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Explained Can We Live Forever? (2018– ) Online

Explained Can We Live Forever? (2018– ) Online
Original Title :
Can We Live Forever?
Genre :
TV Episode / Documentary
Year :
Cast :
Kristen Bell,Ezekiel Emanuel,Nir Barzilai
Writer :
Joe Posner
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Explained Can We Live Forever? (2018– ) Online

Explained examines whether human beings will be able to live forever. It begins by looking at life expectancy throughout history and how it is getting longer. It examines whether there is something about aging that leads to our death and whether that processes could be stopped.
Episode cast overview:
Kristen Bell Kristen Bell - Herself - Narrator (voice)
Ezekiel Emanuel Ezekiel Emanuel - Himself - Professor of Medical Ethics
Nir Barzilai Nir Barzilai - Himself - Aging Researcher
Kristen Fortney Kristen Fortney - Herself - CEO, Bioage Labs
Laura Deming Laura Deming - Herself - Aging Biotech Investor
Kwame Anthony Appiah Kwame Anthony Appiah - Himself - Philosopher
Cynthia Kenyon Cynthia Kenyon - Herself - Vice President, Calico

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Seems the perfect argument for IMF's president claiming to die faster