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White Bits (2003) Online

White Bits (2003) Online
Original Title :
White Bits
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Short
Year :
Directror :
Alexander Jovy
Cast :
Nick Moran,Georgia Zaris,James Daffern
Writer :
Ross Jameson,Stephen Pipe
Type :
Time :
Rating :
White Bits (2003) Online

Tracy has just finished showering, when the bell rings. She goes to the door, only wearing a towel. It is Dave asking about her boyfriend Pete. At the moment Pete is showering and the conversation turns into vacations. Dave comments on the lovely tan of Tracy and makes comments about the white bits on her skin. Suddenly he offers her money, 200 pounds. All he needs is just one glimpse.
Cast overview:
Nick Moran Nick Moran - Dave
Georgia Zaris Georgia Zaris - Tracey
James Daffern James Daffern - Pete

User reviews



I saw this short on Atom's website. The 4 minutes deal with Dave (Nick Moran from "Lock, stock & two smoking barrels") wanting to see his friend's Girlfriend's "White Bits" (I guess that term's a Brit thing) and he has the cash to provide incentive. Basically a five minute version of an old joke which I'm sure everyone has heard before. Georgia Zaris as Tracey is easy on the eyes, but that's the only thing I can think of to say about this short. In conclusion, good acting, good looking actress, a rather stale joke all add up to a short that's just average. I AM thinking of seeing the rather boring sounding "Labyrinth" (the 2003 one, not the old David Bowie one, which was not boring in the least) just to see more of Georgia Zaris's hotness, however.

My Grade: C