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Blue Moon (2000) Online

Blue Moon (2000) Online
Original Title :
Blue Moon
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Drama
Year :
Directror :
John A. Gallagher
Cast :
Ben Gazzara,Rita Moreno,Alanna Ubach
Writer :
Steve Carducci,John A. Gallagher
Type :
Time :
1h 29min
Rating :
Blue Moon (2000) Online

A young couple from the city takes a trip to the country.
Credited cast:
Ben Gazzara Ben Gazzara - Frank Cavallo
Rita Moreno Rita Moreno - Maggie Cavallo
Alanna Ubach Alanna Ubach - Peggy
Brian Vincent Brian Vincent - Mac
Burt Young Burt Young - Bobby
Vincent Pastore Vincent Pastore - Joey
Mario Macaluso Mario Macaluso - Young Jimmy
Heather Matarazzo Heather Matarazzo - Donna
Victor Argo Victor Argo - Tony
David Thornton David Thornton - Frank's Father
Lillo Brancato Lillo Brancato - Pete
Shawn Elliott Shawn Elliott - The Ambassador
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Lisa Altomare Lisa Altomare - Italian Aunt
Celia Austin Celia Austin - Zoe
Claudia Besso Claudia Besso - Joan

User reviews



When a middle aged couple find the spark is waning from their marriage a fluke wish by the wife transports them back in time where they meet up with a younger version of themselves. From this encounter they gain a new perspective on their lives and much of the dissatisfaction disappears. Very interesting interaction between the couples created a unique film, one I wouldn't mind seeing again.


I caught Blue Moon at a special screening where the director was present. When someone asked him what the movie was about, the first thing he said was "My Mom loves it." I'll leave that for you to judge. The film centers on an older couple who've lost the oomph in their relationship and a younger couple unsure of whether they should stay together. With a theatrical style and a comedic eye, it lightly explores the evolution of relationships as experienced through the two couples. On the plus side, it's a sweet movie and the actors all give strong performances. The older couple is especially likeable, which is a rarity for a moviegoer in his early 20s, like myself. However, despite its good intentions, the film is rather slow-moving and remarkably short on emotional interaction with the audience: it feels more like a pretty slide show than an endeavour of passion. If low-key entertainment is what you're after, this one's a match.


i rated this a 4. i don't normally watch anything of this caliber, so it's not every day i dish out a 4/10 rating. but oh what a pile this was.

first of all i had trouble finding it because i had no idea what it was called and the year threw me off. the look of the film seems to date it around 1990, but it's ten years newer than that. for a 2000 film it looks awful.

moving on, what a stupid idea. a couple meets the older versions of themselves. shmaltz ensues. the goal of the movie seems to be to provide smooth transitions from one cliché to another, then another, repeat ad nauseum.

despite my contempt for it however, it held my attention fast. i felt stupid for that and still do. i suppose though that that's the idea of lowbrow garbage like this (yes lowbrow; it's not crude, but it still appeals to the lowest common denomenator), you just watch with your mouth open while your brain falls out unnoticed.

if you're fond of the status quo and don't like challenging yourself, this padding should keep your senses occupied for long enough to be bombarded with 20 tampon commercials.



I recently caught Blue moon at a screening which ended with applause and tears. The film is a bit slow at the get go but gets rolling right away. Ben Gazzara and Rita Moreno are such pros and it shows with there raw emotion drawing the audience in to the fantasy. Although the characters are older this film was able to capture me with its brilliant performances and powerful truth. Humorous scenes with Vincent Pastore(Sopranos) and Burt Young (Rocky)add character to the film. An overall brilliant independent NY film. Ben Gazzara where have you been?


I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Firstly the picture quality was exquisite, even in the interior scenes and the protagonists were beautiful people. I really found Rita Moreno superb ! I just can't believe she's over 70 years old. I was originally attracted to the film because I thought it was about time travel - but in fact, it's more of a Romantic Fantasy, rather like a film I saw in England many years ago called ' You're the Cream in My Coffee" ( and which I've never seen since) but which was, as far as I can remember, on the same kind of theme ( A couple reliving their youth ). Despite the slow pace of "BLue Moon", I just wasn't bored for one minute as the dialogue was so well done. The film may not appeal to lovers of action films but too much action finishes by blowing your brains out and this sort of film is just the thing to watch when your're relaxed and looking for a nice bit of romance and fantasy.