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Streifenwagen 2150 Hitchhiker (1955–1959) Online

Streifenwagen 2150 Hitchhiker (1955–1959) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
TV Episode / Action / Crime / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Lew Landers
Cast :
Broderick Crawford,Paul Keast,John Ayres
Writer :
Michael Cramoy
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Streifenwagen 2150 Hitchhiker (1955–1959) Online

Hitchhiking migrant worker Ralph Parry is killed by a blow on the head, but a staged automobile crash makes the death appear accidental. When an autopsy of Parry's body reveals that the death was actually a homicide, Dan Mathews and his officers investigate further. They learn that several other migrant workers have recently died in similar "accidents" and that they all had life insurance claims paid to mysterious beneficiaries that got their mail at Hutkins' Country Store. Hutkins repeatedly attempts to divert suspicion toward ex-con Hank Willis, but Dan knows that Willis is not the guilty party. He sets a trap in order to prove that Hutkins is guilty of multiple murders to perpetrate insurance fraud.
Episode cast overview:
Broderick Crawford Broderick Crawford - Chief Dan Mathews
Paul Keast Paul Keast - Hutkins
John Ayres John Ayres - Autopsy Physician
Robin Short Robin Short - Hank Willis
John Hart John Hart - Sergeant
Jon Locke Jon Locke - Officer Garvey (as Joe Locke)
William Hughes William Hughes - Mr. Banning
Effie Laird Effie Laird - Landlady
Leo Needham Leo Needham - Carl Seward
Fritz Ford Fritz Ford - Officer Petersen (as Frederick Ford)
Sandy Sanders Sandy Sanders - Ralph Parry

This episode is somewhat unique inasmuch as the patrol car used by Dan Mathews and Officer Garvey is a Ford with the warning lights mounted on the roof. The substantial majority of patrol cars used in this series were "premium" makes (such as Buick, Oldsmobile, Mercury, or Dodge) with the warning lights mounted on the side and/or on the rear shelf of the passenger compartment.