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Pseudo (2012) Online

Pseudo (2012) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Action / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Gursimran Dhillon
Cast :
Naresh Kumar,TayShawn Prinse,Manwinder Gill
Writer :
Gursimran Dhillon,Colin Drake
Budget :
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Rating :

A detective with questionable methods enlists his group of friends to take down the drug dealers who control his city.

Pseudo (2012) Online

In a city where streets are overrun by drug dealers, those who have sworn to uphold the law are breaking it to better suit their own needs. Naresh K plays a detective (Sleaze), a veteran officer whose methods of enforcing the law are questionable, if not corrupt. 'PSEUDO' follows Sleaze as he takes the law in his own hands and co-ordinates a series of raids with his gang of friends. Ethical dilemmas arise when things go wrong and friends turn on each other as a game of cat and mouse ensues.
Cast overview:
Naresh Kumar Naresh Kumar - Sleaze
TayShawn Prinse TayShawn Prinse - Jamal
Manwinder Gill Manwinder Gill - Chima
Paul Grewal Paul Grewal - Dirty Harry
Sahaj Malhotra Sahaj Malhotra - Chima's Wife
Raji Samra Raji Samra - Lefty
Thi Vo Thi Vo - Johnny
Zarif Alibhai Zarif Alibhai - Juggy
Aadila Dosani Aadila Dosani - Ruby
Amrit Sandhu Amrit Sandhu - Juggy's Brother

User reviews



To be honest I was not expecting a Hollywood blockbuster due to the low budget nature of the production, but I was pleasantly surprised by the professional feel of the film. I found the film initially slow to begin but soon gathered pace as you were drawn into the storyline.The performances of the 4 friends Cheema, Jamal,Johnny and Duggy were good and the dialogue flowed well between them.Naresh K's character, Sleaze came across as a complex and manipulative individual and I think the film should have spent a little more time explaining the background to his character, i.e. how he got to know the crew, and uncover more about his murky and dark past. The gangster character, Harry, for me lacked menace and appeared to be miscast for the role. I could not take him seriously with his boneheaded right hand man Lefty. I would also expect a gangster of the calibre portrayed be dirty Harry to have had more involvement in certain fights and killings in the film.

However, putting these minor issues aside, this film turned out to be a compelling watch with an unexpected twist in the plot.


Canadian based Bollywood cross-over film is rarely heard or seen in todays time, we normally hear about an American based Bollywood- Crossover and now that that a Canadian cross0-over film has been raving all over fans just cannot get enough of it.

"Pseudo-Blood Of Our Own" a film that deals with real issues, reality, street life, drug use, gang violence and most of all individuals and their family affected by it.

The film is about 4 friends, Cheema, Jamal, Johnny, and Juggy played by Manwinder Gill, Tayshawn Prinse, Thi Vo and Zarif Alibhai along with a cop by the name of Sleaze played by Naresh K.

These 4 friends are left together in the world of drug trafficking and endure themselves in a big assignment which will be their last as each of them want to live a normal life after it. With the help of Sleaze they set out to this one last mission before they go back to their family clean and begin fresh, but something goes wrong that prolongs their assignment and sees a no exit for all friends as they are stuck with where they got themselves into, with a big twist and shocker which is not predicted at all when you watch the film.

The film begins by introducing each character by a simple narrative dialogue and carries it on to introducing each character's household and shows what one goes through that maybe forces them to get into drug life or affects them while they are in one.

Each character has performed its role convincingly where when you see them on screen it looked very natural. Scenes of each of the actors in their household with the family would remind you of your own home interns of language spoken inside the household, parents and wife and kids in the household. Other characters that stand out when they were in the frame was "Dirty Harry" and his sidekick "Lefty" the Drug Lord played by Paul Grewal and Raji Samra. Whenever they came on the screen their timings were perfect, I would say they can play the modern day Sanjay Dutt and his side kick from the hit movie Vaastav

The story was written very well to the point no indirect issues, it was bang on to the point. The director's vision was this is the story, this is how we are going to portray it and action DONE!. The director filmed each character's own life very beautifully, showing how they live their life at home and on the streets hence how they are affected in all.

The director Gursimran Dhillon picked a very strong topic to make a film on, every youth, parent, wife will related to it one way or the other. The director took a big risk in making a film on drug trafficking as he probably faced a lot of challenges and negative vibe around his community for making a film like this, but at the end of the day Dhillon took the risk and got nothing but positive reviews from not only his own community but every community. Also one other element the director used was actors were chosen from different ethnicity, being a South Asian Punjabi Bollywood cross-over film you will see two of the main characters along with some of the supporting casts in the film were not South Asians. Very uniquer and different approach by Dhillon.

The movie delivers a very good message about outcomes in drug trafficking and gang violence and what it does to an individual and their family. More so the message what really surprises the audience is who the message was delivered by in the movie. Once they see that many people will have a clear mind and hopefully stereotypes will be erased from their heads.

All in all this film created by Canadian Youth South Asian Gursimran and Harsimran Dhillon has raised the bar of Canadian Bollywood Cross-Over film and will define a new genre of cinema in the Canadian and Overseas market. This movie is a must watch as it became the first Cross-Over film to get an instant hit a week before its release.

As Friday afternoon hits for everyone in North America, do plan to spend it in the cinemas as "Pseudo Blood Of Our Own" is bound to bring you a smile on your face.


Being a first time movie critic, (Canadian Style Bollywood movies)I was blown away and in awe with this movie. From the beginning of the movie to the end it had you guessing what was happening next. When you thought you knew what was going on...Bam it changed in another direction. Brilliant absolutely brilliant. This is a flick where all the characters had a role which suited them and they all played the character with "Gusto!" From the Police, to the best friends to even Harry, all the characters where brilliantly acted.

The writer's and director's of this movie went "ABOVE AN BEYOND" when they created this flick. For a directors/writer's debut once again it was fantastic and nothing but a great review. I hope they team up again for another movie with the same style of acting and heart and soul that they definitely put into this one.

Bravo Gentleman, Simply........Bravo.


At first i was a little skeptical about watching the film , but i gave it a shot . I was very shocked at the outcome , a lot of twists and turns in the film.

The director was great at selecting the perfect set of Actors for this film, everyone gave off a great aura and set themselves apart from each other. I personally loved Cheema , Sleaze and Jamal .

Those actors did an incredible portraying the characters they played, i feel as if those were really them , didn't feel like they were acting at all.

With this film You never know what is going to happen next . The Ending was the best by far , especially for and indie flick. a definite must watch !!! loved it


Awesome indie flick. 100 minutes of pure entertainment. Keeps you guessing and the ending is a real surprise. Acting by most characters is very for newcomers. Some characters could have acted better but overall they did pretty good. Best of the bunch are Sleaze and Jamal. The best thing about the film is direction and cinematography. The feel is something you get in mainstream films not in most indie films. The locations chosen are also very good. If you understand Punjabi, the song 'Paise Da Khel' is very meaningful and in my view a very good addition to add that element of realism to the story. Overall, highly recommend it and worth watching at least once.


I really loved this film, and I'm so glad I came across it!!

The first thing to catch my eye in the beginning of the film is the bond these four friends shared. It's not the typical brotherhood you're used to seeing on screen as they are all very culturally diverse individuals. Each one going through their own separate, intense struggles. 

Second thing I was really impressed with was the cinematography! It was exquisite. I felt the lighting was set perfectly to match the essence of the film. Just amazing quality overall.

The lifestyle this film portrays is very alien to me. It seemed very raw and brutal, and despite all the violence, and betrayal, I really believe this film has a good message, for all of those like myself that know very little about this. It really had me at the edge of my seat with all the unexpected twists and turns. It was incredibly eye opening. I loved that I was able to take something from it. 

I was very impressed with the acting in this movie. I recognize Naresh K (Sleaze) and Tayshawn Prinse (Jamal) from their occupations apart from acting. Naresh is a very well known, accomplished model and Tayshawn also models and is working his way up in the music industry. I think they both did a brilliant job, I'd like to see more of them! 

Overall I really enjoyed watching this film and I recommend it to everyone.


In this film i thought two main characters Sleaze ( Naresh Kumar ) and Cheema ( Manwinder Gill) did a fantastic job on their roles.

I thought that Cheema could have done better though.

To emphasize on that is that Cheema didn't really make himself look like that he was the leader of the gang so i thought his character should have been more stronger and powerful.

Sleaze did the best acting overall in this movie i have no cons to say about him.

This movie would be best for adults i recommend.

I would love to see a sequel for this movie because there were some untold parts on what happened to who and the families.


Pseudo – Blood of Our Own

A film directed by Gursimran Dhillon and Cast: Naresh K., Manwinder Gill, and TayShawn Prinse.

Good cop or a bad cop? Sinner or a saint? The story of these three main characters, Chima, Jamal, and Sleaze will unfold with every page turning to an edge of the seat thriller. I went to the film premiere with an open mind and the assumption of an average cop and criminal 2 star movie; instead, this film locked me in within the first 5 minutes.

Each character brought spark to the table, Chima a settled but unstable man, Jamal a man trying to get a head, and Sleaze a character beyond my understanding. Their performances were exceptional and the story is very well written. Nothing about this film is predictable.

To sum up the plot of this story: When times get tough, situations in this case, become even tougher.

I give this film 5 out of 5 stars! If you're looking for a film of depth, complications, twists and turns, and reasoning, then this is the story for you. There is nothing simple about it and you will definitely enjoy every 105 minutes of this action thriller.


I went to watch Pseudo, but was initially in 2 minds, as you never know what to expect when watching a film produced on a low budget. I was also wary about an Asian director attempting to cross over and direct an English film, as there is always the concern, whether they still will make it too much Bollywood style. However I thought I would give it a go, as I wanted to try something different and also to see whether I could be wrong?

Wrong I surely was, as I walked out pleasantly surprised and was surely mistaken with my preconceptions. There are advantages and disadvantages to the film, as you would expect with most films on a low budget, but I can honestly say I walked out watching a well produced film that I did enjoy, even more so, than some films on a big budget. The main problem I found was that in certain places the background music was too loud, but that is a production fault and not that of the actors.

There were some weak points in the film, and a little more initial thought and direction would have made the film somewhat better, like stronger characters for some of the acting roles. However what really struck out to me from the film was the British actor 'Sleaze', known as Naresh K.

Even this alone made watching the film worthwhile. I was extremely pleased with his professional approach and acting skills throughout the movie. An outstanding job by Naresh K, where he made many parts of the film and particularly his role portrayed as reality and this is what really got me interested in the film more than anything.

The other actors were good also, but I think Naresh K definitely is a perfectionist and he played the main acting role flawlessly. I truly believe Naresh K is an actor to watch out for in the near future, so if any producers or directors are reading this, you have your man! An upcoming star and someone I can honestly say I would love to watch again on the big screen.

I don't like to give too much away, as I hate films being ruined, but all in all, the film exceeded my expectations. I would recommend it to friends and family to watch. If you are looking for something different with twists and turns, or you just wish to offer support to the director and actors, all of whom have tried to hit on something different, then just go for it!


Pseudo Blood of Our Own is an excellent film with fantastic experienced and first time actors.

It is a film that shows human natures kind and darker and also makes you think what are the most important things in Life? Money? Family? Friends? Honour? Drugs? Violence?

I am sure you will find out the answer for yourself by watching this highly recommended film who's lead actor Naresh K plays a very convincing hard man cop gone bad.

There is a great twist at the end which leave you wanting more.

So if I was you I would got onto the I-Tunes store and enjoy just under two hrs of enthralling entertainment. You can thank me after :-)


I was pleasantly surprised after watching "Pseudo Blood of Our Own". Before entering the theatre i was expecting another low quality badly shot and acted independent film with little or no story line. "Pseudo" rid me of all these misconceptions immediately, from beginning to end i found it to be a fast paced, highly entertaining film.

The cast of debut actors such as the lead Naresh K along with Tayshawn Prinse and Winder Gill gave outstanding performances in their respective roles. For first time actors on the big screen they out did themselves with emotionally charged and believable performances. Considering my short attention span i found this film to be very enthralling! It managed to keep me interested with the fast paced story line and suspenseful plot.

For a film that lacked a "Hollywood budget" it was well directed and compiled together in a manner which is impressive to me as an audience member, In fact "Pseudo" ended up entertaining me more then many Hollywood or bollywood films have. It is evident while watching this film that it was put together by a highly talented cast and crew despite it being a debut full feature project for most of those involved.

I give Naresh K, Tayshawn P and Winder a 9+ out of 10 for giving performances that carried the film and kept me entertained throughout. I look forward to seeing these actors in more feature films and expect that they will only excel their craft. Over all i give "Psuedo" an 8 out of 10 and i would recommend everyone to watch this film as i know that it will surpass their expectations and all audience members will be left satisfied after watching this film :)

go for it!


Pseudo was a film that dealt wit real life events.

It gives you a very good insight in what happens in drug related incidents.

Acting in the film was really good from everyone. We were very privileged to be part of the premiere to support our friend Naresh K.

He played a very intense character within the film which he gave us two sides of him.

He kept us on the edge as we did not know where the character is going.

Every character had a vital input within the film. As this is the first Canadian Bollywood film it was directed well. The music within the film was really good and it tied in with the storyline.


Walking into a cinema to watch a low budget independent film either means your passionate about film or nothing commercial takes to your fancy. In my case it's the first... With low expectations and an unknowing sense of wanting it to be a good film out of the south Asian in my blood trying to support Canadian Indians, Pseudo really took me a back and surprised me.

The first scene out of focus drew me in to the film followed by some great title packaging. Performances of Sleeze, Cheema and Jamal were excellent. They really brought the essence of the film out. Each of their characters had a lighter of darker side that highlighted the others performance. Sleeze and Cheema interested me the most and I would love to see the prequel to their story.

Cinematography was outstanding...hats off! Was truly impressed by the way the film was shot. The direction and story line were brilliant however I do wish more time was spent developing certain characters before the camera rolled.

The downside was the sound. The soundtrack is brilliant...I really liked it, I just wished the dubbing was a little louder as it was drowned out by the music. I wish the film had not been dubbed, the performances would have been outstanding...

A great watch... A must see... Look out for Sleeze, Cheema and Jamaal.


I had low expectations for Pseudo and was not expecting much as an independently produced film, but I was pleasantly surprised. The film is set in Canada in the underground drug trafficking world.

The film is beautifully shot, but the continuity member of the production team should be sacked and some of the editing was questionable. The film itself starts off slow by setting the context of the film in the first half; however the tempo speeds up in the second. What stood out for me was the relationship with all five members of the crew, and how Sleaze a very sinister character in the film with psychotic tendencies and born killer instincts, was initially used as eye candy in the film, but later in the film his character takes the movie into a different direction. Sleaze is craftily played by young and up-coming actor Naresh K who has strong crossover appeal, with great screen presence and lead actor potential. However, there were several other actors with whom I was less impressed with, for e.g. Dirty Harry who played a parody of a gangster and lefty could have been more aggressive, but both worked well as a double comedy act (possibly an attempt to hit the Bollywood market). Cheema was less convincing as a credible gangster crew leader, but played it the best he could, casting director probably at fault; I think my mum could have taken him on! I was impressed with Jamal played by Tay Shawn with an interesting twist near the end.

You should watch this movie if you want something different to a predictable Bollywood movie, and secondly to support the new breed of South Asian based cast and directors coming through looking to cater for the new generation of South Asians who have been influenced by Western movies.

For a first attempt and probably a limited budget I would give this film 8 out of 10, as the story and plot is very good and the twists in the film are interesting and well crafted.