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Basket Fever The Bribe (1993– ) Online

Basket Fever The Bribe (1993– ) Online
Original Title :
The Bribe
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation
Year :
Type :
TV Episode
Rating :
Basket Fever The Bribe (1993– ) Online

A luxurious car picks Hooper up after a training session. Inside are Charlie and a very rich relative of his, Ronnie Moneybags. They want to bribe the grasshopper into playing badly, so that the Hawks can win. In exchange they offer him increasingly tempting things. Finally, it appears that Hooper accepts the bribe; but he is pretending. Hooper needs money to build a sports center in the area and he sees Moneybag's offer as the best possibility for his plans. Ronnie and Charlie agree to pay him the agreed sum, halfway through the match. This way the grasshopper will be able to leave quickly when the match ends and will not have to put up the row that he will undoubtedly get from the Dynamics. The day of the match finally arrives and Hooper starts off playing badly. However, as soon as he has been paid, he turns the match around in his usual way.