» » Das Hotel in der Duke Street The Patriots (1976–1977)

Das Hotel in der Duke Street The Patriots (1976–1977) Online

Das Hotel in der Duke Street The Patriots (1976–1977) Online
Original Title :
The Patriots
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Bill Bain
Cast :
Gemma Jones,Derek Farr,Alan Gifford
Writer :
Bill Craig,John Hawkesworth
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Das Hotel in der Duke Street The Patriots (1976–1977) Online

It's 1915 and Louisa is upset that one of her guests, the apparently able-bodied Mr. Appleby, has not yet enlisted in the armed forces. She wants him to leave as soon as possible. On another issue, she is warned by a Lieutenant in Naval Intelligence that either a guest or a member of the staff may be spying for the Germans. It turns out that there is both a guest and a staff member spying resulting in the death of one and the arrest of the other.
Episode complete credited cast:
Gemma Jones Gemma Jones - Louisa Trotter
Derek Farr Derek Farr - Bartlett
Alan Gifford Alan Gifford - Brewster
Jeremy Clyde Jeremy Clyde - Appleby
John Moreno John Moreno - Gaspard
Richard Vernon Richard Vernon - Major Smith-Barton
John Welsh John Welsh - Merriman
John Cater John Cater - Starr
Victoria Plucknett Victoria Plucknett - Mary
William Fox William Fox - Vickers
Edward Hammond Edward Hammond - Lieutenant Brydon
Charles Rogers Charles Rogers - Lieutenant Watling
John Vine John Vine - Lieutenant Bamber

The Band of Hope is mentioned in one scene in which drinks are being served. Now called Hope UK, it is a charity which educates youths and their parents about drug and alcohol abuse. It was founded in 1855 by temperance activists.