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The Social
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TV Series / Talk Show
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Cynthia Loyst,Lainey Lui,Melissa Grelo
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TV Series
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The Social Online

The Social is a daily talk show that features news, pop culture, and lifestyle topics. A socially interactive series, The Social incorporates viewer feedback and conversation through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.
Series cast summary:
Cynthia Loyst Cynthia Loyst - Herself - Host / - 76 episodes, 2013-2018
Lainey Lui Lainey Lui - Herself - Host / - 71 episodes, 2013-2018
Melissa Grelo Melissa Grelo - Herself - Host / - 69 episodes, 2013-2018
Traci Melchor Traci Melchor - Herself - Host 46 episodes, 2013

User reviews



Whenever men are brought up on the show they are bashed with vitriol. The women on the show are vile, vapid, cackling witches who seem to have an agenda against men. In the latest episode they claimed that men being loyal to one another and keeping each others secrets was misogynist and that men should not have any reproductive rights. Bunch of feminazis. I am actually surprised that the show has been on for 4 seasons; as the ratings are dismal. Only about 40 or 50 women show up to each show as well, so it is quite clear that the show is not very popular. I tuned in a few times, hoping that they would be different from all the other misandrist talk shows out there but I was sorely mistaken. Oh, and they also based millenials as useless losers whose opinions don't matter because apparently most are unemployed and live at home with "mommy". Terrible people, the lot of them.


I was at the hairdressers a few weeks back and she had this nonsense on the tv. They were talking about racism in Canada. With no facts or anything to substantiate the claim, they launched into a rant about how they think most racism occurs in rural Canada. How ironic that racism exists because of misconceptions and a belief that one is better than other people for various reasons. That's exactly what they did on their tv show, claim superiority over rural Canada with no facts. Dangerous, irresponsible and incredibly disrespectful.


This talk show is an embarrassment to Canadian television. They used to focus on real interesting events, and then it toppled down to their own personal agendas and fun times - who cares?!

Even when the topics are bearable, their ecstatic overblown personalities are just way too much. Ladies, tone it down a notch, or two or... Stop yelling, lay off the caffeine, we can hear you! The only one I can take serious and don't cringe listening to is the latest addition to the panel - Marci. Had all these ladies gave off that persona of professionalism/fun, I could take this show seriously. But that annoyance of on screen presence that hurt my ears every time she opens her mouth - Jess Allen... please PLEASE mute her out or get her to get off that coffee/(?) high, she is way to much and unbearable with that irritating high pitched squeal of a voice. Uggghhh.

2/10 (+3 added for Marci, -6 deducted for Jess = 2/10)
interactive man

interactive man

Obviously, this is just my opinion, that and a $1.50 will buy you a coffee, maybe. I wish I could give negative numbers for the review as a (1) is even far to high, by orders of magnitude.

Today, I was subjected to the most horrid noise... the cackling of the four "witches" on The Social. I'll tell you, it was obscene. IMHO, four vacuous imbeciles pretending they actually know something, which is so far from the truth that it is simply ridiculous.

I find "The Social" to be basically social media programming for the masses, meaning the transfer of ideas by the media, government or special interest groups to the general population (a term used in prisons). What really appalled me however was the "pushing" of the sex education for pre-teens agenda by this bunch of tools.

A pre-teen sex education program (as early as Grade 1) allegedly developed or directed by a pedophile (Benjamin Levin) and a lesbian (Katheryn Wynn), but it's about education and not about "grooming" kids for present or future "use," so we are meant to believe. Since 95% plus of the population are heterosexual, why do we have a situation where the tail is wagging the dog? Where the 5% control the outcomes and curriculum of the 95%? Or better still, where the criminals (Levin) have some control over the curriculum?

I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night. Then you have "OISE- the place where many of our teachers are trained- has invited James Kincaid, author of "Child Loving" to speak at an upcoming conference Sat Oct. 19 at 9 am. Mr. Kincaid's objective is to "demystify pedophilia", and he claims that our society has falsely demonized child-molesters." Come on, seriously. How can anyone take the witches at "The Social" seriously if they can't even do basic research?

In my opinion, the people who run the social and present it, are idiots. It's one of those shows that doesn't make you think because they are too busy trying to drive their agenda home. The Social is Vacutainment or a show for the unthinking masses.


If you ever had to worry about whether television is pandering to the lowest of the low, then it goes lower, then this is the show for you.

From the "AH, A, HO HA DEE DAH" brash disco rave theme music, to the SCREAMING over hyped audience who, as I can attest to first hand, are told to SHRIEK louder than the caps lock on my keyboard at everything that these hosts say, their formula is so preposterously annoying and grating that it makes you suicidal even watching a minute of these vacuous ninny hammered, zero grade twits read their Facebook posts out loud.

It would be almost understandable if the hosts were in their teens and they were doing an amateur high school interpretation of The View, but these are women in their 40's. They have stretched this nonsense out over 1000 episodes, presumably because ti allows for an hour long infomercial of already paid hosts who are under contract. Win Win for the network.

I am certain that there is some form of extreme torture beyond water-boarding and I think I have found it. Put this on DVR on continuous loop and watch even the strongest, most mentally resilient person on the planet crack within minutes.

I promise, as god is my witness that I will celebrate beyond everything that is possible when finally, they cancel this intellectually withering insufferable garbage fire of a show.

Please, for the love of god, make it stop.


So disappointed in this show, it was entertaining at first till these gals got into politics. What these gals know of politics can be written on the head of a pin ! They have fallen into what the View in the U.S. is & that's extremely biased view of today's political world both in Canada & the U.S. The View is failing drastically & now the Social as well, this could be a good show if they'd stay off politics, NOT everyone wants to hear their biased view, sick, sick of it, you're losing people watching the show every day !! And yes I do know where the off switch is !


Honestly, I do not see the point of this show at all. It's just a bunch of wannabe divas all glammed up and never wearing the same outfit twice.. for what? Just to get paid to voice their opinion? Oh, and if your opinion doesn't match theirs, then there is something wrong or ignorant with YOU! They are a very haughty bunch. Jess has the most unladylike chortle and snorts. Lainey is constantly immature and grumpy. I cannot believe she mocks her mother like she does on national television! Cynthia, I honestly thought was a lesbian because that's how she comes off as. I was shocked to find out she's actually a hetero with a kid! Melissa... well, she's Melissa. It's all about her, right? Check her twitter or instagram for free boob shots she takes of herself! Yeah, real mature! Marci, the newer one has been the more sane one, so far. I won't know much more here on out because I honestly think this show is not worth an hour of my time in my day.


Yes I have watched the Social and enjoyed it for the first couple of years. Today is season 5 opening and I'm out, done.

The beginning of the show where is audience is clapping and hollering for far to long has become annoying, the show isn't that great and when they pan the audience they look uncomfortable.

Five minutes in Ms M isn't accepted in Britain because she is black did it for me, maybe is it because she is an actress and an American. You don't share their point of view you are either ignorant or a racist. Their dribble is just too much.