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Laughing Matters (2004) Online

Laughing Matters (2004) Online
Original Title :
Laughing Matters
Genre :
Creative Work / Documentary / Comedy / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Andrea Meyerson
Cast :
Kate Clinton,Marga Gómez,Suzanne Westenhoefer
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :
Laughing Matters (2004) Online

Four women who are lesbian comedians perform and, offstage, talk about their lives: parents and childhood, coming out, becoming comics, the arc of their careers, and its rewards. Marga Gómez is Cuban-Puerto Rican, from New York City. She mines cultural differences, her hobby horse, and National Coming Out Day. Kate Clinton, lapsed Catholic, gets laughs there and from the comedy of the sex act. Karen Williams, African-American from Berkeley, talks about aging and about the need to tell her story. Suzanne Westenhoefer inherits her grandfather's humor, and she jokes about Martha Stewart and airport security. Each is serious about the power of humor to reveal what's at her core.
Credited cast:
Kate Clinton Kate Clinton - Herself
Marga Gómez Marga Gómez - Herself
Suzanne Westenhoefer Suzanne Westenhoefer - Herself
Karen Williams Karen Williams - Herself

User reviews



These women are funny. The sixty minute documentary (a first for director Andrea Meyerson) gives us hilarious performance footage blended with behind-the-scenes interviews with comedians Kate Clinton, Karen Williams, Marga Gomez and Suzanne Westenhoefer. They talk about everything from politics, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, religion, Christmas presents, first jobs, aging, Martha Stewart and of course sex. Laughing Matters will remind everyone why it is so important to laugh and so important to be who you are. Stand-up is best served live with a couple a beers and the energy of the audience laughter but the intelligent and humorous interviews with these four women made it worth the watch. 8 out of 10 stars.


It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you truly are.

These four extremely funny women have that courage. The are out and proud and hilarious as they take on the Catholic Church, politics, sex, aging, men and women, and lesbianism.

But, they also talk about their lives, growing up, coming out to family, airport security, the gay and lesbian movement, and many other things.

If you love to laugh and are interested in another part of America's social history, this is one documentary that is not to be missed.

It'll make you want to head to your local gay comedy club tonight!