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Aussie and Ted's Great Adventure (2009) Online

Aussie and Ted's Great Adventure (2009) Online
Original Title :
Aussie and Tedu0027s Great Adventure
Genre :
Movie / Family
Year :
Directror :
Shuki Levy
Cast :
Alyssa Shafer,Kirstin Eggers,Leo Howard
Writer :
Tori Avey,Shuki Levy
Type :
Time :
1h 29min
Rating :

Aussie, a lovable Australian mutt, embarks on a mission to return his young owner's missing Teddy Bear.

Aussie and Ted's Great Adventure (2009) Online

Aussie, a lovable Australian mutt, embarks on a mission to return his young owner's missing Teddy Bear. {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview, first billed only:
Alyssa Shafer Alyssa Shafer - Laney Brooks
Kirstin Eggers Kirstin Eggers - Amelia Brooks (as Kirstin Q. Eggers)
Leo Howard Leo Howard - Eric Brooks
Emily Kuroda Emily Kuroda - Mei Mei
Angela Martinez Angela Martinez - Monica
Brandon Ng Brandon Ng - Yi Chen
Alejandro Patiño Alejandro Patiño - Carlos (as Alejandro Patino)
Timothy Starks Timothy Starks - Mr. Jones (as Tim Starks)
Dabier Dabier - Justin Jones
Carlos McCullers II Carlos McCullers II - Noah Jones (as Carlos McCullers)
Vanessa Bell Calloway Vanessa Bell Calloway - Mrs. Jones
Brian Burrows Brian Burrows - Mortimer
Peter Kwong Peter Kwong - Mr. Chen
Odessa Chiklis Odessa Chiklis - Samantha
Jordan Levy Jordan Levy - Julia

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Michael Brooks (Dean Cain) lives with his wife and two pre-teen children in San Francisco. He is a writer and he's just been told that there is no market for his new book. The family is going to lose their house and have to find another residence. Well, there is an aunt in the countryside (Beverly D'Angelo). Also in the family is a darling dog, Aussie, who is especially close to daughter Laney. One day, Michael visits an old friend in Chinatown and she gives him a stuffed bear present for Laney. Naturally, Laney adores the toy and sleeps with him close to her, the spot formally reserved for Aussie. Poor little canine! He becomes jealous and tries to get rid of the teddy bear. But, after hiding him in the trash, the toy is picked up by the garbage man. Laney, searching for her bear, can't find him and is very sad. So sad that Aussie, very sorry for his deed, begins a search to bring teddy back home. Through parks, abandoned houses, homeless venues and more, Aussie tries to find teddy. Will he succeed? This is a darling film, and, a great adventure indeed for families. The cast is great, even though Cain and D'Angelo may be the only well-known names. The Australian voicing the little dog is marvelous. But, it is the story that is most amazing, for it has many twists and turns, with humor sprinkled throughout. The direction, too, is full of life and the costumes, sets, and production values are nice. Also, it is fine example of a multi-cultural experience, since several ethnic groups are pictured. If you are looking high and low for a new film to show your loved ones, here it is! It is a wholesome, surefire winner that the entire family will cherish.


In San Francisco, Michael Brooks is a writer of children's books, but no publisher seems to want new material from him right now. His wife Amelia sells real estate and has a hard time dealing with stress (I've never seen anyone so stressed WHILE doing yoga). And the landlord wants to sell their house, and if they can't buy it they have to leave.

The two children get nice presents for doing well in school. Laney gets a magical teddy bear named Ted, which Michael found in Mei Mei's store in Chinatown. Ted glows and seems to be able to talk. Laney's brother Eric thinks that's just silly.

Aussie is the dog with the Australian accent who narrates the story. He is jealous of Ted because he and Laney were best friends, so he hides Ted, and when Ted is found he hides Ted in a better place. And when Carlos rakes the leaves at the Brooks house, he finds Ted but doesn't notice him. Fortunately, Aussie has a great sense of smell (though he admits he's not as good as a bloodhound) and is able to find Ted as Carlos is leaving. But Aussie is only able to follow Ted, and the bear keeps getting away.

Meanwhile, Michael's Aunt Zelda needs someone to watch her farm while she goes to South Africa. Michael always loved visiting the farm, and the kids seem enthusiastic, but Amelia doesn't want to go. The family seems to have no other choice, though. And Laney is upset about losing Ted and now Aussie.

In the process of searching for Ted, Aussie meets Cricket, a pretty Pomerian who belongs to a reporter for Channel One news. The big and mean Rufus is jealous of Aussie. Other animals who seem to be able to talk are Mei Mei's bird, an orange tabby cat named Recess, a porcupine, and a shark.

Ted's adventures take him into several different cultures. We are reminded that as many times as Caucasian children have had a piñata at birthday parties, it was a Latino custom first. Ted also finds his way into the hands of a Chinese child and a black child, and even a homeless man. There is a parade with a dragon in Chinatown.

No matter what the situation, Ted manages to find his way to safety, sometimes by communicating with the child or animal.

Meanwhile, the Brooks family has their own adventures on the farm. They seem to be enjoying themselves, but Amelia may never adjust.

This is a good clean movie with no offensive content unless you count the time Aussie remembers what happened when he ate chili and uses it as a weapon. And no matter how dangerous the situation appears, nothing really bad happens.

I do a couple of complaints about the movie. Amelia is just plain annoying. And the writing for the people doesn't seem particularly intelligent. Believe it or not, it is possible to make a movie children can watch which has some challenge. But in this movie, only the animals seem to have at least some lines which aren't corny.

This is a fun adventure for the whole family.
The Rollers of Vildar

The Rollers of Vildar

The Dove foundation seems to enjoy notoriety for giving positive reviews to extremely bad children's films. Generally, if a Dove review is featured on a film's artwork, it means the general reception was so bad that any positive review by a critic would be featured. This film is no exception to that rule.

The acting in this film is bad. It features bad child actors, bad adult actors and bad voice actors for the animals. The general premise relies entirely on the idea that an entire neighbourhood is happy to let their dogs roam the streets of San Francisco without supervision. There are scenes that build up to something that never happens, and only serve to pad the run-time. There are bizarre continuity errors that could easily be fixed by someone simply reviewing the footage.

There are only three positive things that come to mind about this film. Firstly, it's a film about animals, and the animals do seem to be well-trained. It's their on- and off-screen human counterparts that let them down. Secondly, whoever cast this film actually put some effort into ensuring a diverse cast. This is off-set slightly however by some slightly stereotypical representations. Thirdly, and this is a back-handed compliment, it is arguably so-bad-it's-good due to the ridiculous plot and the bad acting.

All in all, this is a bad film. Worth watching, but in the same way as another film that features out-of-place establishing shots of San Francisco accompanied by out-of-place orchestral music.