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The Legend of William Tell (1934) Online

The Legend of William Tell (1934) Online
Original Title :
Wilhelm Tell
Genre :
Movie / Biography / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Heinz Paul
Cast :
Hans Marr,Conrad Veidt,Emmy Göring
Writer :
Claude Allain,Hans Curjel
Type :
Time :
1h 39min
Rating :
The Legend of William Tell (1934) Online

Cast overview, first billed only:
Hans Marr Hans Marr - WilhelmTell
Conrad Veidt Conrad Veidt - Gessler
Emmy Göring Emmy Göring - Hedwig Tell (as Emmy Sonnemann)
Olaf Bach Olaf Bach - Arnold von Melchthal
Eugen Klöpfer Eugen Klöpfer - Heinrich von Melchthal
Maly Delschaft Maly Delschaft - Barbara von Melchthal
Theodor Loos Theodor Loos - Werner Stauffacher
Franziska Kinz Franziska Kinz - Gertrud Stauffacher
Carl de Vogt Carl de Vogt - Konrad Baumgarten
Käthe Haack Käthe Haack - Baumgartnerin
Fritz Hofbauer Fritz Hofbauer - Walter Fürst
Detlef Willecke Detlef Willecke - Walter, Tells Sohn
Wolfdieter Hollender Wolfdieter Hollender - Klein-Wilhelm, Tells jüngster Sohn
Werner Schott Werner Schott - Vogt Landenberg
Friedrich Ettel Friedrich Ettel - Vogt Wolfenschiess

This film is one of over 200 titles in the list of independent feature films made available for television presentation by Advance Television Pictures announced in Motion Picture Herald 4 April 1942. At this time, television broadcasting was in its infancy, almost totally curtailed by the advent of World War II, and would not continue to develop until 1945-1946. Because of poor documentation (feature films were often not identified by title in conventional sources) no record has yet been found of its initial television broadcast.

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Classic German film based on the legendary Swiss woodsman who was an expert with his crossbow. In 1307 Austrian soldiers arrive at a Swiss village and inform the locals they must bow before their authority. Tell (Hans Marr) is the unofficial leader of the villagers and he refuses to acknowledge the Austrians as superiors. This angers the Austrian commander (Conrad Veidt) who makes Tell shoot an apple off the top of his son's head. Tell completes the task successfully but the two men become bitter enemies with Tell's defiance sparking a revolt against the Austrian soldiers.

The print I saw ran 61 minutes and was the English dubbed version of the German film. Quite rare and a nice film for fans of Veidt or the legendary Tell.