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Ben 10 Galactic Racing (2011) Online

Ben 10 Galactic Racing (2011) Online
Original Title :
Ben 10 Galactic Racing
Genre :
Video Game
Year :
Cast :
Yuri Lowenthal,Greg Cipes,Dee Bradley Baker
Writer :
Dave Ellis,Charlotte Fullerton
Type :
Video Game
Rating :
Ben 10 Galactic Racing (2011) Online

While Ben makes use of his Ultimatrix to transform into his alien forms mid-race, every other character utilizes their unique special abilities, based on powers straight out of the television series, to affect the outcome of each race. All characters can pick up special Omni-Node Power-Ups with varying alien-based abilities, including an Ultimate move that unleashes a super-charged, race-changing boost of speed and power that is themed to that character's abilities. Players will race with or against friends in any of the various game modes. They can also win trophies or race their favorite tracks in an attempt to set record-breaking times.
Cast overview:
Yuri Lowenthal Yuri Lowenthal - Ben Tennyson (voice)
Greg Cipes Greg Cipes - Kevin Levin (voice)
Dee Bradley Baker Dee Bradley Baker - Swampfire / Ultimate Cannonbolt / Ultimate Humungousaur / Big Chill / Spidermonkey / Fasttrack / Ultimate Echo Echo / AmpFibian / Heatblast (voice)
Jeff Bennett Jeff Bennett - Azmuth / Ghostfreak (voice) (as Jeff Glen Bennett)
John DiMaggio John DiMaggio - Octagon Vreedle / Rath / Vilgax (voice)
Rob Paulsen Rob Paulsen - Rhomboid Vreedle (voice)
Richard McGonagle Richard McGonagle - Four Arms (voice)