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Power Rangers: Ninja Storm (2003) Online

Power Rangers: Ninja Storm (2003) Online
Original Title :
Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
Genre :
Video Game / Action / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Year :
Cast :
Jason Chan,Pua Magasiva,Grant McFarland
Writer :
Shôtarô Ishinomori
Type :
Video Game
Rating :
Power Rangers: Ninja Storm (2003) Online

Cast overview:
Jason Chan Jason Chan - Green Samurai Ranger (voice)
Pua Magasiva Pua Magasiva - Red Wind Ranger (voice)
Grant McFarland Grant McFarland - Lothor (voice)
Glenn McMillan Glenn McMillan - Yellow Wind Ranger (voice)
Sally Martin Sally Martin - Blue Wind Ranger (voice)
Jorge Vargas Jorge Vargas - Navy Thunder Ranger (voice) (as Jorgito Vargas Jr.)
Adam Tuominen Adam Tuominen - Crimson Thunder Ranger (voice)

User reviews



I think everyone that power rangers ninja storm was awful is wrong there series was really good I use to watch every episode and it was always interesting all of the power rangers were great they always had me interested in the next episode; I wish we could still see re runs on TV tho because the power rangers can't even compare to how good the whole series was:) so everyone just stop saying its awful you don't know what your talking about I know for a fact that kids today would love to watch the episodes these days. I think the best part was when the ninja storm rangers teamed up with the all the rangers from the past it was so good. I would love to watch it again. Thank you so much for making the ninja storm rangers. I hope to see re runs soon!


This show is pretty awful. It was by complete chance that I stumbled upon it- and I couldn't believe my eyes. The effects are risible, the scripting terrible and the acting leaves to a lot to be desired- but those aren't the worst of it. The only thing you should watch this show for is the Power Ranger's leader- a guinea pig in robes, called Sensei Guinea Pig. Yes, I am serious. They take orders from a pretty awfully computerized guinea pig in robes. That is about the only thing you should watch this show for- apart from the sledge-hammer subtle, blatant morality. Not only that, but the way they defeat their foes is inane. My favorite way that they've used is creating a giant ball of metal and squashing this giant robot with it. The only thing you might enjoy are the overly elaborate fight scenes- but then again, you might agree with me and think that they are way too cartoony, childish and confusing. And the bad guys really need to improve their evil plans- I mean, trying to take over the world by making a giant food-fight?!!!!????!!!! Come on!!!! The worst thing is, this isn't so bad it's funny, like the original Power Rangers. It is just plain agonizing to watch.