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He Should Be with Family (2019) Online

He Should Be with Family (2019) Online
Original Title :
He Should Be with Family
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama / Horror
Year :
Directror :
Edoardo Ranaboldo
Cast :
Avrusnak,Julia DeLois,James Favor
Writer :
Edoardo Ranaboldo
Budget :
Type :
Time :
Rating :
He Should Be with Family (2019) Online

James lives a happy, tranquil life with his wife and young son. Having, overtime, forgiven his now deathly ill father, Malcolm, for his past abuse, he welcomes him into his home for his final days. Malcolm is now senile and mute, but something sinister lurks within him, waiting for its opportunity to strike. The first night that Malcolm sleeps in James home, this demonic presence transfers host, entering James unbeknownst to him. The presence begins to push James towards insanity, attacking his vulnerabilities and turning him against his family. While Malcolm attempts to warn his son of what is occurring before it's too late, James paranoia that his family is slowly turning against him increases as the demonic presence manipulates his perception of reality. Finally succumbing to its tricks, James, in a panic, steps outside of his home, allowing the malevolent force to lash out at what he cares for most.
Credited cast:
Avrusnak Avrusnak - Owen
Julia DeLois Julia DeLois - Samantha
James Favor James Favor - Young James
Paul Brent Gary Paul Brent Gary - Malcolm
David Melerine David Melerine - Young Malcolm
Kyle Wigginton Kyle Wigginton - James