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Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde (2003) Online

Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde (2003) Online
Original Title :
Dr. Jekyll u0026 Mistress Hyde
Genre :
Creative Work / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Tony Marsiglia
Cast :
Julian Wells,Erin Brown,Ruby Larocca
Writer :
Bruce G. Hallenbeck,Robert Louis Stevenson
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 28min
Rating :
Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde (2003) Online

Dr. Jackie Stevenson is a Los Angeles based therapist and scientist who tries to invent a serum to separate the pure from the lustful side of the female psychosis. After she has an unsuccessful experiment with a female client named Martine, which drove her patient to insanity and to a mental hospital, Jackie tries part of the serum on herself and becomes her lustful alter ego Heidi Hyde; a voracious lesbian who prowls the streets of L.A. after dark looking for carnal pleasures. Things get more weird when "Heidi" picks up a young prostitute named Dawn for a one-night stand, and who begins to visit Jackie for therapy sessions as well. Soon the line between reality and illusion blurs and it leads to Jackie finding out that her husband is cheating on her with her maid Paula which leads "Heidi" to plan a revenge with Dawn's help. Is Dawn really what she appears to be? {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview:
Julian Wells Julian Wells - Dr. Jackie Stevenson / Heidi Hyde
Erin Brown Erin Brown - Martine Flagstone / Dawn Hopkins (as Misty Mundae)
Ruby Larocca Ruby Larocca - Paula Beswick (as Ruby LaRocca)
Andrea Davis Andrea Davis - Ingrid
Boz Tennyson Boz Tennyson - Richard Stevenson

The warehouse set was freezing cold.

The first cut of this film was over two hours long.

Erin Brown was unaware that she was going to play two parts until she read the script on the plane en route to California to do the picture.

The cast and crew averaged eleven to twelve hours a day of work during the shooting of this movie.

User reviews




I bought this DVD as a Christmas present. It was from me to me. I wanted some Julian Wells under my tree. Well, well, well. How very well indeed. Julian invents a green drug that makes her horny. Misty Mundae keeps popping up to satisfy her green drug lust. Wells can't live without Mundae in her life. Will she overdose on nonstop sex with Mundae? Will the viewer?

"Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde" is the Julian and Misty show. They make it with each other five or six times. Wells takes a shot of green ecstasy and only has eyes and lips for Mundae. Wells wants Mundae to dress up like one of her first patients she fell in love with. It's kind of like "Vertigo" but with lesbians.

"Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde" is basically a love story. Mundae and Wells have a lot of sex but it's all pretty chaste. A lot of light kisses. Now I like seeing the ladies kiss but I think I could have gone for some more hot and heavy action. I definitely could have gone for a little more variety with regards to Well's lovers. The best scene is a close-up of Wells as she goes to town on a girl's breasts. Not Mundae's but some other girl with gigantic nipples. See that? Variety man. Spice of life.

Overall, this is a decent softcore flick. It's worth a look. If you want to see Julian Wells and Misty Mundae fall in love, this is the movie for you.


Seduction cinema usually do groaningly awful soft-core spoofs of mainstream movies (Ie. Spiderbabe, play-mate of the Apes, Lord of the G-string, etc.) But this lesbian soft-core about a female Dr. Jekyll coming up with a way to unleash the female libido is played mostly straight (pardon the pun) Not to say that the story is anything but an excuse for the simulated sex, just that it's not jokey. And thats no surprise as Director, Tony Marsiglia tends to distance himself from spoof as well in the better plotted "Sin Sisters". The sex scenes in this one are pretty hot as well. And I hope the girl who plays the maid, gets more famous. if for no other reason that then so can fix those teeth of hers.

The Goods: 6 sex scenes (solo, F/F, bondage, orgy) striptease

Babe of the Movie: Julian Wells is hot

Seduction Cinemas limited edition DVD Extras: an interview with Misty Mundae & Julian Wells (8 minutes); Making of documentary ( nearly 80 minutes?!!?); theatrical trailer; and the usual myriad of Trailers for other Seduction Cinema titles. The second disk is just a music soundtrack CD

My Grade: C+


I'm not going to lie and say this movie is good for anything for than softcore porn. One of my friends told me that this is not like most softcore flicks, because it actually has a good story. I don't happen to agree one bit. I could spend weeks dismantling this movie aesthetically. I understand it was shot on an extremely low-budget, but even skin flicks usually contain sets that are dressed up to appear like certain locations. The movie opens on a talk show set, and it literally just shows close-ups of the host and interviewee against an anonymous background. They don't even face each other and they're individually framed, not even hiding from the audience the fact that they shot each woman separately. I'm guessing they shot the whole movie with one video camera, because there are moments where you see a woman's body and her face in isolated shots, even though there were no body doubles involved. If there's anything good I can say about the movie aesthetically, it's that the acting is not bad. The actresses are actually fairly convincing.

I once saw Richard Roeper review an erotic foreign film, and he said that, "If I rave about a comedy because it makes me laugh, then I guess this movie makes me feel proud that I'm a man with 20/20 vision." The moral of that statement is that men are often afraid to admit something is erotic and a turn-on to them, with the risk of being called perverts. I'm not afraid to admit that this movie is very erotic, and it succeeds on that level. The first 30-minutes-or-so contains softcore oral sex scenes, which are obviously simulated and something laughable, but the rest of the movie really takes off. And just my good luck, 95 percent of the sex scenes involve girl-on-girl activity. That's right, no men involved. And I can honestly say that I found every actress in the movie attractive, especially the lead actress who looks even more sexy in glasses and a business suit. Unlike many girl-on-girl scenes, the actresses looked like they were really into what they were doing, and not like they're just anticipating reactions from the horny guys in the audience.

My score: 7 (out of 10)


Rating as a softcore flick: C+

Watching Seduction Cinema flicks are a considerably different experience than most other movies of the softcore genre. They usually have poorer production values, attempt at having a plot that constantly shifts in tone, and feature women who, shall I put it kindly, are usually plain and not all that attractive.

But there are exceptions to that last rule, as I had an immediate crush on Laurie Wallace when I first saw her in The Erotic Witch Project, thus my only reason to seek out the rest of her films under Seduction. This eventually led me to Witchbabe, which had one fairly short scene in it with Julian Wells, but it was enough to make clear that Laurie would have some competition as the hottest chick in Seduction (though, as far as I'm aware, Laurie now works for Torchlight Pictures).

So Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde marks the first movie I've seen with Julian in the lead role, and all things considered, it's not such a bad softcore movie. Sure, most of the other women are unattractive, particularly Ruby Larocca and the overrated Misty Mundae, but almost every scene features Julian in it, enough to carry me through the short 70 or so minutes.

The film actually tries to work as a serious psychological drama and as a titillating skin flick, and this is where the problems mostly lie. When it concentrates on the former, it's mostly a disaster. While the cinematography is surprisingly solid and atmospheric, the acting and script simply aren't good enough to make any of the drama believable. The performances are especially pathetic, with Larocca sounding like she's having difficulty memorizing her lines.

But as a softcore extravaganza, the movie gets just enough right to get a passable recommendation. It is unfortunate, though, that an early masturbation scene with Julian looks as if it boasted a body double in her place, even though such a move makes no sense in this genre. Otherwise, though, I would say the movie is worth watching for those who find Julian Wells an absolute hottie.


Uptight and controversial therapist Dr. Jackie Stevenson (an excellent performance by the ravishing Julian Wells) concocts an experimental serum that separates the pure and lustful halves of the female psyche. After first trying out the serum on depressed patient Martine (a fine and appealing portrayal by the adorable Misty Mundae), Jackie decides to use the serum on herself and transforms into Heidi, an aggressive and voracious lesbian who roams the streets looking for lovely young ladies to seduce. Heidi meets and falls for Dawn (also played by Mundae), a sweet hooker who may not be as innocent as she seems. Director Tony Marsiglia, working from a crafty and inspired script by Bruce G. Hallenbeck, relates the engrossing story at a brisk pace, maintains a generally serious tone throughout, does an ace job of creating and sustaining a downright intoxicating sensuous and erotic atmosphere, further spices things up with a sly sense of wickedly funny humor, and, of course, delivers a satisfying plenitude of tasty distaff skin and scorching hot girl-on-girl action. The strong and convincing chemistry between Wells and Mundae keeps the picture humming; it's not just expectedly arousing, but also surprisingly tender and moving. Moreover, Boz Tennyson sleazes it up deliciously as Jackie's foul lout husband Richard, the stunning Andrea Davis burns up the screen as delectable talk show host Ingrid, and enticing redhead Ruby Larocca has a fairly minor, but still cool role as timid maid Paula. Dang Lenawae's crisp cinematography boasts lots of atmospheric film noir style lighting and gives the movie a pleasing polished look. Don Mike's lively and neatly varied score blends classical music, bouncy mambo, and straight-out rock into a heady and thrilling mix. Best of all, this film even comes complete with a sound and provocative central theme on deep repression, lustful addiction, and forbidden love and passion. And the genuinely startling dark twist ending packs a real jolting punch, too. Well worth a watch.


If you have read the classic, you might notice a slight deviation in plot. I am confused by the second disc. Does anyone really want the soundtrack to this movie?

If your idea of Jekyll and Hyde is a lot of girl on girl action, then this movie is for you. Misty always seems to wear the same outfit in all of her movies: a Catholic school girl uniform with stockings and heels. Not that it looks bad on her, but can we move on to another fantasy? It was hard to judge the acting because there was little dialogue.

In the trailers I was surprised to discover there was an actual script for the movie. Imagine getting paid for writing this. Wouldn't you feel guilty cashing the check? Unless of course they slipped some over hormone teen a Jackson for it.


I'll make this short and sweet: Dr. Jekyll & Mistress Hyde is definitely worth watching at least once, but the making-of featurette (which curiously runs longer than the actual movie) is a doozy. Watch Misty Mundae chain smoke in the car, in the hotel room, on the set, etc. See Julian Wells' ripped up granny panties and deliver a hilarious 9/11 Q&A session with the director. And is Ruby Esmerelda LaRocca always so damned hyper? Misty is even more adorable in her glasses, sans makeup, hanging out in her room and taking a stroll down the Strip. Oh my God, could I be in love? It's very possible. Too bad she's into guys, too. Sigh...


I got my introduction to Seduction Cinema a couple of weeks ago with the decent 'Sin Sisters', and while it was a long way both from being brilliant and from the hardcore pornography I'm used to; it was just about good enough to warrant seeing another. Dr Jekyll and Mistress Hyde is very much along the same lines as Sin Sisters in terms of style and plotting, although as the title suggests; the film takes it's backbone from the Robert Louis Stevenson classic novel 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'. The film puts lesbian sex at its forefront (nothing wrong with that) and probably took about two minutes to write. Stevenson's classic easily lends itself to a sex film, and here we focus on Dr Jackie Stevenson (nice name...), a female scientist that has developed a drug to do...something...to women. After trying it on herself, she develops an alter-ego - except this time the alter ego doesn't turn to murder, it turns to having sex with the sultry Misty Mundae, whom Jackie meets at a bus stop. From there, we follow the bizarre love story to its unexpected final twist.

The film looks like it was shot with a video camera and probably cost just a fistful of dollars to make. The performances are terrible, with the female leads looking great while delivering awful lines of dialogue in a horribly wooden way. This doesn't matter, of course, as the whole point of the film is simply for its male audience members to enjoy themselves, although it doesn't deliver too much on that front either. Like the performances, the sex is wooden and fake looking and while the initial seduction between Misty Mundae and Julian Wells is rather nice, the rest of the film just sort of rolls on. However, despite its many shortcomings - Dr Jekyll and Mistress Hyde is a real fun film to watch. It's all so stupid that you'd have to be completely humourless not to have a laugh at it, and watching the female leads go at each other is nice even though it's not very well done. Mundae and Wells bode extremely well together as they're polar opposites, and it's obvious that director Tony Marsiglia knows that. The ending feels incredibly tacked on; but given all the lacklustre ways they could have ended it, the conclusion isn't too bad. Overall; this film is OK with me.
Nothing personal

Nothing personal

Feminist scientist Dr. Jacqueline Stevenson (Julian Wells) has written a controversial new book called "The Repression Syndrome," which details how women are usually forced into two categories: the virginal ("pure") and the slutty ("lustful"). As a result, widespread sexual repression has run rampant and the doctor has created a new serum called "Euphoria" that she hopes will help to release women's inhibitions. Suicidal and sexually repressed Martine Flagstone (Misty Mundae in a black wig) shows up in Jacqueline's office and volunteers to be her first guinea pig, but the drug works TOO well on her and she ends up in an insane asylum, driven crazy by lust. Jacqueline reformulates the drug and ends up taking it herself, transforming into the insatiable Heidi Hyde. She picks up a Catholic schoolgirl / teen runaway named Dawn (Mundae with her normal hair) who's a dead ringer for Martine, and ends up falling for her. Meanwhile, Jacqueline's chauvinist pig husband Richard (Boz Tennyson) is keeping himself busy with their maid Paula (Ruby LaRocca). Things come full circle at the end.

This is an erotic spin on "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and really not bad by Seduction Cinema standards. All of the females in the cast (particularly the two leads) are attractive, frequently nude and there's plenty of soft-core girl-girl scenes throughout. I expected all that but what I didn't really expect was for this to be fairly well made and serious-minded. With an obviously tiny budget at his disposal, the director attempts to turn all of his limitations into assets. Care was obviously put into the screenplay (courtesy of Bruce G. Hallenbeck), editing and sound and, while the sets are all blank and vacant, they're also carefully lit to give them a bold, sort of 'color noir' appearance. It's minimalism in the extreme but it's also about as stylish as the budget would allow. And this is certainly no worse than a lot of more acclaimed erotica people like Jess Franco or Jean Rollin were cranking out in the 70s and 80s.

As per usual with these sort of films, the story often drags, but that's pretty much par for the course. The absence of much comedy (this is more a psychological drama despite the spoof-like title) also makes it stand out from most other Seduction Cinema offerings, as do the two leads, who deserve credit for adequately enacting out the scenario and taking their roles seriously. My favorite was Wells, who is really hot, especially with minimal makeup and in her business suit and glasses, and also a decent actress. There's also a pretty good - albeit grim - twist at the end.


It should come as no shock that this film bears little resemblance to the book it is based on. This film throws out most of the plot, characters, thought, and language of the book. But it does add boobies, so hope all is not lost. Julian Wells, Misty Mundae, Ruby Larocca, Andrea Davis, and a very ugly man star in this movie. I will never understand Tony Marsiglia's need to have a man in his movies, but at least he is only in two scenes. Ruby gets the shaft in this movie...I mean she is only in the two scenes with vum. Ruby gets no orgy this time? Was she bad? If Andrea Davis could work on her "acting" a little, she could do very well in these movies. She has pretzel nub nipples. Some of the sex looks fake and the drab locations are no fun. Stick with Marsiglia's superior Sin Sisters.

P.S. If I don't stop humming "Something's Come Over Me," from the DJ&MH soundtrack, I may have to dance.