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The Occupants (2014) Online

The Occupants (2014) Online
Original Title :
The Occupants
Genre :
Movie / Horror / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Todd Alcott
Cast :
Kristen Ariza,Ashanti Brown,Macey Cruthird
Writer :
Todd Alcott,Holly Golden
Type :
Time :
1h 19min
Rating :
The Occupants (2014) Online

A supernatural thriller, the film revolves around Lucy, who has a new husband, a new home and a new baby, but old ghosts won't let her be. She has dedicated her life to helping families break the cycle of abuse, so when she and her husband, Wade, see the echoes of a violent family tragedy in their home, Lucy tries to help the tortured souls break free of their torment and move on. She finds, however, that these ghosts don't want her help - they want to lead Lucy and her family to their doom. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Kristen Ariza Kristen Ariza - Clare
Ashanti Brown Ashanti Brown - Young Mother
Macey Cruthird Macey Cruthird - Ruth
Marypat Farrell Marypat Farrell - Mara (as Mary Pat Farrell)
Gail Golden Gail Golden - Janice
Toby Huss Toby Huss - Father
Arianna Jaffier Arianna Jaffier - Girl
Katherine Kamhi Katherine Kamhi - Mother
Callum Kelleher Callum Kelleher - Jack
Elizabeth Krasick Elizabeth Krasick - Friend of Ruth
Cristin Milioti Cristin Milioti - Lucy
Natalie Neurauter Natalie Neurauter - Ruth's Friend
Michael Rady Michael Rady - Wade
Gena Shaw Gena Shaw - Kate
Cordelia Sonnenschein Cordelia Sonnenschein - Younger Girl

User reviews



There is not much to be said about this film. It's not the worst out there but it's near the bottom of the barrel. I wouldn't recommend it.

It is about a woman called Clare who has a new husband and baby and they are living in a new house. She is a social worker and seems to have a fulfilling job and a perfect family life. Her husband has a nightmare about a beaten woman, and then Clare starts seeing her as well as two other apparitions in the house. The house then becomes haunted by them, I.e. The Occupants. Clare tries getting help from her colleague and ex-lover Glenn. He doesn't believe her. Her and her husband then research the history of the house trying to find out if anyone was murdered there. She calls a psychic who feels no presence in the house. She tries getting help from her babysitter who tells her about demons. Things get worse and we find out that Clare was adopted after her father killed her mother and sister. These are in fact the apparitions she has been seeing. She also doesn't have a husband as she imagined him and her child's father is in fact her ex who has been spying on her in order to get her evidence of this and help her. She kills him and then herself. The baby is placed in the care of Clare's sister. The End.

Overall an unimaginative film with a weak story and mediocre acting. The first twenty minutes is bearable as we don't yet know what is going on, but then the movie drags out to its uninspired and predictable ending. It tries to mix psychological and supernatural horror and ends up being ineffective and bland instead. Don't waste your time on this, rather watch Insidious, Sinister, The Conjuring, Paranormal Activity or The Others. Each of them is better than the occupants.


I was really excited by the beginning of this film. It was obviously a low budget effort but it was well directed. The casting was excellent, and most of the performances were as well. I personally find Cristin Milioti captivating, ever since seeing her play Johnny Sac's daughter on The Sopranos.

The story was wonderfully creepy for the first half. Unfortunately as it dragged on it started getting cluttered with half-developed ideas that teased but never really delivered.

It'll be interesting to see what this director does next. He showed enough here to warrant a second chance. Hopefully it'll be better developed.


It is no secret that I do enjoy the horror genre, and often sit down to watch just about anything that falls within this genre. And when I happened to find "The Occupants", I must admit that I was initially lured in by the movie cover/poster, because it did seem like it could have potential as a slasher movie. Little did I know that this was actually a supernatural ghost movie.

However, I didn't manage to make it more than 35 minutes into this movie before I tossed the towel in the ring. I did so out of what can best be described as utter and complete boredom. From what I managed to sit through, I was nowhere near being entertained or being impressed. And I can honestly say that I have no intention of returning to finish the rest of the movie.

The characters in the movie were one-dimensional and rigid, which didn't really help the movie one bit. And the dialogue wasn't particularly thrilling either.

"The Occupants" had the level of acting which was to be expected from a movie of this sort, for better or worse.

If you enjoy horror movies, then there are far better choices available. I can't really think of a single reason for recommending that you actually take the time or the effort to sit through this ordeal of a movie.


Lucy (Cristin Milioti) has a wonderful life with Wade (Michael Rady) an idea husband and they also have a child. Lucy works for Glen (James Urbaniak) counseling abused women. She was once a patient of Glen's and their doctor/patient relationship got too personal.

Lucy and Wade both see ghosts in their house. It is an abused family and Lucy believes she can fix it. Lucy employs a "Jesus Freak" babysitter who talks about demonic possession. Meanwhile there is a man, who is not a ghost sneaking around outside the house taking photos. Lucy also has a sister who stays distant from her.

The ghosts become more formidable as things go on. If you haven't figure things out in the first hour with the over abundance of clues, they will tell you most of it at that point.

The twist was not unexpected and has been used in a number of films which I won't name. Things come together rather neatly at the end. A well done thriller, perhaps done too often.

Parental Guide: No f-bombs, brief sex, no nudity.


This was a good movie and I really enjoyed it and I don't get the hate for this film at all. I thought the movie was effectively creepy and atmospheric and very suspenseful. The movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through and I was very entertained Through most of the movie. I don't understand how anyone can say this is a bad film.I can admit its not a great film but its Not bad either, its definitely not as bad as everyone is making it out to be that's for sure!. The movie is about a girl called Lucy who moves into a new house with her husband and baby and everything starts out okay but one day the girl starts seeing Dark mysterious figures as well as people who are supposed to be dead and at first she thinks she's imaging things but when her husband starts seeing these Ghosts too she knows she can't be imaging it since they can both see the same things and they start to believe maybe their house is haunted.

People just don't like the film because it tried to do so something Different with its Ending. The movie tried to be different and i guess that bugged people but I personally enjoyed the change. To me this is how you do a horror movie the right way.The movie had a lot of tension and suspense in it And I really felt bad for the main two characters and their baby because of all the horrifying things they kept on seeing. I thought The Acting from Cristin Milioti was very good! And I'm surprised not many people have praised her performance Because I thought she was Great! and I found her Captivating at times especially during the scenes when she screamed and showed fear, she was very convincing and she looked genuinely Terrified.she gives an underrated Performance in my opinion.I also thought Michael Rady gave a good performance as her boyfriend Wade. The Acting is definitely one of the good things about the movie. The second thing is definitely the creepy moody atmosphere the movie has. Another thing I liked was the music that's played throughout the movie, it gives the movie a Haunted feel and it was a good choice of music.

I have to mention I'm surprised some reviewers got annoyed with the lead Ladies behaviour and they didn't like how she's freaking out and acting crazy half way through the movie???. The woman is seeing Ghosts! every hour in her house! So of course she's going to freak out! Wouldn't YOU freak out if YOU started seeing ghosts in YOUR house? I Bet money you would!.so i think its dumb for people to get annoyed with the woman for freaking out.What do you expect her to do stay calm and smile???. There are ghosts in her house! and that's NOT something a person can be calm about, I hate to Break it to you.

By the synopsis on IMDb you may not think the movie sounds like much but I thought The Twist at the end of the movie was very good and I did not see it coming.This movie probably has one of the most underrated twists in movie history. I'm really surprised people did not think the twist was clever because I sure did.I will admit I've seen Twists similar to the one in this movie in other movies but I thought in this movie it was done in a clever and unique way and I was totally surprised by it.Even if people don't like the movie I think they should at least praise its Twist Ending. There was a mystery to the story too which I found interesting. I also thought the writing and directing were good and I never got bored by the film, it held my attention all the way through and it was probably the suspense atmosphere and likable characters that helped.

Overall I'd Recommend watching the movie I found it very chilling and Mind bending.


SPOILER! I discuss the rabbit in the hat. Hop away if you haven't seen this film!! The Occupants provided an interesting perspective on the ghost story sub-genre. I think the disappointment some viewers had was that they expected more of the same, more of the tropes and tricks that genre presents. I enjoyed the way it portrayed their daily life; which, unfortunately, is sometimes boring. So it sagged a bit in the middle, and we viewers are led into a false sense of complacency. The protagonist as murderer was the cleverest part, and I was genuinely surprised. The actress was excellent in the role, and very pretty. Most of the secondary characters were written flatly, and they end up being ghosts in my memory. I think I wanted more flash and color, more music, etc. But I also think this was a commentary on so many of these movies. They just don't have the impact that a monster or killer movie has, but they feel much more real. This movie felt very real, and that probably made it less cinematic. The ending was maybe too sudden and jarring, but if the purpose was to make you work to understand, it succeeded. I recommend it.


After moving into a new house, a woman and her husband find the place haunted by the violent tragedy of the former occupants of the house and try to stop those actions from happening to them and her new baby.

This here is a really weak and overall bland thriller disguised as a horror film. The biggest issue with this one is the fact that the central premise is nothing to really get worked up over, and it shows in the reactions of the characters. The primary focus is one the shots of the woman losing her mind over the events that transpire, yet none of what happens early on in this is enough to warrant such actions to take place and even worse off, doing so with the rather bland happenings that this goes through being just so unnecessary and uninviting that the reactions to them are completely unrelated to the events portrayed. That these in turn lead into the film's main segment being a series of investigations into whatever happened to the previous owners is so boring and lifeless that after such a troubling opening it sucks the energy out of the movie from there with endless scenes of her going over documents and papers that fill up time so that it's just so hard to stay invested in the movie as a whole from there on. The main subplot about these scenes is the film's second biggest issue, the constant referrals to the counselor friend she thinks is taking advantage of her yet is the first person she goes to whenever there's a bump in the night or a weird flash-vision she has, and despite every attempt to the contrary to make us believe he's some sort of creepy psychopath, he comes off as calm and level-headed about the situation while she rants and raves like a maniac then turns the tables back on him saying he's the one trying to screw her around. This happens a good three or four times after a conversation saying that she'll have nothing to do with him, so this in fact becomes extremely troubling and confusing as to why this goes on. Since the film earlier made mention of the fact that the supernatural haunting actions were unwarranted of the extreme reactions taken, that in turn brings up the fact that the majority of the supernatural going on here is really not that scary and oftentimes just plain dull, with a few somewhat decent scares here including the appearance of a demonic face on the wall hidden behind a poster, the ghostly visions of women running around the house and the ominous threat of violence depicted towards the infant son which does have a hint of believability to it, yet whatever happens is then undone by the absolutely ridiculous finale that makes no sense and undermines the general plot of what came before it. These are really enough problems to lower this one significantly.

Rated R: Violence, Language, children-in-jeopardy and a shadowy sex scene.


What do you tell a young mother who sees ghosts in her house, that she is perhaps under stress, dreaming, confabulating? What happens when her husband sees them too? Lucy works as a counsellor, and while her other half wants them to vacate what is obviously their dream home complete with security fence, she believes the night visitors are not regular apparitions, as in dead people, but a living family that is in desperate need of terrestrial assistance. She confides in a colleague - and former lover - who thinks she is gaga, and refuses to give her any practical help, although he does suggest she seeks help of the psychiatric kind.

After her decision to stay put, things get worse, a lot worse. Was it really such a good idea to bring in a psychic? Unfortunately, this initially promising film soon loses its way. Lucy may indeed have gone gaga by the end, but this is so confusing you don't really know what she has done, what has happened, what is real, what is not, who is the bad guy, and if he is really a demon. Don't waste your time on this one.