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Casta e pura (1981) Online

Casta e pura (1981) Online
Original Title :
Casta e pura
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Salvatore Samperi
Cast :
Laura Antonelli,Fernando Rey,Christian De Sica
Writer :
Bruno Di Geronimo,Michel Gast
Type :
Time :
1h 28min
Rating :
Casta e pura (1981) Online

Rosa (Laura Antonelli), a beautiful Venetian heir has promised to stay chaste and pure for as long as her father, a wealthy landowner, lives. Then her fascinating viral cousin comes to terms, making her extremely difficult to keep her promise.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Laura Antonelli Laura Antonelli - Rosa Di Maggio
Fernando Rey Fernando Rey - Antonio Di Maggio
Christian De Sica Christian De Sica - Carletto Morosini
Enzo Cannavale Enzo Cannavale - Don Bottazzi
Gabrielle Lazure Gabrielle Lazure - Lisetta
Jean-Marc Bory Jean-Marc Bory - Dr. Natal (as Jean Marc Bory)
Vincenzo Crocitti Vincenzo Crocitti - 'Picci'
Valeria Fabrizi Valeria Fabrizi - Bottesini's Second Wife
Elsa Vazzoler Elsa Vazzoler - Assunta
Riccardo Billi Riccardo Billi - Carletto's Father
Diego Cappuccio Diego Cappuccio - Dario Di Maggio
Adriana Giuffrè Adriana Giuffrè
Sergio Di Pinto Sergio Di Pinto - Gustavo Bottesini
Massimo Ranieri Massimo Ranieri - Fernando
Graziella Polesinanti Graziella Polesinanti

Italian censorship visa # 77250 delivered on 30-10-1981.

User reviews



Salvatore Samperi may have been bitter when he shot this "sexy comedy", because apart from the lovely virgin Rosa - played by the still bombastic Laura Antonelli - no one is likeable here !

The movie is about a rich girl that everybody's interested in only to get a hand on the loads of cash she inherited. Between her tyranic father (Fernando Rey, getting old and less picky with scripts, it would seem) and some pimpin' playboy (Massimo Ranieri, looking sleazy and dubious), her doctor wants her to get laid, and apparently so does the village priest !

But daddy doesn't want Rosa to get married, because this would mean the end of his reign on the girl's money...

Conventionally shot, with a humor that the french dubbing probably obliterates, this one's fine but it's not highly entertaining or innovative. There are a few glimpses of flesh here and there, lots of suggested incest, a collective rape during a medieval party which is very confusingly shot, and a small role given to the lovely Gabrielle Lazure.

If this is an attempt to mock the modern bourgeois family, it is half obtained, everybody being so morally corrupt that it is almost banalised ! We've seen it all before; the father being more interested in money than family, the wild virgin looking to burst out of her shell... It would have appeared daring during the 70's but in 1984, I will have to say that this is average filmmaking and that it's sadly forgottable.


The old widower Antonio enjoys dabbling with the vast family heritage, but the actual heir is his daughter Rosa. And once married, she will get control over all the riches. To ensure that this will never happen, Antonio had pressed the decennial Rosa to take a vow of chastity. Now, twenty years later, Rosa has remained true to her vow, but the temptations all around her just get to be too much for her. Antonio realizes he has to act fast to secure his position and therefore stages a pagan festival, where his lustful friends shall dispose of Rosa's desires once and for all…

Many of director Salvatore Sampieri's works deal with impossible sexual or romantic fulfillment. And he is known for his biting satiric stance on bourgeoisie, old-school social conventions and similar class-conceit. All these ingredients are present in "Casta e pura", but it is just played out too simply. There is a bunch of random buffoons hanging around Antonio's villa, all deranged, incestuous, greedy and whatnot. Antonio is of course the worst, kidding his daughter for twenty years, always pretending the vow is for her own good. The contrast to the only "unspoilt" person, Rosa, comes out way too extreme to take any of these characters seriously – in the end the satiric elements serve for cheap jokes only. Speaking of Rosa, she is truly "chaste and pure", but the general setup feels very far-fetched and the situations the screenplay puts her in are just repetitive, be it the confessions, the lame gags with her dropping dishes, or not less than three nightly gatherings with the greedy cook. You can understand Rosa's misery and bitter situation, but the character remains shallow. Laura Antonelli's very own "Mio Dio, come sono caduta in basso" (1974) showed perfectly how to build up a story on a similarly awkward premise, and managed to be funny throughout. "Casta e pura" unfortunately fails.

The big turning point, the weird pagan party, is quite a disappointment as well. Resembling the Roman rape of the Sabine Women, the editing is very choppy (in two occasions we see Rosa nude, but after a cut, she is dressed again, plus rough music jumps). Of course the cruelty of the father and his friends is now pushed to the top. Now we suddenly get a rape-and-revenge situation with a very serious rape and a slapstick revenge afterwards. At this point the screenplay collapses completely and the whole payback stuff is just contrived. Rosa is suddenly like new-born, stone cold and will give everybody the just desserts. I was glad when it was over.

Laura Antonelli, while being absolutely wonderful to behold (sometimes even in the nude), is a little too old for the role (she was 39 by then), and I must say her performance leaves something to be desired. However, in view of the simple screenplay and the lack of any other remarkable actor, it is okay. The "rural" Italian dialect by some of the characters is very hard to understand, so I can't rule out I missed some hidden gags.

Overall, there is some general quality to "Casta e pura", one you can expect from a renowned director like Sampieri, but the movie never gets momentum owing to a lackluster screenplay and overly simple characterizations.