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Victoria Engine of Change (2016– ) Online

Victoria Engine of Change (2016– ) Online
Original Title :
Engine of Change
Genre :
TV Episode / Biography / Drama / History
Year :
Directror :
Oliver Blackburn
Cast :
Jenna Coleman,Tom Hughes,Daniela Holtz
Writer :
Daisy Goodwin,Guy Andrews
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Victoria Engine of Change (2016– ) Online

Albert is elated when he learns that Victoria is pregnant but she is fearful of dying in childbirth and wants to appoint him as regent for their child - which does not go down well with Wellington and his circle. Sir Robert Peel, however, who shares Albert's view on the importance of the railway, even converting Victoria to its advantages, proves to be an excellent ally to the prince and ensures that he is declared regent whilst the queen increasingly involves her husband in affairs of state. Below stairs Nancy Skerrett is charmed when Francotelli feeds her hot chocolate.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Jenna Coleman Jenna Coleman - Victoria
Tom Hughes Tom Hughes - Prince Albert
Daniela Holtz Daniela Holtz - Baroness Lehzen
Margaret Clunie Margaret Clunie - Harriet, Duchess of Sutherland
Catherine Flemming Catherine Flemming - Duchess of Kent
Simon Paisley Day Simon Paisley Day - Lord Chamberlain
Peter Bowles Peter Bowles - Duke of Wellington
Nigel Lindsay Nigel Lindsay - Sir Robert Peel
Basil Eidenbenz Basil Eidenbenz - Lohlein
Ferdinand Kingsley Ferdinand Kingsley - Francatelli
Tommy Knight Tommy Knight - Brodie
Nell Hudson Nell Hudson - Skerrett
Anna Wilson-Jones Anna Wilson-Jones - Lady Emma Portman
Eve Myles Eve Myles - Mrs. Jenkins
Robin Soans Robin Soans - Sir James Clark

The locomotive "Planet" is a working replica of the original and was built in 1992 by the Friends of the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

User reviews



It's neat watching the affection grow between Victoria and Albert. At times she is stunningly in control, defying his wishes to have some power. But she does need him. Here we have the announcement of the royal pregnancy. The first thing that must be done in the possible death of the monarch is to appoint a regent. That person either becomes the ruler or, if the child lives, looks after him or her until they reach the age of acceptability to the throne. This is about how the monarchy meets the other forces in England. Robert Peele is becoming heroic. Though he is stern and unpleasant at times, he speaks his mind and the Queen and her husband like that. Albert, himself, is straightforward in his speech and manners. The new steam engine has divided the country. Some are excited about progress and others wish to maintain the world as it has been for centuries. Albert is fascinated with technology. The Queen is not quite so enamored but eventually shows her faith in her husband.


Victoria feels bilious after listening to Handel. This means she is pregnant and as always gets rather dodgy medical advice from her mother, she really does not know what is good for her daughter.

Meanwhile Albert still wants to be useful and Victoria wants him to become Prince Regent on the event of her death. The Tory party round on Prime Minister Robert Peel, however Albert and Peel share a love of locomotives and in a sense believe in modernisation.

A very picture pretty episode yet very little drama.


Spoilers. Observations. Opinions.

Victoria rides the train. She is thrilled. Albert is not supposed to have an opinion about anything, not to mention new technology.

The idea! Albert loves the locomotive, as much as he abhors slavery. Go figure.

Where is Melbourne? I miss him.

Victoria is pregnant. She defies expected decorum. She thumbs her nose at stuffy busybodies, and does exactly what she pleases.

I am waiting for Prince Albert to introduce the Christmas tree from Germany.