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Таинственный театр 3000 года Zombie Nightmare (1988–1999) Online

Таинственный театр 3000 года Zombie Nightmare (1988–1999) Online
Original Title :
Zombie Nightmare
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Trace Beaulieu
Cast :
Trace Beaulieu,Michael J. Nelson,Jim Mallon
Writer :
Joel Hodgson,Michael J. Nelson
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
1h 33min
Rating :
Таинственный театр 3000 года Zombie Nightmare (1988–1999) Online

Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank fool around with voodoo as Mike and the 'bots make Бэтмен (1966) jokes in order to endure Zombie Nightmare (1987) with Adam West.
Episode cast overview:
Trace Beaulieu Trace Beaulieu - Crow T. Robot / Dr. Clayton Forrester
Michael J. Nelson Michael J. Nelson - Mike Nelson
Jim Mallon Jim Mallon - Gypsy
Kevin Murphy Kevin Murphy - Tom Servo
Frank Conniff Frank Conniff - TV's Frank

Comedy Central held this episode back from television broadcast while showing it on their "Fresh Cheese" tour, in which premiere episodes of CC programming were screened on college campuses across the country. This episode finally made its TV debut in the latter half of the season during the 1994 "Turkey Day" marathon.

Mike and the Bots use their voodoo kit to give Cokie Roberts a scalp massage. Right before "Movie Sign" Mike makes a voodoo doll "dance" while he and the Bots hum the theme music for National Public Radio's "All Things Considered."

User reviews



Zombie Nightmare can only be described as the most bland, boring and unsatisfying horror movie ever. It's lack of suspense, dialogue, acting talent and decent camera work makes it the perfect target for MST3K. Starring Adam West from the original Batman, and Tia Carrere from Wayne's World, you might have thought that this movie may have had a fighting chance. Yet, sadly, no, this movie is one of the worst zombie movies ever made. For a zombie movie, it has an awfully big lack of zombies on screen. The funny segments include Secret Service agents Crow and Tom Servo protect Mike, the Mads use voodoo to inflict inexpensive evil on the world. The crew does some good voodoo, Servo runs over Crow with a car, the crew chills in a hot tub, Mike and Servo are Robin and Batman and the 'bots write to Adam West. Frank turns Dr. Forrester into a zombie. There are plenty of witty and hilarious jokes, quotes, one-liners and prods at the movies - ("And son, cover the nipples! The neighbours are complaining!") - and especially the fact about Adam West betraying Batman, and that he should go back to being Batman, etc. There is a thorough jostle at everything through the movie; the opening credits, the soundtrack - ("What, is this Deathmask featuring Olivia Newton John!") the bad acting, the poor lighting, the crazy sets ("Wow, this really IS a big garage!") Now, this is not one of the BEST mystery science theatre 3000 episode, but it's certainly entertaining and silly. And watch out for the voodoo lady who talks like a sheep!


"Zombie Nightmare" is appallingly bad. I've seen plenty of low-budget productions and few compare with the complete misuse of resources here. There's one scene where a zombie chases a girl through a recreational facility with embarrassing cuts back and forth between the girl who is 'leisurely jogging' as the MST3k bots put it and the slowest and least menacing zombie in the history of film.

This is one of few movies which is actually just about unbearable without either teaming up with a bunch of people to rip it apart or watching the MST3k version (which is hilarious, by the way, one of the best). The only things remotely entertaining about the movie are the laughably bad sexual innuendo and the obvious: Adam West. Let's face it, Adam West is just entertaining in any setting. Other than the sexual innuendo which really is laughable, there's not much here to enjoy even on a 'so bad it's good' level- it's just BAD.

The film boasts one of the funniest and weirdest title sequences I've ever seen, and one which leads to a hilarious conversation about "Ace of Spades" in the MST3k version.

Watching the non-MST3k version just results in seeing more of the sexual violence and hilariously bad gore cut out of the MST3k version. I can't see why anyone that isn't obsessive like myself would want to watch the original version of this film. It's torture.

1/10 (10/10 MST3k)


The 1987 voodoo-zombie horror yarn being given the MST3K treatment in this classic 1994 episode is truly, appallingly terrible: Starring a chain-smoking Adam West who spends the majority of the movie sitting behind a desk, a then-unknown Tia Carrere, as well as Jon Mikl Thor (of the endlessly worse "Rock n Roll Nightmare," itself a priceless bad-movie hoot) as the saintly protagonist-turned-zombie, there's no shortage of material for the gang to riff on. The episode's writing is on point, with a strong series of one-liners that keep the energy going throughout and actually manage to make "Zombie Nightmare" worth sitting through. I'm not all that familiar with the MST3K host Mike, but I found him effortlessly entertaining and a welcome screen presence.


The movie that they have decided to riff over is a great choice. It's an 80's horror movie with hammy acting, bad music scores and to top it all off a garage that you can fit a subway car in (Yes I'm not kidding that happens). What more can you ask for? You'll know you're in for a great episode.

The episode could have been better but this does make way for a great little watch. The Skits could have been so much better than what they were (but the voodoo thing at the beginning was good). But all in all this is your average episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Not the best but it is definitely worth watching.


Zombie Nightmare: 2 out of 10: Ah late Eighties Heavy Metal Canadian Horror. Zombie Nightmare stars “musician” Jon Mikl Thor of the fine ensemble Thor whose overlooked musical gem "Rebirth" is featured on the soundtrack. Jon is a Herculean chap whose muscular endowment overshadows his thespian gifts. He is killed by a group of teenagers in a hit and run and is resurrected by a Voodoo princess to seek his revenge.

In zombie form, Thor resembles a confused mime and the focus on the story quickly moves to the fine detective work on display by top cop Adam West. West enters into to character so deeply as to hypnotize the audience with his sheer knowledge, He represents not just one man but encompasses all Canadian law enforcement knowledge throughout the years.

Among the wayward teens is a young Tia Carrere, Tia shows both her mastery of acting as well as running without a bra that has served her so well.

Ah hell, whom am I kidding? The movie is ten times worse than you imagine and Manuska Rigaud’s performance as the Voodoo priestess is a hate crime in most countries. Only braless Tia and her co-star Linda Singer in a hot tub prevent this from a 1 out of 10 score.

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 version: 8 out of 10: is the way to go. The riffing is very good though the movie clearly provides ample material for both mike and the bots. The commercial breaks are also breezy and fun.