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Les années coup de coeur Goodbye (1988–1993) Online

Les années coup de coeur Goodbye (1988–1993) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Michael Dinner
Cast :
Fred Savage,Dan Lauria,Alley Mills
Writer :
Neal Marlens,Carol Black
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Les années coup de coeur Goodbye (1988–1993) Online

Kevin's grades in Mr Collin's Math class are not that good. After talking to Kevin, Mr Collins suggests that he could give him extra lessons to help him on the upcoming test. Kevin seems to be getting better, until one day when Mr Collins fails to show up.
Episode credited cast:
Fred Savage Fred Savage - Kevin Arnold
Dan Lauria Dan Lauria - Jack Arnold
Alley Mills Alley Mills - Norma Arnold (credit only)
Olivia d'Abo Olivia d'Abo - Karen Arnold (credit only)
Jason Hervey Jason Hervey - Wayne Arnold
Danica McKellar Danica McKellar - Winnie Cooper
Josh Saviano Josh Saviano - Paul Pfeiffer
Daniel Stern Daniel Stern - Kevin Arnold - The Narrator (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sean Baca Sean Baca - Craig Hobson
Raye Birk Raye Birk - Mr. Diperna
Phyllis Flax Phyllis Flax - Teacher
Steven Gilborn Steven Gilborn - Mr. Collins

A black and white photo of Mr. Collins in the school yearbook is shown at the end, with the bottom caption reading, "In Memoriam - Arthur A. Collins, 1919-1970"---hinting that Mr. Collins was 51 years of age at the time of his death.

Steven Gilborn who plays Mr. Collins was a professor before he became an actor. This explains why he does such a good job writing on the chalkboard.

User reviews

Longitude Temporary

Longitude Temporary

I must echo the previous reviewers sentiments regarding this episode: it truly is one of the memorable and meaningful of the series.

I recently caught this episode again and I was surprised just how much of it I remembered - nearly the entire episode: not bad for not having watched it for 20 years. And thats unmistakably whats so great about this particular episode: it is heartwarming and heartwretching watching Kevin truly embrace his emotions and not be as confused by them like he usually is. We also empathize/sympathize with his loss because we've seen Kevin and Mr Collins go back and forth for a while now (This, i believe, is Mr Collins third time being the centerpiece of the episode).

Whats also amazing re-watching these episodes is the chance we now all have to look back on our own lives. First watching this when I was not even a teenager, I merely viewed it as a chance to get to know how it was like growing up in the late 60s/early 70s middle America. Now however, I do reminisce about my past teachers and how i appreciate them now.

One last notable item about this episode is the end song: Linda Ronstadt's Goodbye my Friend is fitting and if you happen to be in a reminiscing state, it might catch you vulnerable.


Mr. Collins is a difficult math teacher and Kevin is having a hard time in class. But with a little inspiration and nudging, Kevin learns to appreciate the older gentleman's tutelage. Kevin learns to respect Mr. Collins and actually starts enjoying his class, as he sees it not only as a challenge, but also as the opportunity to learn something. You can see that the two characters are starting to connect and understand one another as Kevin starts to get serious about the class and Mr. Collins embraces this seriousness and works with Kevin to help him learn. This episode is a complete gem and a treat to watch. Clearly one of the best, if not the best, episodes in this program's run ever!


"Goobye," one of the more touching episodes of "The Wonder Years."

Mr. Collins reminded me SO much of my junior high math teacher, Mr. Lalasz. Mr. Lalasz was one of the reasons I BECAME a math teacher, myself.

I especially enjoyed how the writers book ended the first episode we were introduced to, Mr. Collins.

At the very end of that episode, "Math Class," Kevin walks up, turns in his test and says "You don't need to grade it. It's an 'F'."

Then in this episode, "Goodbye," at the end, Kevin hands his test to Mr. Diperna, he says "You don't need to grade it, it's an 'A'."


All credit to the late Steven Gilborn for his touching performance as Mr Collins in one of the finest episodes of The Wonder Years. I remember seeing this with friends, and we were very moved by this emotional episode that touches all the buttons. To this day I still have very vivid memories of this episode of The Wonder Years, which has to be one of the best series ever.

Also all credit to the writing team for such an endearing story, as it was quite unpredictable in parts, and it ending up being a story of redemption for Kevin.

The fact this episode alone has over 300 user votes with a 9.6 ranking says volumes for this memorable episode of The Wonder Years.


I admit it; I cried at the end of this outstanding episode. Everything about this particular episode was perfect. Outstanding acting and a fantastic script. If you have ever met someone who truly inspired you to be a better person, then you can understand how this touched my heart. I gave it a 10 out of 10, yet the melancholy ending stayed with me for a while..Still this is probably the best episode of the entire series.