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SAW Heritage (2016) Online

SAW Heritage (2016) Online
Original Title :
SAW Heritage
Genre :
Movie / Short / Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Christos Arfanis
Cast :
Antonis Kyriakakis,Vasilis Karamesios
Writer :
Christos Arfanis,James Wan
Type :
Time :
Rating :
SAW Heritage (2016) Online

After the death of the infamous Jigsaw Killer, his message about appreciating life has been spread to the whole world. His work became famous by the media and by the people who had been part of his games.This short film aims to show how Jigsaw's message affected humanity, by presenting two types of people: James, who, despite the Jigsaw stories, is still addicted to substances (cocaine, smoking) and did not care to change his life, believing that people cannot change; and a Man talking to him, who understands Jigsaw's message, believing that his ways were effective and that people can in fact change.
Credited cast:
Antonis Kyriakakis Antonis Kyriakakis - Man
Vasilis Karamesios Vasilis Karamesios - James

Originally called just "Heritage"

The pig mask used for the film, is actually a Halloween mask from the first saw film, owned by the director and writer, Christos Arfanis.

Director and writer Christos Arfanis is a huge saw films fan.

On the first poster of the short film, director and writer Christos Arfanis is wearing the iconic saw pig mask.

Christos Arfanis being Requiem for a Dream fan, requested the editor G. M. Mortis to edit the cocaine montage of SAW Heritage, to be similar with Requiem for a Dream's cocaine montage as a homage.

Despite many people claim the films characters to be empty of backstory, director and writer on purpose chose not to include any backstory to them, so viewers could relate on any of them creating and imagining their own theories.

It is the first ever saw fan film that not recreates any trap or scene from the original saw films. Insteed of that, writer come up with an original story.

Antonis Kyriakakis character, was named "Matt" on the script.

It is based on SAW films universe.

James and Leigh names used by the writer on purpose as as a hint for the original saw creators.