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The Grandmother (1912) Online

The Grandmother (1912) Online
Original Title :
The Grandmother
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
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The Grandmother (1912) Online

The grandmother, a dear old lady with a big, loving heart, cannot bear to see any of her children suffer. One day, she receives a letter from her granddaughter, pleading for permission to return home, although she knows that her parents will never forgive her runaway marriage. In vain the old lady argues with the parents, and then in her grief, visits the poor widow and her little son. Together they dress the child in ragged clothes and send him to sing in front of the parents' mansion. At the request of the grandmother, little John, in disguise, is admitted and is permitted to spend the night. Unfortunately, the next morning, an overzealous butler heartlessly turns the little fellow out. When this is discovered, grandmother frantically reveals his identity, and soon consternation pervades the household. The terrified parents immediately Institute a careful search of the neighborhood and in their anxiety, even send for their daughter to return home. In the meantime, little John, ...

Original French title is undetermined.