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Son of Kashmir Burhan Online

Son of Kashmir Burhan  Online
Original Title :
Son of Kashmir Burhan
Genre :
Movie / Action
Directror :
Abrar Rana
Writer :
Abrar Rana
Type :
Rating :
Son of Kashmir Burhan Online

Son Of Kashmir (Burhan) movie is based on the issue of the freedom for Kashmir and tells the story of a young Kashmiri boy (Burhan) who was supporter to solved Kashmir issue through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite but later when his innocent brother was killed by the Indian Army, he became a fighter within the Kashmir liberation movement and then through daring, courage and self-sacrifice wreaks massive destruction on the Indian occupying military. Aftermath he was brutally martyred by the Occupying forces (the Indian army) but he became an iconic figure of the freedom movement and imparting a new vision to liberation movement against India.