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Do No Harm
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TV Series / Drama
Cast :
Steven Pasquale,Alana De La Garza,Michael Esper
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TV Series
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Jason Cole, a brilliant neurosurgeon has to battle with his own alter-ego, Ian Price, in order to live a normal life in this modern take on Jekyll and Hyde.

Do No Harm Online

Jason Cole, a brilliant neurosurgeon has to battle with his own alter-ego, Ian Price, in order to live a normal life in this modern take on Jekyll and Hyde.
Series cast summary:
Steven Pasquale Steven Pasquale - Dr. Jason Cole / - 13 episodes, 2013
Alana De La Garza Alana De La Garza - Dr. Lena Solis 13 episodes, 2013
Michael Esper Michael Esper - Dr. Kenneth Jordan 13 episodes, 2013
Ruta Gedmintas Ruta Gedmintas - Olivia Flynn 13 episodes, 2013
Phylicia Rashad Phylicia Rashad - Dr. Vanessa Young 13 episodes, 2013
Mihir Pathak Mihir Pathak - Lab Tech 13 episodes, 2013
John Carroll Lynch John Carroll Lynch - Will Hayes 11 episodes, 2013
Lin-Manuel Miranda Lin-Manuel Miranda - Dr. Ruben Marcado 11 episodes, 2013
Samm Levine Samm Levine - Josh Stern 11 episodes, 2013
Laura Hart Laura Hart - Casino Girl / - 11 episodes, 2013
Michelle Hillesland Michelle Hillesland - Dr. Youngs Assistant / - 9 episodes, 2013
Sejal Shah Sejal Shah - Tejal 9 episodes, 2013
Gloria A Feralio Gloria A Feralio - Nurse / - 9 episodes, 2013
Robert Bizik Robert Bizik - Dale Stuart 8 episodes, 2013
John Jillard Sr. John Jillard Sr. - Orderly / - 8 episodes, 2013
Anita Storr Anita Storr - Nurse 8 episodes, 2013
Jeremy Davidson Jeremy Davidson - Rob 6 episodes, 2013
Andrea Havens Andrea Havens - ICU Nurse 6 episodes, 2013
Jennifer Nuccitelli Jennifer Nuccitelli - ICU Nurse 6 episodes, 2013

At the time of its premiere, Do No Harm was the lowest rated television series in history - according to Nielson viewership ratings. It has since been unseated.

Canceled after only two episodes.

Was inspired by The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

One NBC affiliate in Milwaukee pre-empted the second episode for snowstorm coverage, so that means only the first episode aired in Milwaukee.

User reviews



Me and my husband began watching the series Do No Harm last week and were immediately hooked. We loved how well Steven Pasquale plays both characters and you always know which one is which. The most entertaining par of this story line is the element of humour between the alters when they try to battle with each other, attempting to ruin each others lives, you just cant wait to see what they do next.

You do begin to like both characters although you immediately believe Jason is the one who should live but you soon realise they are 2 lives sharing 12 hours each and you begin to like both alters in different ways, undecided which one should live!

We watched the final episode yesterday and it has been left on such a cliff hanger that we were gutted we had to wait for the next series only to find out there may not be a another series.

It cannot end like this, we need to know what happens next. Since watching this series i have got my entire family watching it and i am shocked to hear that the ratings were low. All the reviews i am reading are good and it must of failed due to it being aired against another big series or the marketing wasn't good enough.



since seeing the very first episode actually from seeing the previews on TV I was interested in the show, watched the 2 episodes then there was no more which was oh so bad! When I saw it was back on TV EVERY week I watched it whether it was on TV or hulu but i ALWAYS watched it! I just finished an episode which I think is the last episode and if this show doesn't continue I am gonna flip I am way too into it for it to get canceled so please, keep it on!!! If it does get canceled I need the writers to give me a call and tell me what happens next! If you agree with me please post as well telling NBC they need to keep the show going! pppppplllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeee!!!!


This show features Steven Pasquale in a dual role as altruistic neurosurgeon Jason and his rough-edged, womanizing criminal alter ego Ian. Pasquale brilliantly, fearlessly portrays both characters showing shocking differences between the two of them even though they look exactly the same. One look at Ian and the viewer knows he is someone different.

Is Jason's eagerness to repress Ian well-founded prejudice based upon a large critical mass of evidence suggesting that Ian is irredeemably diabolical, brutal and sadistic? Or is Ian just impulsive, primal and drawn to trouble that he can't always get himself out of? The machinations of both personalities of the lead character in attempting to thwart the agenda of the other make for a continuously intriguing point-counterpoint as they fight for control. Ian is unpredictable but Jason has been able to find ways around that in the past and continually formulates new ones.

Everywhere they take this concept is interesting as both sides of the lead character are well-defined and contrasted with each other. It gives the audience biting commentary on self identity and human nature. Few shows or films I have reviewed offer as sophisticated a take on either. Few shows or films I have reviewed offer as entertaining exploration of a similar theme.

There is also not a single supporting performance on this show which is anything less than exceptional. Alana De La Garza, Phylicia Rashad among others are intensely convincing helping solidify the realism of a very bold premise.

Given that this series is excellent but has horrifically bad ratings I really can say that it is the most underrated show in TV history. Sadly TV audiences en masse prefer that goofy Sherlock Holmes rip-off on CBS or ABC's 'Scandal' in the time-slot.


with seeing the first 2 episodes i was hooked loved the concept. Then i heard that that was it: it had been cancelled. How can this be i thought. Are people watching this show or not because this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I think that this show is in the top 5 best shows to date, so i don't understand why it got cancelled. They have started to air the rest of the series, but after that that is it. Which is a shame because it is a very good show. I just hope that with the airing of the rest of the series. It grabs the attention of the public and a fan base forms.

It Really does deserve it.
furious ox

furious ox

This show is definitely worthy of a second season !! This show concept is different and intriguing .... How can a network cancel a series after two episodes? Without giving it at least the first season which the network already bought & paid for!

With increased marketing .... It will be a success that NBC is so desperately in need of! The cast is incredible and the on screen chemistry developed early on in the first two episodes - - If NBC doesn't pick it up for another season ... I hope another network does and NBC watches the show become the hit that it has the potential to be!


The marketing of this show killed it. It didn't pull people in to watch it. They wanted to be "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" without coming out and saying it. People love that concept of the good vs evil all rolled into one person. But people want instant gratification and want to be told... this is what it is... and not play games. If the network wanted the audience they should have went after them and grabbed it.

The commercials for the show were too cat and mouse about the series plot. Look at "Hannibal", there is nothing ambiguous about the concept. "Elementary" is the catch-phrase for Sherlock Holmes. "Dexter" was good by day... serial killer by night... they were never ambiguous about it.

Those behind "Do No Harm" didn't have the stones to put it out there about the character. Those behind it didn't have the stones to go after what they needed. Those behind it, stabbed it in the back before it even made it to premier.


I can not stand that this show was getting picked on before it even had the chance to get out the gate. It is an old concept of Jekyll and Hyde split personalities, but a classic concept can still work if the story telling is fresh,and in this case I think it is.

Having watched the pilot I have to say that I was most of all surprised by the acting range displayed by Steven Pasquale. I remember him playing one of the less intelligent fire fighters in "Rescue Me", and I didn't think I'd be able to see him playing a surgeon. He certainly leaped well beyond my expectations.

I won't give too much away, but the storyline is, I think, a fresh one (I hear it is a rip off a British show, but having not seen that show I'm going completely off what I am seeing from this episode and judging the show by itself). The protagonist(Dr. Jason Cole) is a doctor with an evil split personality that he has suppressed for years, but is now unable to. The split personality is angry and is trying to ruin his life. Jason finds creative ways to derail his split personality's attempts to sabotage him.

What I think will make this series interesting for seasons to come is that at the end of the pilot Jason makes a pact with his alter ego to stay out of his business if he will stay out of Jason's. In the meantime he will be trying to cure himself of his alter ego. I believe this will lead to two alternate story lines that will weave in and out, at least for a while, adding some complexity to the story.

Also adding complexity are some issues from the past and a woman from Jason's past who his alter ego hurt and its not all explained leaving some mystery and some room for characters and story to develop and grow.

I'm not saying that this show blew me away by any means, this will definitely not fill the void that House left in my heart, but I am saying that this show should be given more of a chance than its been getting. They are trying to make a solid show and are succeeding in a few areas. Give it a few episodes before kicking it down a pit.


What a great show. Takes a couple of episodes to "get" it. And, the stories progressively get better. When I first read the description, I though it would be Dexter'ish, but it is totally different. The cast is great, BUT, it is the main character who makes the show. He is brilliant. Whoever did the casting on this did a great job in that respect. The rest of the cast is good, but not good like him. He makes the show. And, well, he is very good-looking. Nice to see a new face on the scene vs. another recycled actor. This show is a great drama/thriller, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Great story-line. Great for men or women, so not just for one gender. He plays a neurosurgeon during the day and then at a certain time at night, and with no provocation, he "turns" into quite the character and then he remembers none of it. His night-time activities tend toward the more sultry, excessive, dangerous and provocative, which makes it extra interesting. Then, by day, you get a good "doctor" TV drama line. I am just on episode 8, Season 1, but I love it. It does take a couple of episodes to start really liking it, so hang in there. Good job!


Similar concept to Christian Slater's "My Own Worst Enemy" -- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1217239/ Concept is interesting, though the show quickly moves into disbelief. It would be nice, with all of the massive writing talent that exists for shows and movies to not see so many ideas being so completely unoriginal. The production values are acceptable, as is the acting, but the complete impossibility of someone existing in this manner -- let alone as a "neurosurgeon by day, hedonist by night" -- simply "does not compute." I hope the characters become a little better developed and perhaps our protagonist (antagonist?) will be able to survive past mid-season.


I just finished watching the so called first season of Do No Harm and it was just awesome and it really surprised me that this show was canceled.I never felt bored watching any of the episodes it just got me hooked in from the start, During the first half of the season it reminded me a bit of Dexter (though i am not comparing both). The season finale was just perfect making us curious about what would happen next.I Just hope that they release at least 1 or 2 more episodes just to conclude the series.The acting was really good especially Steven Pasquale who handled both the characters really well.I am not sure why it was given such low ratings ,for me it deserved a 9 if not a perfect 10


for those who haven't watched the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movies or read the book, this series is very enjoyable, very good acting. I especially loved the transitions from Ian->Jason or vise versa. funny how i could always tell who is who despite the madness! i don't agree with its low ratings, this series is actually awesome! i think it was poorly marketed, the poster/logo alone made me delay watching this series for so long but when a friend actually kept raving about it, i decided to watch and was NOT disappointed...

what i read from most negative reviews is that the concept is not original, but in my view they take a well-known split personally good/evil theme and make it something unique! there are so many twists and turns that makes you wonder whether Jason (the good guy/ neurosurgeon) will make it through Ian's madness! i'll dare any one to watch 10 episodes then take 20 guesses on how it will end! You still wont be remotely close to how this story will unfold. Its ending is a stunner, how i wish they could do a second season!


"do no harm" is a show about a successful, brilliant neurosurgeon that battles a strange medical mystery in which he shares half his life with a sociopath alter ego. The show begins after a 5 year stint where Jason has been keeping the "beast within" at bay using a drug, which he has now has developed an immunity to the drug. Thus begins a downward spiral in which an angry sociopath alter ego tries to destroy your carefully constructed world.

The show began with some strong merits, dialogue and acting are all up to par and the polarity between the altruistic doctor do-good and his "gives no shits" alter is stark.

However this show has the unfortunate tendency to use story devices that make you want to take blunt objects to the cranium of its writers. Without spoiling anything specifically, there is a plethora of moments wherein jason "the good guy" is seconds away from overcoming his nemesis and writing his life and the many wrongs his alter, ian price, has committed.

And maybe 6 or 7 times throughout the 13 miserable episodes the way his carefully laid plans are foiled? He specifically tells someone that under no circumstances are they to do whatever it is, call him or tell someone else whatever it might be, tells them in the most firm and assertive and passionate way it is possible to communicate with another human being, and even though they solemnly promise they will not do whatever it is, and with no knowledge of his jason / ian schedule (he flips from one to the other every 12 hours at 8:25) they choose the precise moment he becomes evil murderous ian to pop by and say "hey guess what you're planning to do to yourself and i know i promised i wouldn't say anything but if i didn't randomly break my word the story would end".

They don't even betray him knowing what they are doing, which would at least make their decisions meaningful, they just happen to, despite being begged not to, call up and ruin jason's plan.

There's a woman who the evil ian hurts in a visceral way, almost destroying her life / ending her life. Jason then saves her, then ian finds out and hurts her again. This predates the 5 years of drugged sleep to stop him coming out. After he does resurface he stalks the woman forcing a confrontation. But when push comes to shove despite all the terrible things she knows about one man and all the goodness she has witnessed and knows to be prevalent in the others' life, she chooses the evil personification and once again ruins the plans of the good one.

I strongly suggest not watching this, the show was cancelled on the second aired episode, and although the network may not have known it at the time i for one am glad people were instead watching the lesser evils of americas got talent and dance moms.


So irritated that this show was canceled after only two shows!!!! NBC is crazy and needs to give it another chance! I don't know how they measure viewers but I think how people watch TV has changed so much!!!! Also I hear that they are wanting to target younger audiences , well my children can't buy anything lol!!! We are the product buyers and guess what my teenagers don't watch much prime time TV at all!!! They watch you-tube !!!

Come on NBC get with it!!!!! Sean saves the world , ugh please !we don't need anymore campy shows like this :(

Some of us are educated adults that want a little juice in our shows not silly shows about actors who are basically the same character again and again! I think NBC needs to think about what the #1 book sold last year was Lol.

Thank you!


OK, so I tuned in to this show having seen some adverts and thought it was an interesting idea. No mention was made of it being a Jekyll and Hyde remake. I genuinely thought it was a program tackling the very serious issue of Dissociative identity disorder. It took me a couple of episodes to figure out what the show was trying to do. In that time I became increasingly frustrated by the little details - such as Jason and Ian being chemically different.

Once I worked out that it was Jekyll and Hyde I relaxed a bit more, and have thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the season. The acting was superb, couldn't be faulted at any point. It had real, real potential.

I think it's now clear exactly what went wrong with this show - it sold itself as apples when really it was pears. As a show about Dissociative identity disorder it was woefully misinformed, incorrect on many aspects and sometimes just plain silly. As a remake of the classic it was an outstanding and excellent version.

I don't really understand the idea of being coy in regards to actually outright telling the viewers that it was Jekyll and Hyde. Viewers would have been less confused and fans of the original story (or one of the many variations) may have been more inclined to tune in.

It's very sad that this show hasn't had the chance it deserves. The plot, pace, acting and directing all seemed to be top notch.


I was totally baffled as to what was going on in this series when I first started to watch it. Originally, I first thought the neurosurgeon was a schizophrenic, but wasn't sure what was occurring cause it was so abstract. I even loss interest for a couple of weeks and then went back to watching it, again. Finally, I looked it up on the internet and found it is a take off from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Now I am a more interested in it and hope it continues to run. I would like to know more about the pharmaceutical or chemist who is creating the cure for Dr. Cole. I am finally intrigued that's why I gave it a 9 out of 10 rating.