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Naaka Bandi (1990) Online

Naaka Bandi (1990) Online
Original Title :
Naaka Bandi
Genre :
Movie / Action / Crime / Drama / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Shibu Mitra
Cast :
Dharmendra,Chunky Pandey,Sonam
Type :
Rating :
Naaka Bandi (1990) Online

Truck-driver Dharam Singh lives a middle-classed lifestyle along with wife, Banto, and son, Raja. He adopts an orphan, Veer Singh. When his brother, Kaalia, returns after being discharged from jail, he asks him to leave. Then he turns in some smugglers, who are arrested and imprisoned. But their boss, Mangal Singh, confronts Dharam, and ends up killing both Dharam and his wife. With the police hot on his tail, Mangal disappears, leaving Veera to bring up Raja with the help of Mehar, their neighbor. Years later, Veera and Raja have grown up with Veera looking after the trucking business, and Raja studying in college. The Police have been unable to even locate Mangal Singh. Veera would like to avenge his foster father's brutal killing, but before he could do so, Kaalia re-enters their lives, instigates Raja against Veera. As a result Raja accuses Veera of theft and asks him to leave. The question does remain: Will Veera and Raja ever reconcile? What exactly was Kaalia's motive in ...
Credited cast:
Dharmendra Dharmendra - Veer 'Veera' Singh
Chunky Pandey Chunky Pandey - Raja 'Munna' D. Singh
Sonam Sonam - Sonia
Sridevi Sridevi - Geeta / Seeta
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sadashiv Amrapurkar Sadashiv Amrapurkar - Kaalia Singh
Beena Banerjee Beena Banerjee - Shanti M. Singh
Rakesh Bedi Rakesh Bedi - Tularam
Birbal Birbal - Cameo (song "Rekha Ko Dekha")
Brahmachari Brahmachari - Banwarilal
Master Bunty Master Bunty - Child who saved by Veera from goons when trying to snatch food
Sunil Dhawan Sunil Dhawan - Geeta's Father
Mangal Dhillon Mangal Dhillon - Inspector
Manik Irani Manik Irani - Goon who tries to beat-up a child
Kamaldeep Kamaldeep - Smuggler
Satyendra Kapoor Satyendra Kapoor - Mehar

After Aag Hi Aag & Yadoon Ki Zanjeer, Naaka Bandi was yet another big and major film of director Shibu Mitra and at that time he was making 4-5 films toghether, he is a first worker. and this was the only film of Shibu Mitra and Sridevi worked toghether.

In this film, Dharmendra and Sridevi were first and last time were paired toghether. Although they had apperead together in many films but they were not paired toghether in those films.

A big major film like Naaka Bandi, usually take time to complete, but this film was completed quickly.

Only film of Sridevi and Sonam.

Only film to have Sridevi and Chunkey Pandey.But they weren't paired with each other.

Sridevi reprises Gabbar Singh act in the song Sridevi Lagti Hu along side Mac Mohan who was Amjad Khan's (Gabbar Singh's) sidekick Sambha in Sholay 1975.

The song Main Lagti Hoon Sridevi Jaisi was first shot differently. In the first version of the song when the names of the actress's were mentioned, their black and white photo was shown. When the director saw the rushes,he was disappointed and knew something was missing. The black and white pictures were then turned to color digitally, but still something was lacking. It was the. Sridevi suggested the entire song be filmed on her with no pictures shown.

Nakka Bandi was in the news when Dharmendra accidentally punched Sadashiv Amrapurkar. The scene required Dharmendra to sit in a corner while Sridevi flirted with Sadashiv. For some reason Dharmendra got up and punched Sadashiv right in the face causing him to get knocked out cold. Everyone in the unit was clapping thinking it was a part of the scene. But director Shiibhu got up all upset and reminded Dharmendra that he was suppose to sit quietly in the scene. Dharmendra felt bad for hurting Sadashiv and apologized over and over again. Many later assumed Dharmendra was drunk thus that was the reason of the misjudgment in the que.