» » Out of the Blue Episode #1.129 (2008– )

Out of the Blue Episode #1.129 (2008– ) Online

Out of the Blue Episode #1.129 (2008– ) Online
Original Title :
Episode #1.129
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Geoffrey Nottage
Cast :
Basia A'Hern,Daisy Betts,Nathaniel Buzolic
Writer :
Sam Meikle
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Out of the Blue Episode #1.129 (2008– ) Online

Peta arrives back at the flat and tells Poppy she loves her but Peta must go back to Adelaide alone to face charges leaving Poppy devastated. The gang gather at the flat and manage to get Peta to change her mind. Bec and Nate's relationship is not working out and Bec feels they should finish it much to Nate's annoyance. Poppy and Peta have their commitment ceremony. Back at the reception Jason asks Gabby to marry him and he says yes and Nate gets word that Branley is heading to Manly. Daniel opens the door of the McManus home to an unidentified man holding a gun. Gabby tells Bec that she's getting married but Bec begins to cry. She tells Gabby that she's pregnant but the news is not as good as it should be - she is carrying Jarrad's baby. Then a shot rings out and a disheveled Sam Webster appears and tells the crowd they have unfinished business and starts to taunt all of them. Then he demands that all the families line up and each choose one person from each family they are prepared ... {locallinks-homepage}
Episode credited cast:
Basia A'Hern Basia A'Hern - Lucia Jones
Daisy Betts Daisy Betts - Peta Lee
Nathaniel Buzolic Nathaniel Buzolic - Paul O'Donnell
Zoe Carides Zoe Carides - Pia Jones
Renai Caruso Renai Caruso - Rebecca 'Bec' Quilter
Diane Craig Diane Craig - Deborah McManus
Bernard Curry Bernard Curry - Nate Perrott
Maggie Dence Maggie Dence - Olive Hammond
Aidan Gillett Aidan Gillett - Daniel McManus
Charlotte Gregg Charlotte Gregg - Tracy O'Donnell
Daniel Henshall Daniel Henshall - Adam 'Addo' O'Donnell
Katherine Hicks Katherine Hicks - Poppy Hammond
Noel Hodda Noel Hodda - Ron O'Donnell
Matthew Holmes Matthew Holmes - Sam Webster
Ryan Johnson Ryan Johnson - Ian 'Stavva' Jones