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The Temptress (1912) Online

The Temptress (1912) Online
Original Title :
The Temptress
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
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The Temptress (1912) Online

An unemployed secretary, reduced to starvation, with his wife at death's door, sees an advertisement for a private secretary to Mr. Multon. He applies for and secures the position, mainly by the assistance of Mrs. Multon, who thinks she sees in him an easy victim to her wiles. Installed in his new position Mrs. Multon takes advantage of the absence of her husband to practice the blandishments upon her unsuspecting prey. Time after time does this cunning Eve endeavor to make the new secretary bring dishonor upon his family, but without avail. At last, goaded to desperation by her charms having no effect, she employs cunning as an aid to deceit, and creates a scene, in the midst of which her husband rushes into the room and finds his wife in a disheveled and agitated condition, which makes him only too ready to give credence to he story. The employee is sent about his business and the woman, to make her revenge more complete, writes a letter, which falls into the hands of the ...

Original Danish title is undetermined.

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The Great Northern leading lady has portrayed, in this remarkable picture, the character of an unscrupulous, passionate and willful woman and has done it with much strength. It is a very tragic picture. The seductress tried to attract her husband's young secretary, who was the father of a family and had just been through a period of neediness and lack of work. Refused, she falsely accuses the young man and has him discharged. His wife, who is sick, is killed by the letter the enraged husband sends to him. He attempts to kill the seductress, but is stopped by his child. The picture ends with the young father and his little girl kneeling beside the bier of the dead mother. It is a very commendable picture. - The Moving Picture World, January 13, 1912