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Socially Unacceptable  Online
Original Title :
Socially Unacceptable
Genre :
TV Series / Comedy
Cast :
Katherine Cronyn,Taylor Cloyes,Ryan Moore
Type :
TV Series
Rating :
Socially Unacceptable Online

Socially Unacceptable is a comedy pilot that takes a sardonic look at a group of friends trying to navigate the endless free-for-all that is young adulthood, one social skirmish at a time. A series of inter-connected vignettes, put into motion by a clueless boyfriend's catastrophic choice in gifting, lead up to a disastrous engagement party.
Cast overview:
Katherine Cronyn Katherine Cronyn - Katherine
Taylor Cloyes Taylor Cloyes - Taylor
Ryan Moore Ryan Moore - Ryan
Anthony Barlow Anthony Barlow - Anthony
Zack Roosa Zack Roosa - Zack
Brandon Alan Makovy Brandon Alan Makovy - Brandon
Johnny Ferro Johnny Ferro - Johnny
Britt Adams Britt Adams - Britt
Claire Leahy Claire Leahy - Claire
Remy Nozik Remy Nozik - Remy
Kamall Shaikh Kamall Shaikh - Kamall
Paul G. Lyons Paul G. Lyons - Paul
Kurt Collins Kurt Collins - Indigo
Alexander Greer Alexander Greer - Waiter