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Cruise of the Gods (2002) Online

Cruise of the Gods (2002) Online
Original Title :
Cruise of the Gods
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Declan Lowney
Cast :
Rob Brydon,Steve Coogan,David Walliams
Writer :
Tim Firth,Peter Baynham
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
Cruise of the Gods (2002) Online

Andy (Brydon) is a struggling actor who has never quite reached the success of his first role as Romak in sci-fi series Children Of Castor. When he finds himself as a hotel porter he decides it time to go on that fan-club cruise he's been putting off for a while. Whilst there he meets Nick (Coogan), his co-star from the TV series. Nick is now a Hollywood success staring in Sherlock Holmes...In Miami. This is the story of the cruise and the surprising events that happen along the way.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Rob Brydon Rob Brydon - Andy van Allen / Romak
Steve Coogan Steve Coogan - Nick Lee
David Walliams David Walliams - Jeff 'Lurky' Monks
James Corden James Corden - Russell
Helen Coker Helen Coker - Jenny
Niall Buggy Niall Buggy - Graham
Rachel Shelley Rachel Shelley - Yasmina
Philip Jackson Philip Jackson - Hugh Bispham
Brian Conley Brian Conley - Himself
Jack Jones Jack Jones - Himself
Paul Mark Elliott Paul Mark Elliott - Castor Voiceover (voice)
Robin Weaver Robin Weaver - Vivienne
Daniel Cerqueira Daniel Cerqueira - Daniel the Butler
Vasilis Panayi Vasilis Panayi - Photographer
Lisa McNaught Lisa McNaught - Gemma Clay

User reviews



My mate and I saw this film on a plane and were laughing so hard the stewardess asked us to be a bit more quite as we were disturbing the other people on the flight ! It is indeed a 'British Gem' ! Great performances from both Brydon and Coogan. It gives a far too close-to-the-knuckle insight into the mind-set of sci-fi fans and the stars stalked by them. Anyone who has ever been to a sci-fi convention will enjoy this immensely ( unless of course they take offence ! ) This film certainly deserves to be far better known than it is, as it ranks amongst the best of British comedy. I would encourage anyone who enjoyed The Parole Officer or even Shaun of the Dead to take the time to watch it.


This is a magnificent movie. If you are part of sci-fi fandom, and love Galaxy Quest, this is the movie for you. It's about a convention aboard a cruise ship, organized by fans who love this (imaginary) '80s sci-fi show, "The Children of Castor". The actor who plays the main character on this show, Andy Van Allen (Rob Brydon), hasn't had an acting career since the '80s, and now works as a hotel porter. However, the Children of Castor fan club offers him two grand to attend their cruise convention, so he jumps at the chance to pretend that he's still a star. And pretend he does, even to the extent of ridiculing his fans, who in the beginning of the movie are indeed portrayed as the most pitifully embarrassing get-a-lifes. But in the course of the movie, Van Allen's co-star on the old sci-fi show, Nick Lee (Steve Coogan), who's still got a career as the star of a derivative American TV show ("Sherlock Holmes In Miami"), shows up, and to him it's all great fun. He loves the old show and the fans, in a nostalgic sort of way, because he hasn't thought about it in twenty years. Also aboard the cruise ship is nightclub crooner Jack Jones and a bunch of his fans, and when Van Allen talks to him about the fans, and how Van Allen just can't take the fans seriously, Jones tells him that "then you're not a star". But in the course of the next few days Van Allen does learn to appreciate the fans, and hence, like Galaxy Quest, the movie does actually vindicate the fans, no matter how nerdy and socially awkward they may be.

This is an awesome movie. Especially if you know what fandom and conventions are like. The "I'm Changing! I'm Changing!" guy is inspired by actual actors in tiny roles on shows like the '60s Batman series, who are still, today, attending conventions because that's all they have. That's the only place they're even half-way appreciated. And the so-called "real pros" often find them pathetic and laughable. But this movie gives these people their due in a sensitive and touching way.

Also the scene towards the end where they analyze the Children of Castor characters' names, claiming that there are all sorts of references and deep meanings contained in the names. The writer (who should know) says they are all just anagrams of curry dishes, but a fan tells him, "do you wanna be seen as a hack or a genius", and the writer, who's pretty washed up himself, reluctantly agrees that it's better to be seen as a genius. That's freakin' brilliant.

This is a great movie, a real gem, which is apparently almost completely unknown (I mean, I come to this page and there are only 3 user comments?!) - what a shame. It's almost as good as Galaxy Quest. Not as fast-paced, not quite as entertaining, and of course without the expensive special effects, but it's essentially the same movie, thematically speaking.

10 out of 10.


A great film, from the writer of Preston Front, which is also a TV Series (well 3 of them) worth getting.

The Extras are excellent, Coogans Runner gives an insight into how it was made, there is a complete script from an episode of The Children of Castor, and some good stills with funny captions, and the commentary is excellent.

David Walliams is at his creepy best, as are the rest of the cast, and while poking fun at Sci-Fi fanatics, they aren't really the saddest character in this film, but you will have to watch!

It's not bust a rib funny, but genuinely warm and the type of comedy that can probably only be done in Europe.


I really enjoyed The Cruise of the Gods.

This was a great example contemporary British humour. It highlights the many aspects of fanaticism amongst followers of SciFi genres and tacky TV dramas.

I liked the fanatic who had actually written his own episodes of Children of castor. (I am sure that there are Trekkies out there that have done likewise with Star Trek.)

Whatever became of the stratobow? . I want one!.

Me and my mate Kris have watched this several times now and still find it fantastic....

this is the future we deserve.


I wasn't sure what to expect from the summary, but I wanted to watch something with Rob Brydon in it and I really picked a good choice. The movie played out like a fortune play where the main character starts at a certain level, either peaks/troughs, and the ends either just a bit below or just a bit above where he was at the beginning. It was a bit predictable in places though and sometimes you could guess where it was going, but not so much that things became boring and dull. Everyone did a fantastic job acting. I also like the integration of a cheesy 80's scifi show to help illustrate the points the movie tried to make about character.


'Cruise of the Gods', the story of the fallen star of a cult TV program who goes on a "meet the fans" holiday has much to recommend it, mostly in the very funny jokes that pepper its script. Unfortuantly, it has a cheap feel that ultimately lets it down. This may seem strange, when the cult TV program that it features was cheap, and the cruise itself is also very unglamorous. But to satirise cheapness one has to be subtle; I'm not sure one can do it in a program that feels cheap itself. For while the gags are good, I couldn't quite believe in the world as portrayed. I've never been convinced by Steve Coogan as an actor (the more I see of him, the more I suspect his most famous creation Alan Partridge is at least semi-autobiographical), while Rob Brydon's character's contempt for the people around him seems overdone: logically, it doesn't make sense that he should be this proud. So watch this, and chuckle at the jokes; but don't expect to entirely lose the feeling of sit-com.


It's so close to home, it's uncomfortable on occasion but all the better for it.

If you're a sci-fi geek but are self aware enough to understand that your detailed knowledge of the Liberator in Blakes 7 is never to be exposed in polite society, this is for you.

If you've ever been to San Diego Comic-con or LA Who Convention but would never dream of getting involved in Cosplay or actually asking any of the guests on a panel a question because you are aware they are jobbing actors, who have no interest, knowledge or indeed, understanding of the significance of the universe in which they act, then this is for you.