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La buena vida (1996) Online

La buena vida (1996) Online
Original Title :
La buena vida
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Drama
Year :
Directror :
David Trueba
Cast :
Fernando Ramallo,Lucía Jiménez,Luis Cuenca
Writer :
David Trueba
Type :
Time :
1h 47min
Rating :
La buena vida (1996) Online

This humorous movie charts the life of a 14-year-old (Tristan) as he deals with some major issues in his life. At the beginning of the movie, he has already decided to dedicate his life to writing and losing his virginity (while his parents are away on holiday). Things don't quite go to plan when, at the crucial moment, the phone rings to tell him his parents have been killed in a car crash. From then, he is on his own and in control of his destiny, or at least he thinks so. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
Fernando Ramallo Fernando Ramallo - Tristán
Lucía Jiménez Lucía Jiménez - Lucía
Luis Cuenca Luis Cuenca - Abuelo
Isabel Otero Isabel Otero - Isabelle
Joel Joan Joel Joan - Claudio
Vicky Peña Vicky Peña - Madre
Jordi Bosch Jordi Bosch - Padre
Alma Rosa Castellanos Alma Rosa Castellanos - Marilyn Arena
Muntsa Alcañiz Muntsa Alcañiz - Tía Carmen
Orestes Gas Orestes Gas - Antón
Robert Jeantal Robert Jeantal - Don Pascual
Eloi Yebra Eloi Yebra - Félix
Jesús Bonilla Jesús Bonilla - Asistente social
Ramón Barea Ramón Barea - Psicólogo
Alicia Hermida Alicia Hermida - Flora

User reviews



Tristan, a teen ager living with his parents and his crusty old grandfather in Madrid, is awakening to sex. He secretly lusts after his pretty school teacher, even though she has a problem walking. In other words, Tristan is experiencing the normal changes as boys become adults. He even arranges to have sex with a call girl when his parents go on a belated honeymoon trip to Paris. Before he can have that experience, he receives word his parents had been killed.

Tristan's world comes crashing on him. He is a young man, but he must deal, suddenly, with the situation presented by the grandfather who has a chronic lung problem and needs attention. Because of something that happened between Tristan's mother and her sister, they had not spoken to each other in years, but when tragedy occurs, she comes to offer a helping hand, but Tristan is not ready to accept.

This is the moment when Lucia, his beautiful cousin appears on the scene. She wants Claudio, her boyfriend, to come stay with Tristan and his grandfather. After the arrangement is made, Lucia and Claudio can't keep their hands from one another, engaging in sex, right there, something that doesn't sit well with the young boy.

When the grandfather asks Tristan to take him to his village for a visit, the two bond in ways they never did in Madrid. Unfortunately, the old man passes away in an untimely death and Tristan has to face an even more uncertain future.

This bittersweet story by David Trueba, is about one of his few movies we have liked. The film, although played as a comedy, reflects the tragedy in Tristan's life and how he must come to terms with himself and the way he will face the world. The screen play was also written by Mr. Trueba, who shows insightful, but is never heavy in dealing with what Tristan's life has given him.

The work of Fernando Ramallo, who was discovered by the director, is amazing. This young actor seemed a natural then, something that was made clear by his other screen appearances, mainly in "Krampac". Lucia Jimenez is sweet as the cousin who comes to Tristan with an ulterior motive and ends up loving him. Luis Cuenca does a fine job as the crusty grandfather. Joel Joan appears as Claudio.

This is a fine film dealing with young people suddenly awakening to the real world. It's perhaps David Trueba's best work of his career.


Enjoyable coming-of-age drama/comedy with fine actors , adequate cinematography , catching score and professional direction . This humorous as well as dramatic movie charts the life of a 14 year old , a problematic teenager called Tristan (Fernando Ramallo) . His daddy (Jordi Bosch) is living by means of small sales and his mommy (Vicky Peña) is a good-tempered housewife . Tristán is a dreamer who attempts his dreams -about Paris , Voltaire and French life- come true . At the beginning of the movie he has already decided to dedicate his life to writing and while his parents are away on holiday , in Paris , he decides to carry out a crucial action in his life . Tristán wishes losing his virginity and in pursuing this objective he will face a lot of problems . Things don't quite go to plan when he receives a phone call and to be aware an extreme distress . Soon after , he remains solitary , with only company of his grandfather (Luis Cuenca) . Both of whom trying to make a living from what might be called as simple subsistence . Meanwhile , he befriends an understanding teacher , Isabelle , (Isabel Ordaz) of his French school called ¨Moliere¨ ; Isabelle is a type of woman who shows great love for Tristán . Subsequently , Tristán will try to make love with his cousin Lucia (Lucia Jimenez) .

Fun Dramedy (comedy/drama) with touches of profanity and full of entertainment , humor , dramatic happenings and sheer amusement . Amusing Spanish comedy in which two good actors , a veteran Luis Cuenca as grandfather and a fourteen-year-old teen Tristán/Fernando Ramallo become involved into improbable situations . As Tristán/Fernando Ramallo at an essential moment the phone rings to tell him his parents have been killed in a car crash , from then he is on his own and in control of his destiny , or at least he thinks so , but things things go wrong . In this coming-of-age story the troublemaker as well as loser Tristán begins to understand what his life is . This attractive comedy contains emotion , humor , drama , twisted incidents , and amusement . This is a marvelous ode to adolescence plenty of innocence , friendship , curiosity , comradeship and family love . Director David Trueba shows these important and universal values through adolescents's minds . ¨The good life¨ is influenced by ¨400 blows¨ by Truffaut , the prestigious novel ¨El Guardian Del Centeno¨ or ¨The catcher on the rye¨ and the ¨Coming-of-age¨ stories . ¨La Buena Vida¨ is a song and an allegory to teens , where curiosity and innocence are the most characteristic attributes having adolescents as well as adults well represented . We do see the world we know each and every one of us , but from his innocent look , with much more easygoing . It is a notorious picture of great educational content , including an enjoyable , attractive message and amusing and fun scenes . Spanish cinema has a great ability in dealing with films about teenagers as well as adults , with interesting and thought-provoking messages that are a clear example of an allegory of notorious values such as nostalgic feeling , friendship , compassion , collaboration and love . The film moves in fits and starts most of which would be desirable , with more traps the viewer resists any kind, and some moments of enjoyment and others quite a few embarrassing . The flick relies heavily on the continued relationship between grandfather and grandson , as well as the extreme wishes of Tristán to lose virginity , but it doesn't make boring but entertaining . This real wish of the protagonist is so repetitive and the most part results to be rich in absurdities and implausibilities . Nice acting by Fernando Ramallo in his film debut as an unlucky teen who has to deal with some major issues in his life , being well accompanied by an attractive Lucia Jimenez . Agreeable support cast gives good acting as the important secondaries : Luis Cuenca as grandfather , Isabel Otero , Joel Joan , Vicky Peña , Jordi Bosch , Fernando Vivanco and the recently deceased Alicia Hermida.

The picture contains a lively and evocative musical score by Antoine Duhamel , including some wonderful French songs . And colorful and glimmer cinematography by William Lubtchansky . The motion picture was compellingly directed by David Trueba, getting a considerable hit smash . It won several Goya Awards and nominations 1997 : Won Goya Best Supporting Actor to Luis Cuenca , Nominated Goya Best New Actress to Lucía Jiménez , Best New Director to David Trueba , Best Original Screenplay to David Trueba ; Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 1997 Won Special Prize of the Jury to David Trueba , Crystal Globe to David Trueba ; It Won Sant Jordi 1997 Best Spanish Actor to Luis Cuenca and it Won Turia Award Best First Work to David Trueba . David Trueba was born (1969) in Madrid, location in which he often shoots his films . Married to Ariadna Gil , though nowadays separated and he is younger brother of Fernando Trueba and brother-in-law of Cristina Huete who along with Andres Vicente Gomez produced him a lot of films . David is a nice writer , such as : ¨The girl of your eyes¨ and ¨Perdita Durango¨ (1997). Known for comedies such as ¨The good life¨ , ¨Masterpiece¨ , ¨Madrid 1987¨ , ¨Welcome home¨ and , of course , his greatest hit : "Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed" in which Goyas landed in the laps of director David Trueba , as he film won best picture, director, screenplay, actor, new actor, and soundtrack . Rating ¨The good life¨ : Better than average , 6.5/10 . Well worth watching .


David Trueba discovered Lucía Jiménez and Fernando Ramallo in 1996. Now these actors have achieved a well known reputation.

This is the tender story of a boy that, after loosing his parents in a trip to Paris, is forced to became a man while he discovers his first love (Lucía).

You'll find out how it is the rural side of Spain's biggest metropoli. The suburbs, a french school, the friends from child...

Other characters are also very well personified, especially the grandfather, sprawling some humor in a sad story.


In 1997 i saw the movie at Mar del plata film festival (Argentina)

I think it is one of the most movies I´ve ever seen in my life. Real characters, great story, you can read the movie in multiple sense, to laugh, to cry, to think about. Tristan is a young man with a great intelligent and very mature, who need to start living the life like an adult. You will see great actors with strong characters. I know that this movie is very difficult to find. I saw like 40 times. If you have the opportunity to see this movie, go ahead. I did´t see this movie the last 5 months because now i m living in USA an my copy is in argentina. I hope that Soldados de salamina have success and can make the dvd of LA BUENA VIDA


I confess that I'm not very keen on movies of teenagers in their awakening to life. I hate their pretended poetry, and the usual pretension of showing what EVERY normal human being should have felt in that moment of life. Even though I identify with much of the situation or the feelings of the young protagonist, there is always something that takes me out. It's all so beautiful, even when it's not! Why these characters are always such good and interesting people?

Anyway, "La buena vida" is not even a good movie of this genre. It starts quite classically, although with no much interest, but it develops really bad, with more amount of drama than a cheap TV movie about cancer. The teenager's whole family dies, so there is a moment in which we see his drama of loneliness and afterwards how he struggles to lose virginity. This mixture works really bad, because nothing really works. And the ending is completely stupid.

Some people, in 1996, enjoyed the movie because of Luis Cuenca's interpretation as the protagonist's grandfather. OK, he is really good, but it's not enough. And we have Joel Joan to compensate for bad.


Despite thee good intentions of "the Good Life" a coming of age film a about teenage a boy who's parents get killed on there second honeymoon trip to Paris is left alone living with his Granpa at the same time dealing with his puberty and sexual awakening with a crush on his cousin and teacher. I felt the movie was over rated and did not find myself caring or interested in any of these character except for the Grandfather wonderfully played by Luis Cuenca the only character i liked and enjoyed watching the rest of the characters especially the lead Fernando Ramallo did less to impress with there performance. I film in my opinion did not deserve the Special Jury prize at 1997 Karlovy Vary film festival.


This movie is romantic, but is a drama, it is not the good life, is the change to the maturity. And being the debut of David Trueba I mean that is a big film.. it is a poetic film