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The 2nd Law (2016) Online

The 2nd Law (2016) Online
Original Title :
The 2nd Law
Genre :
Movie / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
David Robert Deranian
Cast :
Scott Asmar,Beelzebob,David Robert Deranian
Writer :
David Robert Deranian,David Robert Deranian
Type :
Time :
1h 29min
Rating :
The 2nd Law (2016) Online

Danielle, a brilliant but eccentric young physicist is obsessed with the question of life after death. Her obsession stems from her mother and father dying when she was a child. Now a young woman in her late 20s and armed with scientific expertise, Danielle is determined to find the answer to the question that haunts her, what happened to her mother and father? To do this she experiments with Near Death Experiences, and with the mentorship of her former graduate advisor sets out to find answers not only of her parents, but also to the existence of consciousness beyond physical death.
Credited cast:
Scott Asmar Scott Asmar - Apartment Manager
Beelzebob Beelzebob - Serpent
David Robert Deranian David Robert Deranian - Tourist
Daniel Donaldson Daniel Donaldson - Danielle's Father
Kally Khourshid Kally Khourshid - Danielle
Rachael Levi Rachael Levi - Danielle's Mother
Ken Luzadder Ken Luzadder - Aram
Chris McQueen Chris McQueen - Guitar Player
Rusty Riegert Rusty Riegert - Nick
Savannah Shane Savannah Shane - Sensual Voice
Shonna Small Shonna Small - Waitress
Frank Smeragulio Frank Smeragulio - Cafe Cook

User reviews



This review is simple: Don't watch this film.

Think about an hour and some off minutes of constant images somewhat akin to Kubrick's "2001's" "Beyond Infinity" sequence. The only ones who might find this somewhat engaging are those who are smoking dope and simply want the head trip of colors and sounds.

There is no real plot; there is no substantive acting (note that one actor is simply noted as "Beelzebob); many of the images are simply stock footage (see credits). So there is nothing to encourage anyone in this film

I'm sorry. I typically like to find one thing in a film to make a lukewarm recommendation. But in this case, just stay away,