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Aussie Gold Hunters  Online
Original Title :
Aussie Gold Hunters
Genre :
TV Series / Documentary / Reality TV
Cast :
Jake Larsen,Matt Dickson,Christine Clark
Type :
TV Series
Time :
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Aussie Gold Hunters Online

Three teams of gold prospectors take a gamble to strike it big, deep in the wild west of outback Australia. (Season 1)
Series cast summary:
Jake Larsen Jake Larsen - (Himself) 8 episodes, 2016
Matt Dickson Matt Dickson - Narrator 8 episodes, 2016
Christine Clark Christine Clark - (Herself) 8 episodes, 2016
Greg Clark Greg Clark - (Himself) 8 episodes, 2016
Vernon Strange Vernon Strange - (Himself) 8 episodes, 2016
Leon Marsh Leon Marsh - (Himself) 8 episodes, 2016
Henri Chassaing Henri Chassaing - (Himself) 8 episodes, 2016
Kellie Carter Kellie Carter - (Herself) 8 episodes, 2016
Lindsay Ironside Lindsay Ironside - (Herself) 4 episodes, 2016

User reviews



An enjoyable show about hunting gold in the outback.

Brought back memories of my 55 business trips to Australia for 2-3 weeks where I also got some time to hike the Outback, Olgas or Ayres Rock (Uluru).

Love the beauty and danger of the outback and these 3 teams are quite different from each other and present different levels of hunting for gold and all are interesting.

Well worth watching on Netflix.


Despite some overly dramatic scenes here and there, I really love this show and ALL the characters in it. Even makes me want to buy a detector and a lease. Just FYI, there's no WAY I'm gonna be straying on to Vern's lease!!!!!
Mustard Forgotten

Mustard Forgotten

This tv show is the Aussie version of Gold Rush. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more episodes per season. Really good to see someone using machine which is well known in the Klondike. I hope this show continues for season 4.


There's not much here. Episode after episode of virtually the same thing.

People who don't bring enough spare tires, oil, gasoline, or living supplies into the harsh outback 100's of miles from replacement. For TV dramatic filler! Dramatically pushing equipment to the breaking point, while admitting once it inevitably breaks down, you're f'd for days! This sort of thing.

It does no good to go out there and cost yourself $75,000 and find $80,000 worth of gold, you'd have done better working at a gas station! You're literally working for the gold prospecting equipment companies! I assume they don't want anybody shown making 5X out of fear next season they wouldn't be able to find a spot with all the 1000's of new prospectors that would show up.