label that is enough to make anybody dubious) this is decent stuff, a million times better than anticipated. The production values are good, there isn't anything flashy but at the same time there is nothing that leaps out as amateurish. The music has moments where it rouses and also where it's low-key, both characteristics used well and appropriately. The dialogue is smart and provokes thought, while generally the story is well-paced, not too predictable for a concept that isn't all that original admittedly and has its fair share of fun and thrills. There are definitely moments where you are reminded of past adventure films but nothing that feels like a rip-off. The characters are likable though the types of characters are familiar(to be honest though that was expected), and the acting is above average apart from Bova and Bruch. Anna Friel in fact is very believable in the lead role, and Andre Jacobs is a good father figure. David Sherwood is underused but also brings admirable support. All in all, a quite decent movie that was also a pleasant surprise, considering how many terrible made for TV movies there have been recently and how the concept was suggestive of a perhaps mildly entertaining but uninspired movie. 6/10 Bethany Cox


Surprisingly watchable. Anna Friel (best thing to come out of Rochdale since Gracie Fields) is lovely as archaeologist Victoria Carter. Frankly if it hadn't been for her I wouldn't have stuck with it.

Unfortunately she does eclipse her 'co-stars' Raoul Bova and Volker Bruch who are wooden and difficult to understand. Scenes with just the two of them are painful. And they do spoil the film.

I actually thought David Sherwood was good as Professor Elgar but he doesn't pop up much, either in this film, or on film generally. Shame. Andre Jacobs, as her dad, does a good impersonation of Roger Moore. But we don't see much of him either. Until they all get together at the end.

There's a bit of topless nudity early on (not Anna) and the whole thing sets off at a fair old pace as she discovers an ancient parchment that may reveal the location of the seal of Solomon.

The plot wasn't easy to follow but the dialogue was believable, at least the bits I could understand. Not bad for a writer who cut her teeth on Eldorado! Anyone remember that?

Anyway I'm going to be generous and give it a six.


Let me start by saying I love Anna Friel. I would watch her reading the phone book. But this movie is almost less interesting. The male romantic lead and his "brother" are a little hard to understand, and the concept of "treasure guards" is a notch below how the believable the Librarian is. And what-his-name Raoul the guy is hard to understand.

But what makes it clear how bad the filmmakers are is the fight scenes (impossible to follow) and the montages. The concept of the seal of Solomon is no worse that most other movies, but the writer(s) do not know how to tell a story. The directing is okay as long as no one is moving too fast, but nothing special. But I love Anna Friel.


TREASURE GUARDS is another lamentable TV movie with a hackneyed and very basic premise. It's a German film shot in South Africa, starring British TV star Anna Friel and Raoul Bava. The story borrows bits and pieces of Indiana Jones and National Treasure as a couple of treasure seekers looking for the Seal of Solomon and encounter rivals and treachery on route. The cheapness of the production is a real disappointment here, failing to really show off the exotic locales, and the end result is entirely forgettable.


Couldn't even finish it. Didn't like the nudity and hint of group sex at the beginning. Should have been a sign.


When you shoot a film in an Arabian country, why there is not a single staff (apparently) who can write Arabic words in proper way??

All the banners and signs in what's supposed to be the city of Irbid in Jordan where written in a broken Arabic letters like a cheap auto translator that you can see in online MMORPG games. Even car plate numbers looked British plates to me than those used in Jordan. Try to bring Arabic people that can speak properly in their native language and can help the director of such a film in showing good attention to details.

Really it was a shame for not having a proper Arabic language support for this movie.


Stumbled onto this while wandering through Amazon Prime movies. A very Euro-cosmopolitan film with just enough plot twists to keep us watching to the end. Ana Friel must have worn a different outfit in each scene and each accentuated that particular scene. Brother's acting might have seemed wooden, but when you have brothers, you can totally relate to their interactions. Recommended for light hearted escape from the world.


Despite having a very mediocre average rating of 4.7 the comments on this page have been overwhelmingly positive towards TREASURE GUARDS and I can't help wondering why . It's not dreadful in the same way a large amount of films shown on SyFy are dreadful but one wonders if my fellow commentators caught this on the SyFy Channel expecting yet another mockbuster from The Asylum only to be pleasantly surprised by this English language German production

It's far from original and owes a fair bit to NATIONAL TREASURE and the Indiana Jones films . Most obvious of all it's inspired by the pot boiler blockbusters of Dan Brown where biblical myth and faith and historical fact meets the present day . Were it differs from a Brown tale is the constant emphasis of danger and incident around every corner . Here however everything is much more slow burning which possibly lends it a slight sense of credibility but not by much . Also interesting that one of the screenwriters used to contribute to the European soap debacle from the BBC called ELDORADO . This might explain the rather soapy character interaction between the female lead and her father in a film that is far from adventurous