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Joyjatra (2004) Online

Joyjatra (2004) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Tauquir Ahmed
Cast :
Bipasha Hayat,Azizul Hakim,Mahfuz Ahmed
Writer :
Amjad Hossain,Tauquir Ahmed
Type :
Time :
1h 59min
Rating :
Joyjatra (2004) Online

It's a story of boat journey of Bangladesh in 1971 of helpless people was going towards the safe border.Pakistan military had unleashed genocide in the country. Heroic sons of the soil started a war of liberation.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Bipasha Hayat Bipasha Hayat - Hawa
Azizul Hakim Azizul Hakim - Adom
Mahfuz Ahmed Mahfuz Ahmed - Boidhon
Abul Hayat Abul Hayat - Ramkrisna
Tariq Anam Khan Tariq Anam Khan - Tarafdar
Humayun Faridi Humayun Faridi - Pocha
Nazma Anwar Nazma Anwar - Grandmother
Shams Sumon Shams Sumon - Josimuddi
Rumana Rumana - Sokhina
Shahed Sharif Khan Shahed Sharif Khan - Kashem
Chandni Chandni - Marium
Intekhab Dinar Intekhab Dinar - Jhonson
Ahsan Habib Nasim Ahsan Habib Nasim - Ali
Saleh Ahmed Saleh Ahmed - Imam
Jayanto Chattopadhyay Jayanto Chattopadhyay - Dr. Kalikingkor

User reviews



One of my favorite subjects is liberation war. That's why when someone makes a liberation war movie I just feel very excited about that. I love this subject and still I am learning about this. I researched and studied well about this subject and appreciate those persons who also love this subject. This is a very emotional incident for Bangladeshi people and a very sensitive political issue. I just avoid the political contention and want to review the movie. I am not a politically biased people and I don't want to express anything about the politics. If I will start writing about the political issues of liberation war which has happened in 1971 then I will need at least 5000 lines and I think that will be not enough.

By the way, I am not here for telling political proclaim. The movie is about a boat journey of Bangladesh in 1971 of some helpless people was going towards the safe border. Pakistan military had unleashed genocide in the country and they just acted like the animal the Heroic sons of the soil started a war of liberation and the rest of the story is the emotional and patriotic journey of them. The choice of the story was good and the script was very good. Bipasha Hayat has done a wonderful job and Mahfuz Ahmed has also done a good job. Humayun Faridi was a legendary actor and in this movie no surprise, he is outstanding. rest of the cast was also good. The location was very good and the direction of Tauquir Ahmed was good. Very relevant story and very engaging.

You will miss the political situation of that time in this movie but if you want to see the real face of the enemies of Bangladeshi people this is a good choice for you.